Risen Devils Fallen Angel Episode 9


PG 18+

Sure baby girl, I will be there as early as 6am. Chris assured and hanged up.

Early the next morning, he went to Mina’s house per her directives.

Chris, there is something strange about you. You seem so serious with everything you do. Mina complimented.

That is because time lost cannot be regained. I don’t waste time on anything. What must be done must be done and done fast. He answered.

Now tell me, is Joojo ready to love me? She inquired.

Definitely he has to. Chris responded and held Mina unto her feet.

You see these lips, they need to be kissed badly and Joojo must feel them. He whispered and began rubbing his finger on Mina’s lips.

Mina tried resisting but she was too weak for the handsome and romantic man standing before him.

Baby girl, you see these boobs, they need attention, and Joojo must do that. He added and began touching her nipples.

Close your eyes baby. Just look at your Joojo smiling widely at you. Smile back and let it happen. Chris whispered and continuously pressed her nipples in between his fingers.

Minutes after whispering sweet words and fondling her boobs, he lifted her unto the sofa.

Slowly, he flew her legs opened and began playing with the slimy white fluid oozing from her pussy.

Mina’s eyes were tightly closed as she softly moaned to the pleasure.

Chris fingered her for a while and stopped.

Come on Mina, Joojo is in love with you, but his brother needs you more. He informed.

Quickly, Mina sat up in shame.

Chris, why should Joojo allow his brother’s emotions to override his? Why is he sacrificing me for his brother? Mina sadly asked.

Baby girl, you should by now know how much Joojo loves his brother. The best you can do, is to pretend to love his brother back and blackmail Joojo with sex. Chris advised.

Get to the washroom and wash down. Work awaits you. Chris stated and began walking away.

Just like that? Won’t you allow me show appreciation for your time and advice? Mina asked.

Alright then, waiting. Chris responded and walked back to where he was standing.

Mina slowly stripped naked before him.

Chris stared at her from head to toe, and quickly turned her butts to face him.

He slid into her with his fingers and fingered orgasm out of her.

That was a sweet one Chris, but I expected you to fuck me. Mina said.

No Mina, my dick only fucks money and not pleasure. See you later. He responded and walked away.

What a man! He is indeed a friend to Joojo. So full of himself.

Anyway, I will pay to taste his dick someday when everything is settled between Joojo and I. She thought and headed to the washroom.

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In few minutes, Chris arrived on campus.

Yo Chris, where did you go this early morning? Your fiancee was here. Joojo informed.

Joojo, don’t forget you gave me an assignment last night, to inform Mina that, you and her can never be because of your brother. He responded.

So you went to her house this early morning to deliver a common information? Joojo inquired in shock.

Of course yes! You know I am serious with everything.

Anyway, for your information, that girl is mad over you and you must make up your mind to love her back. Forget your brother and have fun. Chris advised.

Such a tough one. Anyway I will see what I can do. But hey, your fiancee came here with lots of complains. Joojo informed.

Doreen always have issues. What did she say I have done this time? Chris inquired.

To be continued…