Risen Devils Fallen Angel Episode 5


God, why am I crushing so hard on Joojo? I can’t seem to take my mind off him. She thought.

The next morning, she did her chores in haste not to be late for Joojo’s date.

At exactly 12:30pm, she received a call from Selorm.

Mina, I need your presence in the office in 20mimutes. He spoke.

But sir, today is not a working day, besides, I have something important to attend to. Mina unhappily responded.

I’m sorry Mina, but it’s urgent. Selorm instructed.

Jeeezz! Selorm is evil! Such a boring soul! Mina angrily thought and drove off to the office.

She knocked and entered Selorm’s office.

Sir please I’m here. She stated.

Quickly, all the workers came out from the inner room with a birthday song.

Gosh! This is the biggest surprise of my life! I can’t believe I forgot today is my birthday! Mina happily screamed.

They cut the cake with songs and merry.

Selorm gave a brief speech afterwards.

Happy birthday Mina. The entire workers much appreciate your presence in this company. You’ve been more than what we ever thought. So hardworking and dedicated. We therefore wish to present to you a brand new car as a birthday gift. Selorm softly spoke and handed the keys to her.

Mina thanked them in tears.

They spent few minutes together drinking and eating cake.

Everyone asked permission to leave and attend to their various weekend activities. Mina was now left with Selorm in the office.

Eerrm Sir, I will also like to take my leave. I have something to attend to. She said.

I wish you are not leaving Mina. Can I have a date with you this evening? A birthday dinner in my home. Selorm struggled to propose.

No sir, I equally have a date. Thanks for the gift and all. We shall meet on Monday. Mina responded and drove away in haste.

It was 1:45pm, and she was almost running late for her date with Joojo.

God what have I done? Why do I seem to be liking this Mina girl? Or is it because my brother Joojo suggested her to me?

Anyway, I must concentrate on the company and forget her. Selorm sadly thought.

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Soon, Mina got to Joojo’s campus and called him.

Hello Joojo, I am here. She announced.

Mina, you will have to wait for a while, I have a visitor. I will soon be with you. He responded.

Frances, my guest is here, and I think I have to see you off. We shall meet on Monday. Joojo gently sacked.

Not until you give me a hug. Frances seductively requested.

Joojo reluctantly hugged her.

Frances quickly rubbed her fingers on his dick and gave him a slow peg on the cheek.

See you on Monday handsome. She bid and walked out.

What! This girl really has guts. She actually held my dick? Like really? No, this should not happen to me. This is her last time of visiting me. Joojo unhappily thought and went out to meet Mina.

He walked her into his room and offered her seat.

You looking gorgeous Mina. I thought you will never come. Joojo said.

Can I ever turn you down? No! I had to leave everything and come because I’m eager to hear what you have to tell me. Mina happily responded.

Well Mina, first of all, I would want to know if you are into any serious relationship? Joojo inquired.

Not at all Joojo. I am so single. She responded.

Who then were you sending the nude picture to last night? He inquired.

Eeerrrmm nobody! Truth be told, I had it on my phone, and I don’t know how come I accidentally sent it to you. She lied.

That’s alright Mina. I’m glad to hear you are single.

Anyway, I will like you to consider my brother. He’s a good man with a good heart, and I believe you will make a perfect couple. Joojo proposed on his brother’s behalf.

What! I can’t believe this! Joojo, you called me here to propose on your brother’s behalf? Are you for real? Mina surprisingly asked.

What’s wrong with that Mina? He asked.

I’ve heard you Joojo, kindly come to my house tomorrow for a feedback. I will like to be on my way now. Mina unhappily responded and gave Joojo the directions to her house.

Surely, I will be there. And I can’t wait for a positive response. Joojo happily responded and saw her off.

When he got back to his room, he received a call from his brother.

To be continued…