Risen Devils Fallen Angel Episode 15


Quickly, Joojo picked his phone and called Mina.

Joojo, why are you pestering me? What should I do for you? She yelled.

Mina dear, I am so sorry for the harsh treatment I have been giving you lately. I know that is the reason why you are forcefully loving my brother.

Now listen to me baby girl, I have come back to my senses, and I promise to treat you right. I love you Mina. Joojo spoke lies.

Wow! Wow! Wow!

I can’t believe I’m hearing all these from the lover boy who claims not to love me but is rather in love with another woman. Anyway, I will call you back in few minutes. Mina teased and hanged up.

What did she say? Theo asked.

Nothing positive Theo, she said she will call me back. Joojo worriedly responded.

Alright then, let’s wait for her call. Theo stated.

Mina quickly run into her best friend’s office.

Abigail, you are such a genius! You are the best counselor! Can you believe the two brothers are practically fighting over me? Mina happily informed.

Calm down and expand your words girlfriend. What exactly happened? Abigail asked.

Well, I was almost kissing Selorm in his office when Joojo bumped into us. He angrily walked me out of the office. I hid behind the door and I could hear Selorm threatening to disown him if he finds out he has proposed to me. I capitalized on that and threatened to expose him via a text message. Minutes after he drove away, he called to apologize for every pain he has caused me, and begging to be back into my life. Mina narrated.

That is a fat lie! Mina, listen and listen carefully. Joojo is doing all that because he doesn’t want his family to have anything doing with you. He simply wants to distract you from his brother. Abigail advised.

I don’t get this Abigail. If that is simply it, do you think Joojo will go to the extreme of confessing his love to me this afternoon almost in tears? Mina asked.

Mina, this is the most stupid question of the century and I know you are falling for Joojo’s words because of the love you have for him. Wise up Mina! Just wise up! Abigail insulted.

What do I do now Abigail? How do I confirm whether it is true or lies? Mina questioned.

Go back to the office and call him again. Push him to confess his love for you once more and record it.

After that, blackmail him with that recording anytime he wants to dump your ass. Tell him you will play the recording to Selorm’s hearing. Abigail advised.

Who born this intelligent girl! Abigail, you are wisdomly blessed! Mina happily complimented and hugged her friend.

I will see you later. Let me quickly go and do as you say. She hastily stated and run out.

In a minute, she called Joojo back.

Hello Joojo, I am here now. Sorry I was attending to something important so I couldn’t follow what you were saying. She pretended.

Mina, I said I love you and I want us to be back together. Please accept me into your heart. Joojo confessed his fake love once again.

Joojo, I have heard everything you’ve just said, and for your information, this conversation is securely recorded, so don’t try playing smart with me or else, Selorm will hear about it! Mina cautioned.

Was that necessary? Mina, what has love got to do with voice recordings? Joojo spoke almost in tears.

That is the only witness Joojo. Now forget about the recording and let’s schedule a time for meeting. I miss that cute dick of yours. Mina spoke.

I will call you back Mina, someone is knocking on my door. Joojo smartly responded and hanged up.

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Theo, this plan has backfired! Mina has recorded this conversation and that is my doom. Joojo spoke in tears.

Be a man and calm down. There must be a way out. Theo convinced.

What way Theo? What way? Joojo threw his hands in despair.

Firstly, Invite her over, drug her and delete the recording. After that is done, invite her in your absence and I will seduce her for love making and video her. We can use that as an evidence against her if she dares try getting closer to your brother. Theo planned.

Theo, will you sleep with her just for my sake? Joojo shockingly asked.

Not necessarily sleeping with her, but playing with her body and stuff. If it becomes necessary to fuck her, I will gladly do so for your sake. Theo responded.

I can’t believe this Theo! You are such a friend. Joojo happily exclaimed.

Let’s just pray she falls for this. Call and invite her to come over tomorrow for the first plan. Theo advised.

Hello Mina, can you come over to campus tomorrow? Joojo called and asked.

Sure baby, I am all yours, any day, anytime. She happily responded.

Promise you won’t go closer to my brother, because it will once again break my heart. Joojo pretended.

I promise baby boy. You and I know your brother isn’t my fancy. She promised.

They hanged up and Mina run into Abigail’s office once again.

Abigail, I am done with him. Even after informing him I have recorded the conversation, he still went ahead to invite me into his hostel tomorrow.

I told you Joojo is back for good. Mina informed.

You are such a beautiful empty headed lady. Why on earth did you inform him of the recording?

Anyway, send it to me on WhatsApp right away and delete it from your phone, because it isn’t safe. Abigail advised.

They both agreed and transferred the recording to Abigail’s phone.

To be continued…