Risen Devils Fallen Angel Episode 10


Doreen always has issues, what did she say I have done this time? Chris inquired.

She was complaining bitterly about you not having time for her. She was almost in tears. Joojo informed.

Don’t worry Joojo, will call her soonest. He responded and walked into his room.

He grabbed his phone and called his fiancee.

Doreen, what was the meaning of the complains you came to make this early morning? Chris asked.

What else do you want me to do Chris? When last did you see me? We were supposed to make love last night per our schedule, but you never showed up. When I tried calling, your phone was on waiting and you refused to return my call. What have I done to deserve this? Doreen sadly spoke.

Listen to me Doreen, I’ve had enough of you and this nagging attitude. I was not born for a single person, but for the entire world, to make good use of me in anyway they can. If this is difficult to understand, why don’t you call it quit? Chris harshly responded.

You dare talk to me like this Chris? You dare? Doreen screamed in tears.

Yes baby, I just did. You can report me to the police if you so wish. He answered and hanged up.

Jeeez, some women are impossible! My own fiancee expect me to be her slave because she’s been giving me money. As if I don’t pay her back with sex. Damn her! He thought as he stretched his body on the bed.

An hour later, he had a call.

Hello who’s this? He inquired.

This is Mrs Brown, Doreen’s mother. The caller spoke.

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Good afternoon mummy, please to what do I owe this call? He quickly sat up and asked.

Chris, I have never met you before, but trust me, I have heard a lot about you from my daughter. She called me this morning in tears, complaining about how bad you are of late treating her. Chris, I will like to meet you in person to have few words with you. She requested.

I’m sorry for being the cause of her tears ma’am, but I can explain better when we meet. Chris respectfully responded.

That’s alright Chris, see you on Saturday. Mrs Brown stated.

But ma’am, Doreen said her father is strict and frowns at her having a boyfriend. Please won’t my presence in the house cause any problems? Chris humbly asked.

Not at all Chris, my husband has traveled for business. No need to worry. She answered and hanged up.

This is becoming serious. Doreen is taking me too serious, and I’m not liking it. He angrily thought.

Later in the evening, Joojo went into their room for a conversation.

Guys, I’m not of myself lately. I’m just weighing down with this my brother and Mina’s issue. Joojo complained.

Joojo, truth be told, you are confusing everyone with this issue. Theo began to speak. The fact is, you’ve fucked her and you can’t allow your brother to fuck her too. Besides, the lady is in love with you and not your brother. I advise you let your brother in on this and stop talking about her. He unhappily added.

Well guys, I also suggest Joojo fucks her once more and dump her. Incite your brother afterwards against her. Chris advised.

There you go again bad man. Always giving wrong advice. Anyway for your information, I have decided to convince my brother to forget her. Joojo responded. And guess what guys, there is this lady I’ve met on campus, and hey, she’s driving me crazy! Joojo added.

Who’s she? They chorused.

I don’t really know, but I learnt she’s in level 100. She’s so beautiful and calm, I can’t wait to be her friend.

Wow, then I guess I must see her. Joojo of all people complimenting a woman like this? Anyway, everything is possible. Theo teased.

Joojo changed, the very moment she penetrated Mina. His eyes are now widely opened to see beautiful ladies. Chris teased too.

They all laughed over the issue and bid themselves good night for bed.

Soon, it was Saturday, and Chris had to honor his appointment with his supposed mother in law.

He wore his best shirt and set off to their rich and expensive house.

To be continued…