Risen Devils Fallen Angel Episode 14


Just then, Joojo walked inn.

What in God’s name is happening here! What are you doing in my brother’s office! He yelled.

Calm down Joojo! What in God’s name is wrong with you? What audacity do you have to talk to my marketing manager like that? Selorm unhappily questioned while Mina looked on in shame.

Selorm, if what I just saw is what it means, then I’m sorry to say you are mistaken. Joojo spoke.

Mina or whatever you call yourself, excuse us. He instructed.

Quickly, Mina walked out with her head down.

Joojo, what was the meaning of that embarrassment? Besides, I very well remember informing you that, I like this lady, which you agreed to. So why the sudden change of attitude? Selorm confusedly questioned.

Eeerrmm bro, I don’t know, but I don’t approve of her anymore. Joojo lied.

Joojo, I hope it isn’t what I’m thinking? I hope you’ve not gone behind me to propose to her? Joojo, if you have, consider yourself disowned as my brother! Because, I first informed you of my emotions, something I have never ever done. Selorm bitterly talked.

Far from that bro. The truth is that, I have been having bad dreams about her. Joojo panicky lied.

In seconds, he received a text message from Mina.

“Joojo, don’t you dare try telling your brother about what happened between us, because if you do, I will frame you up! Yes, I will accuse you of rape”. She threatened.

God! I can’t believe this! I can’t believe I am going to sit aloof for my blood brother to sleep with a lady I have already slept with. Joojo confusedly thought.

What is it Joojo? What is making you this worried? Selorm questioned.

Nothing bro. I only came to say hello since it’s been weeks now I saw your face. I must be on my way now, but please, don’t take my dreams for granted. Pray over Mina before you consider a relationship with her. Joojo cautioned and walked away.

He angrily diverted his route into Mina’s office.

What can I do for you Joojo? Mina disrespectfully asked.

Mina, I have read your message and I came to inquire from you why you would want to be in a relationship with my brother after candidly telling me that you don’t love him. Joojo questioned.

Well Joojo, I used not to love him, but now I do. Mina simply answered.

Mina, how possible is it when I have slept with you? How can you sleep with two brothers? Joojo sadly asked.

That is none of my business Joojo! I loved you, but after sleeping with me, you dumped my ass. It is pay back time! Your brother is madly in love with me so if you try anything silly, I will capitalize on that love to blackmail you! Mina threatened.

Now if you don’t mind, walk your terrible womanizing self out of my office before I alert your brother of your presence. She threatened again.

Mina, I will leave, but know that, you won’t get away with this! My brother will not marry you! Never! Not in this life! Joojo threatened too and walked away.

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God help me! This is not happening! I can’t watch my brother sleep with a lady I have slept with.

As it stands now, I can’t confess either. If I do, my brother will disown me, and that will be my end. Joojo confusedly thought as he drove back to campus.

Immediately he arrived, he called Theo into his room.

Joojo what is it? You sounded too urgent. Theo inquired.

Theo, this Mina’s issue is gradually getting out of hand. Can you imagine I bumped into her and my brother romancing in the office? Joojo narrated.

What! That girl is evil! How could she? Theo almost screamed.

Joojo tell me, what exactly does she want? Theo asked.

Revenge! She is only revenging for sleeping with her without loving her. Joojo explained.

What a devil! Theo exclaimed.

Theo, and the worst part is, when I tried advising my brother, he threatened to disown me if he finds out I went behind him to propose to her. Mina on the other hand has threatened to blackmail me of rape if I dare blowing her cover. My brother, I am so confused, I simply don’t know what to do. Joojo spoke with teary eyes.

Joojo, I suggest you sugar mouth her into loving you again, that way, she will not go near your brother. Theo advised.

But Theo, I don’t love her! Joojo screamed in tears.

I’m not telling you to love her, I am only telling you to deceive her into believing you love her. Joojo, call her right away and sugar talk her. Do that before she goes ahead to sleep with your brother too. Theo advised.

Quickly, Joojo picked his phone and called Mina.

To be continued…