Risen Devils Fallen Angel Episode 13


Before they could pleasure some more, someone pushed the door opened.

Gosh, sorry for barging into you guys. Theo almost screamed and run out of the room.

Chris pushed Mina off him and dressed up.

You must leave now Mina, I will come to your house tomorrow. Chris stated quickly.

That’s alright Chris, sorry for embarrassing you before your roommate. Mina apologized.

That is no problem, my problem is, I pray he doesn’t recognize you someday when you are with Joojo. He is more closer to him than me. Chris worriedly spoke.

Don’t worry dear, I don’t think he will be able to make me up if he sees me. Anyway, see you tomorrow, I am going to check up on Joojo if he is back. She responded and began leaving.

Quickly, Chris held her hand.

Not so fast Sugarlick, kindly drop the money on the bed. He instructed.

But Chris. . . She tried complaining.

No buts honey, you just touched and sucked my dick, and that is not for free. Chris cut in.

Mina reluctantly dropped the money on the bed and walked out.

In twenty minutes, Theo returned to the room.

Theo sorry for what just happened. Chris quickly apologized.

I don’t have any problem bro, the only problem I have is you being something different from the friend I’ve known for the past one year. Chris, you used not to be like this, so why the sudden change? Theo questioned.

Sudden change? What are you talking about? Chris unhappily questioned back.

Cut the pretence bro. Is Doreen not your fiancee? If yes, then who was that lady? The one you just made love to? Theo asked.

Theo, this is my private life, and I suggest it remains as such. Chris dismissed.

Private life? Theo, since when? We’ve been brothers since we got to this school, and we’ve shared almost everything together, so what is this talk about private life? Theo shockingly questioned.

Since now Theo!

We were all here when Joojo went ahead to fuck his brother’s crush. What in God’s name did you do to him? Or is it because he is from a rich background and I am not?

Well, for your information, my life is mine, and I have decided to handle it my own way. I suggest we drop this conversation for another. Chris angrily responded and walked out of the room.

Really? My friend has Suddenly turned into a womanizer and he’s shutting me up on it? Alright, we live to see. Theo soliloquised as he sat on his bed.

Mina on the other hand walked to Joojo’s room, and fortunately met him.

Hello Joojo, I’ve been here like three times, but your door was locked. Mina stated.

What can I do for you Mina? Joojo asked.

A lot dear. You don’t even answer my calls, and when you do, you talk to me as though I am some piece of trash. She complained.

Mina, I don’t ever want to have anything doing with you. What happened between us was a mistake. Joojo spoke.

But Joojo, you can’t jilt me just like that. If you didn’t want me, why then did you sleep with me? She unhappily questioned.

Mina, I wanted you for my brother until you seduced me. I don’t in any way love you. My heart belongs to someone else. Joojo bluntly informed.

You can’t do this to me Joojo, you can’t! Mina angrily screamed.

Yes I can Mina! Now if you don’t mind, get out of my room to have my peace. Joojo yelled.

Mina banged the door behind her in anger and drove out of the campus.

Immediately she got home, she called her friend Abigail.

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Hello lover girl, how’s your weekend going? Abigail asked.

Abigail, you won’t believe me if I tell you Joojo has dumped me after sleeping with me! I am going so crazy right now and I don’t even know what to do. Mina narrated.

Mina, I hate to say I told you so, but you see, you messed up. You chose photocopy over original and I hope you don’t expect something clear? Abigail responded.

What do I do now Abigail? What do I do? Mina almost spoke in tears.

Well, I suggest you forget him and target his brother Selorm, after all, he is still showing interest in you. Abigail began. Mina listen to me, this is a golden opportunity, and it must not pass you by. That family is rich and you must belong there. Abigail advised.

What if Joojo informs his brother he slept with me? Mina asked.

Simply deny it girlfriend! Deny and frame him up instead. Selorm loves you and you must capitalize on that. Abigail advised.

Hmmm I have heard you Abigail, but truth be told, I don’t love Selorm. Mina complained.

That doesn’t matter. You are a class on your own, and you must belong to a class. Besides, this is the only way you can pay Joojo back. Just force to be with Selorm and let’s at least make our daily meal from him. Abigail advised still.

This advice is laudable. I will just do as you say. Mina responded.

On Monday in the morning, Mina seductively dressed to work.

She gathered her files and walked into Selorm’s office.

Good morning sir, I brought your files. She greeted and handed over the files to Selorm.

Thanks Mina. How was your weekend? Selorm asked.

Very well sir, except that I was lonely. She responded with smiles.

Same here Mina, weekends are simply boring for me. Selorm complained too.

Weekends are not boring sir, we just need ourselves to make it lively. Mina spoke heartily.

Did you say ourselves? Selorm asked almost in shock.

Mina took a few bold steps towards him and began staring deep in his eyes. Selorm began to shiver with sweats on his forehead.

Yes sir, ourselves. I mean, you and I together, whiles I wipe those sweats away from your forehead, not with a handkerchief, but my tongue. She seductively spoke and began touching his shirt.

Just then, Joojo walked inn.

To be continued…