Risen Devils Fallen Angel Episode 6


When he got back to his room, he received a call from his brother.

Hey bro, I was about calling you. What’s up? Have you found a wife yet? He happily asked.

Somehow Joojo, but the person doesn’t seem to like me. Selorm sadly responded.

Don’t worry your head bro, I have found you a big fish you will be happy to have. She is beautiful, intelligent, hardworking and above all, very respectful. Joojo announced.

Interesting, but what if I don’t like her? Selorm asked.

As sure as my nose is on my face, you will. In fact, you won’t just like her, but love her. Joojo assured.

Well, let’s see. Selorm responded.

Anyway I called to inform you I’ve deposited money into your account, cash it and live like your father’s son. Selorm teased.

I sure will bro. Wait for my call tomorrow. I will hand the phone over to your wife to talk to you. Joojo assured.

They spoke for a while and hanged up.

In few minutes, Mina got home.

What a day! I can’t believe my crush is rather pushing me to his brother. This is unbelievable! Anyway, we will settle everything tomorrow. He must know how I feel about him. She thought.

Minutes later, she received a call from her best friend Abigail.

Hey Mina, are you alone? Abigail inquired.

Sure I am, what’s up? Mina asked.

Wow girlfriend, I’ve not been able to hide my joy since I got home from that cute birthday surprise organized by the CEO himself.

This is so unusual of Mr Selorm. I never knew he could be this romantic. Girlfriend, I wish I’m in your shoes. Abigail happily spoke.

Abigail, are you done ranting? What is it about Selorm that you are dying for? His boring or workaholic nature? Mina quizzed.

Come on Mina, you don’t have to talk like that. How boring is he? He is simply calm and gentle. And talk of workaholic, do you expect your man to be lazy? Abigail asked.

Cut the sermon and let me have some peace. Abigail, the fact is, I don’t love Selorm, and I can never love him. He is too dull.

Now guess what? She quizzed.

What? Abigail asked.

I am in love with the better version of him. His younger brother Joojo is the type of man I want. Mina confessed.

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Mina, you are simply impossible! You rather want his kid brother who is still out there in school with God knows how many girlfriends he has? Are you alright? Abigail unhappily asked.

Yes I am Abigail. Joojo is sexy and lively. Besides, he doesn’t have any girlfriend per my background checks. She explained.

Mina, don’t you think this is going to cause problems between the two brothers? Abigail unhappily asked.

That is none of my worry. All that matters is, I’m in love, and I’m following my heart. She answered.

Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you. I still insist on Mr Selorm. He is the best man for you.

And don’t also forget, many women out there, including our working colleagues are wishing to have him. Abigail advised.

And I won’t also forget, you are part of those women. Get your horny self off my line. Mina teased and hanged up.

Early the next morning, she had a call from Joojo.

Hello Mina, when can I come over? He asked.

Any moment from now. She happily responded.

Mina, from the way you are sounding, I believe my response is positive. Well, don’t disappoint me, because I have given my brother the assurance of getting him the perfect woman. Joojo pleaded.

Did you mention my name to him? Mina asked.

Not at all. I want to present you to him as a surprise. Joojo responded.

A surprise indeed. The cheek of it. She quickly and unhappily thought.

Alright then, see you soon. Mina responded and hanged up.

God, come to my rescue. Joojo doesn’t seem to have any affection for me, and here I am crushing so hard on him. She sadly thought.

In 30minutes, Joojo got to her place.

She served him breakfast and they engaged in a conversation.

My ears are itching Mina, is it a Yes? He asked.

Eeerrmm Joo, give me few minutes to shower, I will be with you. She responded and headed to the washroom.

To be continued…