Risen Devils Fallen Angel Episode 2


Bro, I forgot to take my pocket money, but before I do, may I ask who that slim curvy lady is? He inquired.

And what’s your business with her? Selorm cheekily asked.

Selorm please answer me. Joojo insisted.

She is the newly employed marketing manager, the one I informed you weeks ago about. Selorm answered.

Wow bro, she is undoubtedly beautiful! I couldn’t simply take my eyes off her. Joojo complimented.

Why don’t you go for her then since you are single? Selorm teased.

No bro, I am partially attached and I suggest you go for this one. Joojo responded.

Attached? Joojo since when?

Haven’t we agreed on you focusing on school before anything else? Selorm unhappily questioned.

There you are Selorm! I only tricked to see your reactions. If you know we have agreed I complete school before going out with a woman, why then do you say I should go for your employee? Joojo smartly asked.

Joojo, leave me alone! I have had enough of this women talk!

Now take your money and leave my office. Selorm screamed and handed him 1000Ghanacedis.

No need to be angry bro, I just want the best for you.

Anyway I must get going since my presence is beginning to irritate you. Joojo calmly took the money and go up to leave.

When he got to the door, Selorm called him back.

Joojo, I am sorry, I didn’t mean to shout at you. He humbly apologized.

I understand Selorm, just have a good day, and continue to be my role model. Joojo responded and walked out.

From Selorm’s office, he walked straight into the marketing manager’s office.

Welcome sir, how may I help you. She politely welcomed.

Thanks beautiful. My name is Frederick Joojo Selorm Jnr, the junior brother of Clifford Erics Selorm, CEO of this company.

Wow! I am so privileged to have finally meet you. I have heard a lot about you, and I must say, everything I heard about you is true. She happily responded.

Whoops, I can see the gossips have done a lot of work already, but may I first know your name, followed by what you heard? Joojo inquired.

My name is Mina Thomson sir.

And what I heard, a lot. She playfully responded.

Since you did summary in school, I suggest you apply it. Joojo responded.

Well, I was told that, just like your brother, you are very handsome and unlike your brother, you are lovely and lively. Mina narrated.

That’s interesting anyway, but permit me to quickly make a correction. My brother Selorm, is very lively too, except that, he is cautious whom he mingles with. I hope his personality hasn’t offended you in anyway? Joojo explained.

Not at all sir. I like your brother very much except for the fact that he is too gentle and cautious. Mina responded.

That will be a topic for the future Mina, for now, I request your number. Joojo stated.

They exchanged contacts and Joojo asked permission to leave.

God, this lady is incredibly beautiful and I pray you make my intentions count to her. He thought as he drove off to campus.

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Hey Joo, what’s up! We missed you like crazy. His level 200 mates happily exclaimed immediately he got down from his car.

Theophilus, you know I am mad at you, don’t you? He playfully responded to one of them.

Guy I know, please forgive for not answering your calls. I traveled to my village to say hello to my grandparents and the network was too bad to make phone calls. Theo explained.

Whatever bro, you and I are not going to flow this semester. I am mad at you unless you compensate me. Joojo responded and walked into his room.

Immediately he entered, he had a call from Mina.

To be continued…