Ridge Street 25 Episode 11 Final


Final episode
The day arrives Licia and Mrs. Akolakye are tied to chairs. 
Ferdinand, how can you do this to me, your mother. 
Am sorry mom, I love you.
 To hell with you, I hope you are caught.
(slaps her) (Licia screams).
Ferdinand, how dare you, she is your mother. 
Shut up. If you want to live, you will talk to Kiesha 
Why don’t you do it yourself (spits on him).
(slaps her). 
How dare you. You will do as I say or you will regret.
 What can you do? 
Anthony get the drug.
 What is that for? 
To inject you to obey. 
Noo…………… No………. Let me go ……… please………
 Now mom, you will talk to her right. 
Yes………. I will. I will do whatever you want son. 
Keisha, please come to the harbor alone ok. 
Ma’am, relax ok. I will get you out of there. (Keisha goes in).
Hello, am here to see Ferdinand. 
Boss, she is here. 
So soon, am happy you were able to join us baby. Tie her up 
Ferdinand, you won’t get away with this. 
I know. And who is going to stop me? Hahahahaha………..
 Paddy are you in the control room. 
Yes, first bomb at the deck just below the first cabin. 
Ok got it. And the second is right below the control room. 
Ok. The third one is …….. 
Laugh now Fred but you will cry? Hahaha
Yes, what is wrong?
 Prince is not at his post and the control room man is not answering. find him and bring him to me. 
Yes boss. 
The third one is under Ferdinand’s bed in his cabin. 
Ok. Got it and the last. The last is ………. (gets hit on the head). (regains consciousness) 
So, you are the traitor. Hmm Keisha you lost. Funny you. You got us all but you haven’t won yet. Still brave. Now before I leave you and your friends to your painful but quick death, let me tell you all I did. 
You know mum, I killed Hackman. i wanted his property. If you guys did not know, Hackman is and will forever be my father. 
Yes. Tell them mom. 
He’s right. Hackman impregnated me and left me. I took care of Fred alone, but when he grew up, he demanded to know his dad and swore to take revenge. 
Yes. And I got my revenge. Valerie is my half-sister. 
And you slept with her. You are a monster. 
Well, whether I am or not. I succeeded. Not only that, I was deeply involved in most of the youth drugged and raped cases. As a youth I always left home in order to use and dump girls all the time and that was when I met you Kiesha.
 Fred, I can’t believe you did all that.
 Yes mom, and if you had gotten in my way I would have killed you. 
Now, Keisha, I have to do it to you what I did to 8 years ago but this time around I have to make sure I leave a part of me in you. 
No. don’t touch her. 
And what would you do mom? Shoot me? With your tied hands Hahaha. 
Release her and bring her here. Jingx shouted
 Jingx. Save me please now.
 Aww, stop crying to your guy. He is nowhere near here.
 That’s what it seems to you.
 How did you get here? Ishmael……….. 
He is dead. Let Keisha go. Keisha, get the others and go, protect them.
Jingx, I can’t leave you here with the bombs. 
Oh, I forget that surprise, say bye to your lover Keisha. 
No Fred, you lose. I disconnected all.
 No jingx, there was one more, right beneath this place. 
So you see jingx. You can’t win that easily. 
Keisha, get out of here now. 
jingx…….. I ………….
 Just go. I will be fine (Kisses her).
 Good bye jingx. (shoot out occurs). 
Anthony is thrown over board, Michelle is hit and jingx Jumps over board just as the bomb goes off.
Jinqx I know you are gone and you wouldn’t wish for me to be unhappy, but I promise you that I would not marry anyone.  I would stay single for you. 
Kiesha, lets go back now. Its enough. 
(Keisha stays at home for a week). She comes out to give the statement about what happened. 
This case, has been a tough one. At first we thought We couldn’t solve it, but later, we realized it was easy, we just needed a helping hand. This help was given to us by our lost but loved brother Jingx Opare. Ferdinand who is the cause of these troubles was lost during the chase. All evidence including a recorded confession showed that it was him and now am happy to announce that though our lives had to be put in danger many times and we lost many friends but we are rid of  one social misfit. Thank you and God bless our country.
How are you now Mr. Am fine. Thank you for all your help. I would like to go now
Why don’t you wait another week so you can fully recover.   
Thank you, but am fit enough to leave. 
Ok. Then. Good luck I hope you find what you are looking for.
God bless you. Phoebe…………… 
Phoebe………Yes madam.
 Bring all the documents that I need to sign, I want to go home.
 Yes ma’am. Here you are. (signs them). 
Am going home, take in all calls I will reply tomorrow. Yes ma’am.
*AT HOME*(talking  to  herself)
Jingx, I wish you were here to celebrate this joy with me. I won, but I also lost. I lost…….. you (crying). Loosing you is like loosing  my life. Where are you. Am carrying your child, what would I tell him if he ask for his dad (sniffles).
 You don’t have to tell him anything Kiesha.
Yes. Am alive. 
No. am dreaming. You are not my love. It is really me. (Hugs her).
How come, we all thought you were dead? 
Yes. That’s what I also thought, until now. 
Wow. (Kisses him again). Am…………. 
Shhh. Let’s go inside.
How did you escape? Jumped overboard just as the ship exploded. I thought I was dead until I woke up in a man’s house. They took care of till now.
God. am so happy.
Now, what did I hear you say about you and a baby? 
You are going to be a father, am pregnant.
Wow (hugs her). I need to catch up on all I have lost about you.
(begins kissing) I really missed you.
 Kiesha. Will you marry me. (shocked). Yes, yes. I will marry you.
I love you.
Love you more Jingx. (They stand at the window with his hands around her and on her belly).
We will name her Lucrecia if a girl and Lucius if a boy.
Hmm. That’s nice. I love it.
My name is Mercy Aba Otuwa Akyeampong and this is my first write up, please leave your comments below
Produced by Josephine Aidoo 
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