Risen Devils Fallen Angel Episode 12


Just when he got to the gate, he met Doreen.

Chris where are you off to? Are you done with mum so soon? She asked.

Not yet, I have an emergency to attend to. I will be back some other time. He responded and walked out on her.

Doreen quickly rushed to the sitting room.

Mum, is everything alright with Chris? What did you do to him? She unhappily inquired.

Nothing my dear, we were talking, and out of nothing, he lost concentration. When I prompted him to his senses, he hastily asked permission to leave. I believe he’s battling some emotions sort of. Mrs Brown explained.

Mum, there is one thing I cannot watch to happen, and that is, to watch Chris slip off my hands. He must marry me no matter what. Doreen spoke in tears and run into her room.

God, what has come over my daughter with this uncontrollable love? Chris is handsome, yes, I admit, but to love him without thinking twice as Doreen is doing, is unheard of. Mrs Brown unhappily thought and picked her phone to call Chris.

Hello Chris, are you already on campus? She inquired.

Almost ma’am. He answered.

Chris, I want you to know that, you are everything my daughter has got. Please don’t break her heart. Mrs Brown pleaded.

Mum, have you ever been in love with someone else whiles another person keeps stalking you? He quizzed.

I don’t know how else to explain this to you, but the truth is, I am crushing so hard on another person other than your daughter. He added.

No Chris, you can’t take away the happiness of my daughter, you can’t do that. Mrs Brown sadly spoke.

And you don’t expect your daughter to take away my happiness too. Please talk to her, just tell her to let go of me. If I can’t love her, I shouldn’t at least hurt her. This constant plea, will hurt her bad. Chris spoke and hanged up.

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He soon got to campus and entered his room to take a rest from the stress.

Hey Chris, where have you been? I’ve been waiting for you for the past hour. It was Mina.

Mina, who gave you access to this room? Besides, you are supposed to be in Joojo’s room and not mine. Chris asked.

Yes I know, sorry for invading your privacy. I came looking for Joojo, but his room is locked and I decided to check up on you. Fortunately when I came, I met your room mate who gave me access to this room and excused me afterwards. Mina explained.

Well explained Mina, but you and I know Joojo won’t be happy to find you here. Please start going, I promise to see you soon in your house. Chris gently sacked.

How soon Chris? You know I need you as much as I need Joojo. Mina responded.

Mina, you must stay focused and know what you want. Chris unhappily responded.

What if I choose you Chris? Will you be there for me? Mina asked and slowly walked towards Chris at the wall.

Mina, unlike Joojo, I don’t love. Unlike Joojo, I don’t fuck for pleasure. I do business not love. Chris stared deep into her eyes and spoke.

I know Chris, that is why I am here with a Ghc1000 to feel what you have in between your thighs. If you can’t love me, you can at least dash me orgasm. Mina whispered and began touching Chris’ chest.

Chris leaned against the wall and raised his head up in the sky while Mina unzipped his trouser and began giving him a blow job.

He softly moaned in pleasure and ecstasy.

Before they could pleasure some more, someone pushed the door opened.

To be continued…