Risen Devils Fallen Angel Episode 3


Immediately he entered, he had a call from Mina.

Hello Joo, what’s up? Are you on campus safely? She inquired.

Yes I am. I just got here and the stress is real. I am even wondering how I am going to manage with studies. All the same, I got to be a man and make things work. Joojo tiredly spoke.

Sorry about that Joo, I wish I could come over to give you a massage to revitalise your dead energy. Mina sexily responded.

Yeah, talk of coming over Mina, we seriously need to talk about something very important. Let’s make a date on when to meet. Joojo said.

Can’t wait to see you Joojo. I propose this weekend at Menk’s Hotel. They have a very beautiful environment and a classy restaurant. Mina happily stated.

Sorry Mina, we can’t meet anywhere else apart from this campus.

Please let’s meet here on Saturday 2pm. Until then, it’s bye for now. I have to arrange my room. Joojo responded and hanged up.

After arranging his clothes and shoes, be decided to join his friends in their room.

Yo guys what’s up! We are back for good, and trust me, this semester is an ‘A’ affair. No dull moments in learning. Joojo happily spoke.

Joojo, ain’t you tired of learning? Can’t we at least have fun as university students? Every time, it’s books this, books that. His friend Chris cut in.

Yeah Chris is right. What will first class do for us? It’s about time we slowed down on learning and get real as guys.

Joojo look at you, you have everything it takes to have fun. Car, looks, money. Just name them. Theo added.

Guys, you are surprising me, have fun as in what? Don’t we go out to eat and drink? Don’t we go for parties? What fun else are you guys talking about? Joojo confusedly asked.

Joojo, fun as in having girlfriends! Why do you despise them so much? Or are you a gay? Theo teased.

Cut the nonsense joke Theo! It is not funny. How can I be gay? Am I mad?

The fact is, women are the least of my wish now. I want to get the first degree before I even think of getting a woman.

Secondly, my elder brother is still single, so why should I rush into a relationship? Joojo explained.

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That is madness ma guy. Your elder brother’s lifestyle must not affect yours. Well for your information, the ladies in our class and that of the seniors, are dying to have you. Just look sharp and fuck as many as you can. Chris advised.

Enough of the women talk guys, we have to go to our usual restaurant to get some food to fill our empty stomachs. Joojo dismissed and got up from the floor.

He drove his friends to have supper.

They ate and conversed happily as friends.

When they were leaving the premises, three ladies approached them.

Hello Chris, Joojo and Theo. Can you please give us a ride to campus? One of them asked.

We can hire a taxi for you ladies, but our car, sorry, you will inconvenience us. Joojo harshly responded and removed Ghc50 from his pocket and handed it over to the ladies.

Joojo or whatever you call yourself, I have always hated your guts, until my friends forced me to plead for a lift.

Whom do you think you are? A super human? Well for your information, we have money to pick our own taxi. Keep your miserable money to yourself! One of the ladies angrily spoke.

Wow, see who is angry. As if I care! Joojo chuckled and walk out on the rest of them into his car.

Ladies, we are very sorry for this embarrassment, we promise to bring him back to his senses. Theo quickly apologized to the remaining two.

You better do Theo. Joojo is gradually building an empire of enemies for himself, and it’s very bad. One of the ladies responded.

His friends soon joined him in the car and he drove off.

There was total silence as Theo and Chris breathed anger.

To be continued…