Risen Devils Fallen Angel Episode 11


PG 18+

He wore his best shirt and set off to their rich and expensive house.

Let me call Doreen first, she’s the one who has put me in all these stress. He quickly thought.

Hello Doreen, per your wish, I am meeting your mother this morning. I hope that will make you happy? He asked.

Chris, I have a quiz to write this morning, but I will try and join you guys afterwards but before I hang up, I want you to know, that I love you, that is why I am doing all these. My mother wants the best for the two of us, it is not as if she’s going to scold you or something. Doreen explained.

Whatever Doreen, but this should be the last time you discuss our issues with a third party. After all, we ain’t married yet. Chris harshly responded and dropped the call.

In few minutes, he arrived in the house.

Welcome home Chris, you didn’t come with your car? Mrs Brown inquired.

No ma’am, I only came with my legs. Chris unhappily responded.

I meant no harm Chris, sorry if you are offended. Anyway have a seat. She offered and walked to the kitchen to bring him juice.

Chris let’s talk, for how long have you known my daughter, and what is it about you that makes her love you that deep? She doesn’t seem to think about anything else apart from Chris. Mrs Brown inquired.

Hmmm ma’am, I don’t even know how to explain things to you. Chris softly spoke.

Anyhow, anyway. Just feel free and talk to me. Mrs Brown stated.

I’ve known Doreen for the past six months now, and everything has been smooth, except for recently when I had family issues and I coiled into my shell. That was when she began to complain about me being changed. Chris lied.

Family issues? Can you share? She asked.

No ma’am, it’s personal and I will like to keep it for now. Chris answered smartly.

Wow! Anyway, you are every description my daughter gave me. Handsome and intelligent. She complimented.

Damn! This meeting is going to be a business one I guess. Handsome compliments doesn’t just come without attached emotions. He quickly and happily thought.

Thanks ma’am, I’m humbled. He smiley responded.

Now tell me, what do you do to my daughter that makes her go so crazy over you? Mrs Brown softly asked.

Nothing serious ma’am, just a little play and pampering. Chris confidently responded.

A little play? Can you teach me how it is done? She almost whispered.

Most definitely ma’am, but it will have to be a private lesson. Chris playfully responded.

Why not Chris? Let’s get into my bedroom and give me a gist of it. She stated and held his hand up onto his feet.

No ma’am, I can’t do this. I mean, I can’t follow you to your matrimonial room. Besides, Doreen said she might be here anytime soon. Chris resisted.

Does it matter Chris? You are handsome and charming, and that is what matters right now. Just show me how you play with my daughter, and get paid. It’s that simple! She convinced.

Reluctantly, Chris followed her to her bedroom.

Mrs Brown quickly locked the door and sat Chris on the bed.

Now show me something Chris. Teach me the game. She whispered.

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Slowly and gently, Chris began running his fine fingers in her hair.

He moved gently to her spine and began rubbing his fingers there.

Mmmm.. I’m loving this. Mrs Brown whispered.

You will love it more when you close your eyes. Chris seductively responded.

She closed her eyes and Chris grabbed her boobs.

He slowly brought them from her dress and gave them a good suck.

This is goooood! Woooow! She moaned.

Slowly, he sneaked his fingers into her pants, and began massaging her clitoris.

Aaaaahhhhhhh Chris! Chris! Mrs Brown moaned.

Hellooooo! Am I talking to someone? Chris are you alright? You seem absent minded. Mrs Brown called.

What? I can’t believe I was hallucinating. Jeeeeeeeezz! What’s wrong with me? Chris quickly came back to his senses.

I’m sorry ma’am, I was lost in thoughts about my family issue I just spoke to you about. Please I will like to take my leave now. He asked permission.

But we haven’t even discussed why I called you. Or you don’t love my daughter anymore? Mrs Brown inquired.

I will come back tomorrow ma’am. I’m sorry I have to leave. He responded and put his both hands in his pocket to hide his erected cock.

Just when he got to the gate, he bumped into Doreen.

To be continued…