Ridge Street 25 Episode 10


HEY Sweet heart, 
Yes. What do you want from me now?
Nothing. I mean, just one thing.
Take the phone.
What for? 
Call Kiesha and ask her where she is now 
Ok. (phone ringing)
Hello……. Who am I speaking to? 
This is Licia! (All lines connected, keep talking)
Licia where are you dear.
 Am still with Fred and …………
 “Fred ” Tell her where you are.
We are in this uncompleted building next to the main street at the laboni. 
Who are you there with? 
Ferdinand and some guards. 
Ok relax, is my mom there with you? 
Yes ma’am she is here. 
Relax, we will get you out. I promise. (Line cuts). 
Thanks my dear.
 Now boys, set the traps at the right place. 
Yes boss.
So, now what jingx. 
We need to plan well. call Licia back. 
Krr……….. krr……………. 
Licia, where would Ferdinand be tonight.
 I don’t really know but I overheard him telling the boys that he would be going out so they would have to watch over me. 
Ok. Expect us this evening.
Umm…. Ma’am………. (line cuts) 
Ok. So we now know where he would be tonight.
 Yes. But I don’t believe that.
 Why? I told you he would use Licia as a bait. 
So. Ferdinand would be there, because he can’t leave the getting rid of you to the small boys to handle
 I didn’t think of that.
 Yes, so we need to split and move quickly but carefully.
 How do we do that, he can cut mart us anytime. 
I know, but as high leveled detectives, we can outsmart Him. Now, Keisha, you would come with the first batch going, we are now five in numbers and we can call for back up any time.
Ok. But not all five of us are going right? 
Not all of us Keisha, you come with me and Paddy, so we would be three with six back up police men.
 That is okay, but how do we know how to go about. 
It is quite complicated but easy. Keisha you being the main target, take the lead to the place. Then, I serve myself as our bait. In a way. We post Paddy and the men at Vantage points around the place. You would be our distraction as the men try to get Licia and your mom.
 Ok. So I would be talking to Ferdinand to distract him and allow him to let amour rest. 
Yes. Then, Paddy, you enter with Henry and Search for the two of them. Get them clear of the building. Then I also clear the place at your signal.
 Yes but on second thought, I will join you as the bait, 
No arguments.
 Ok, then, everybody split up and get ready. we meet here at half to six this evening. 
Jingx are you sure this plan will work.
Am…… not sure Keisha. Am just hoping it works. 
Don’t mention, you know , I’d do anything to make you happy because I love you. 
I want to allow myself to believe that I love you too but I can’t, because I feel bad being the ex girlfriend of a criminal like Ferdinand.
I know, but I want you to know that I  wont push it till you are ready. 
Am always thinking, what if you die during the rescue, or what if you leave after the case and I don’t see you again.I ……. Don’t want you to fall in love and …… 
Shhh…. Don’t talk too much. I wont leave you after the case ok. I said, I love you and so will it be forever.
Do you mean that? 
Yes and about you and Ferdinand, I don’t care. It’s in the past now, and that is where it will stay ok.
 Ok thanks. 
So, ready guys? 
Yes sir.
Ok remember, keep your lines actives. Kill any person who gets in your way and above all, please stick to the plan.
 Yes sir.
They split up and leave the office
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(Keisha call)
Licia. Is Ferd around you?
 No……….. he……. Just left here.
Ok. Am at the spot next to the window
Are you alone?
Yes. The others will be here in an hour.
All targets to where Keisha is, Lesley make sure you get her to me, alive. No shooting Fred said
Yes boss. 
Ok. Keisha, its time
Hello, Ferdinand
Damn it, Lesley get back here now. It’s a trick, check on her mother. she is not alone. 
Paddy, are you clear? Jingx asked
 Yes boss, we have the mom and we are clearing the site now.
 Ok. be quick, he has seen us. 
Boss, the mother is gone and Daniel and Rence are dead. Lesley said
Fred : Fuck you Keisha. Find them Lesley and kill them both. 
Boss, they can’t be found. 
Son of a Bitch they tricked us. Get me Licia. Now! (brings Licia in).
And my mom?Where is she?
 In her room, still refusing to eat.
No problem, let her starve. 
Ferdinand, how can you do that. She is your mom. Lucia said
Wow, see who is talking. I never knew you were that caring (slaps her). Now you will call your madam again. Ok.
Krr……….. krr…………….. krr……………..
Hey Licia. 
Madam, please where are you now. 
Am still around the block Licia.
Ma’am please save me…………. I …………. (line cuts).
 Now Anthony, go get them. (Licia sobbing). Don’t cry lovely, you will spoil your make-up (slaps her). Take her away.
Keisha : Jingx, now we got my mom, how do we get the rest out of there. 
Ok. We have to send one of our men inside the enemy’s’ court. Paddy, you will do that right?
Ma’am, am sure it will be better if phoebe goes he may need a lady to look after the captives, I can go with her.
Ok. Then both of you go.
Anthony, you know we need one more guard. Fred said
 Anthony: Yes boss.
Fred : Hello ladies and Gentlemen. You all know why we are here. Gracelyn, you will look after my wife and my mom. Ok. 
Yes boss. 
And the rest we will take care of getting that lady and her squad. Prince, I leave the arrangement of the explosive at the various points to you. Be careful. 
Yes boss. 
Ok now the rest follow lesley, he will show you what to do. Dismiss.  
Keisha, relax okk.
 Let’s go home and have a chat ok.
Keisha, tell me more about you. 
Well, I witnessed the death of my mom and dad, this one is my foster mom. I went out with Ferdinand after college, he raped me and left me. Now I don’t want to do anything to him because I still feel attached to him. 
I understand you but you have to do it for your loved ones. 
I know and I will.
(With one look into her eyes, They begin kissing)
Ok. Guys, lets get in touch with Phoebe. 
Hello, can you hear us.
Yes. I can. Is the coast clear. 
Yes. .
How far with plans.
Things are good here
 We have a meeting now so stay on the line. 
Ok. So are the explosives ready for placement. 
Yes boss. We will start today. 
Ok, and Gjazel and Gracelyn, you take care of the hostages. 
Yes boss. 
Anthony, you will be with me, I will need the extra hand Ok. 
So that is the plan ma’am. 
Paddy you show jingx the places for the bombs. And he will disconnect it ok. And I will as usual be the bait. I know he would hurt me. But jingx, you will help right? 
Trust me on that Kiesha ok. (gives her a kiss).
To be continued
Last episode coming shortly