Risen Devils Fallen Angel Episode 4


There was total silence as Theo and Chris breathed anger.

Soon they arrived on campus and Joojo headed to his room.

Not so fast Joojo. Now listen to me, we are not as rich as you are, that doesn’t make us stupid! If we don’t advise you, nobody will. The kind of embarrassment you just caused those ladies was uncalled for. I suggest you look for them wherever they are and apologize to them. Theo spoke.

Me? Apologize? Joojo sarcastically asked.

Yes you, apologize! Joojo, who the hell are you? God or an angel? Or is it because you don’t have a sister, that is why you treat women anyhow? Chris cut in.

Well, until you apologize to those ladies, this friendship is on break. Thanks for the food and your audience. He added and walked out on him.

Unbelievable! Simply because I refused to entertain loose asses in my car, my friends are mad at me. Anyway, that is none of my business! I will choose whom I want to mingle with. He angrily thought and walked into his room.

Days passed and his friends still acted cold towards him. He tried to make peace with them, but they insisted he apologize to the ladies.

On a Friday evening, Joojo wore his sleeveless shirt and a loose shorts and walked to the ladies hostel.

Per descriptions, one of the ladies was called for him.

Almost all the ladies stood on top of the storey building staring at his handsome self.

Hello Joojo, how may I be of help? She asked.

Eerrm, it’s unfortunate you know my name but I don’t know yours. Joojo politely responded.

Well, that is because you refuse to know anybody apart from your friends. The lady responded.

Forgive me, may I please know your name now? He asked.

Call me Frances. She sluggishly responded.

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Frances, I am here to apologize to you and your friends for what happened in the restaurant. I went overboard, and I deeply regret my actions. Joojo apologized.

Well, my friends are in their rooms, let me call them for you, so you personally apologize. Frances stated and went inside to call her friends.

Joojo told them as he did to Frances. Like really ladies, I am sorry. He humbly said.

Don’t worry Joojo, we know how people like you think. You see every woman as cheap and stalking because you have what it takes to win them. Unfortunately, my friends and I are not those type of ladies. We are disciplined and well mannered. Lisa explained.

Like I said Lisa, I am sorry. That is not my thinking though, I only try as much as possible to stay away from trouble. Joojo responded.

They all talked for a while and he asked permission to leave.

Please, I know your names, except for the quiet one amongst you. He quickly asked.

Call me Ferry. She responded and walked away.

Joojo got to his hostel and walked to his friends room.

Guys I’m just coming back from the ladies hostel. I went to apologize to them. He informed.

Are you sure you are not lying? Theo asked.

Why would I Theo? For once believe me. I don’t actually know what is wrong with me, but it seems my brother’s lifestyle is negatively affecting me. He complained.

Joojo, give yourself a chance to be you. You can’t live your life to please your brother. If he has decided to live a single life, that is his choice. That must not affect you in anyway. Chris advised.

I’ve heard you guys, I will see what I can do. Joojo responded.

Later in the night around 11pm, Mina called him.

Hey Mina, what’s up with this late night call? He asked.

I got home not long ago Joojo, your brother is really skinning us with work. She responded.

That’s bad, you guys need to take it easy. He stated.

Anyway, we have a date tomorrow right? He inquired.

Sure we do Joojo. I miss you and I can’t wait to see you again.

That’s alright Mina, see you tomorrow. Joojo responded and went off the line.

In few minutes, he received a WhatsApp message from Mina, containing a picture of her boobs.

What? I don’t remember asking Mina to send me nudes. Is she alright? Joojo deeply thought and called her back.

Mina, I don’t remember asking for nudes. He said.

I’m sorry Joojo, was sending it to my boo and I mistakenly sent it to you. Please delete it and pardon me. She apologized at the other end of the phone and hanged up.

God, why am I crushing so hard on Joojo? I can’t seem to take my mind off him. She thought.

To be continued…