Ridge Street 25 Episode 9


So how did you find the movie. France style
It was ok. I just loved the place where the girl bumped in on the guy sleeping with her friend. 
Why do you like that one. I don’t see the fun in it. 
I loved the show she put on, the screaming… 
You girls always love that. When would you stop. 
And when would you guys also stop cheating on us every single minute we turn around. 
At least we do it discreetly. 
Oh really, so you admit that guys do cheat. 
well ……………… : 
Excuse me Madam, there is a call for you from Accra
Keisha: Ok. Put it through to the room. 
D’accord. Bonsoir Monsieur. 
Tingx: Bosoir. Merci Beaucoup.
 Keisha: Who do you think it is Tingx? 
Tingx: maybe its Paddy, it could be. Tason or phoebe.
Hello, who am I speaking to?
 This is Phoebe madam.
Oooh. What is wrong? 
I tried your private line but it was off.
Yeah. I was kind of busy a little. 
Ok, well, I am to convey to you that they have traced Licia to a building downtown.
 Ok, and whats the latest development then?
Well, they have confirmed that she is in the custody of Ferdinand they saw her on the terrace.
 Ok. I hope they have not set up any rescue mission for now. 
Umm, madam. They already have. The men…………
What! Who asked you to do that. Why didn’t you ask me first, It’s a trap. Halt everything now. 
Hey, Keisha, what’s Wrong?
 Can you believe it, they sent a rescue team after Licia
Shift: Then we have to act fast. Come on let’s go.
Hello Good morning
 Mrs. Akolakye. Good morning, come on in and take a seat.
Thank you. Am Tingx and this is Keisha we just wanted to ask you a few questions.
About what?
 It’s about your son Ferdinand. 
I don’t want to talk about him.
Please Madam its between life and death. Please for the sake of the lives of the innocent people. 
Ok. What do you want to know about him? 
Thank you please was he at home on the 5th of June 
 No. I remember he told around 5pm that he had a date with Someone, so he was flying out.
Did he mention a name please?
 Umm, One Miss Valerie in Accra, Ridge street
Please, did you tell him anything? 
Yes. I remember telling him to invite her home for dinner next time.
 Ok. Madam, do you also remember Fred, going anywhere the 12th of August last year? 
Yes, on the 12th, he left a note that he had an appointment with one Mr. Hackman. 
Did he tell you where?
 Yes. The hotel de Chaut.
 Ok. Do you remember anything else that happened? 
What’s this all about? I can’t tell you anything else. Please leave Ok.
 Mrs. Akolakye. Thank you but we may come back. Ok Keisha, now we need to take a flight back to Accra, call the airport while I call paddy.
Hello Paddy 
Hey. jinqx.
How did the rescue mission go?  We couldn’t stop the troop jinqx and we couldn’t get Licia back but we lost two of our men. 
What! Keisha is going to go mad over this she told you guys to call it of. 
We tried …………
 Who is that jinqx? Is that Paddy? Keisha asked
Y…. e ………. S. Why, what went wrong? 
Don’t tell me we lost Licia.
 No Madam, not Licia but two of our men
. Who and who? Nathan and James Madam. 
How, what happened. Things went two fast Madam. 
Ok. Get the others, we have a meeting as soon as we arrive. Yes Madam.
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Relax Keisha, you need to rest.
 No jinqx, I have to do this. 
But you are tired, rest for a while. 
This is my job jinqx, you can’t dictate to me 
 Am sorry, jinqx, I didn’t mean to shout on you. 
Me neither, but you haven’t gotten over what happened in Togo. Have you?
 No, I can’t get over it.
 I understand, but please try and get over it. 
Umm………. Umm……. 
Yes, paddy, come in. what happened here while I was gone.
 Well Madam, we organized a rescue mission for Licia and ended up not getting her as well as losing two of our Qualified personnel’s.
 Didn’t I clearly tell you to call off the mission?
Yes…… you did……But……. 
But what Paddy? When will you guys learn to follow instructions and stop doing what you please. 
We are sorry Madam. Will your sorry bring the men back? What next will you do. Get me too killed? 
Keisha! Stop it you are just hurting yourself and him. 
What do you want me to do now? 
Remember, that this is a game of blood.  You live or you die.
 Ok are the others in? 
Yes Ma’am. 
Ok. Let’s go.
Good day gentlemen
 Good Day Madam.
It has now occurred to me that you guys do not follow my instructions.
Yes Ma’am (answered Jason) but we thought we had to act fast since…….
Since what? Look what you ve done now, can you bring back the lost people? 
No ma’am.
Then don’t give silly excuses (she shouted) 
Keisha, Relax, you are Over reacting.
Ok, am sorry. So what have you gathered up. 
Well, we found out a witness who was at home at the time Ferdinand visited Valerie. 
Did you interrogate him and get his statement?
 Actually! No yet? 
Ok. Anything else?
We spoke with Valerie’s’ guardian, Miss Alice
And she told us, she was dimissed earlier that day by valerie but came back later to find the dead body, she was scared and left without reporting. Did you record everything she said? 
No ma’am. 
Are you guys insane or what? You guys didn’t do anything sensible. Is that how you are going to handle the institute 
we are sorry Madam.
 Sorry for yourself, how do you confirm she said that?
 We can hold her to her………….
 The hell you can Jason. Be realistic what if she is paid. Take this story from his mom. “She handed over a recorder” You know what to do with it. 
Yes madam.
To be continued