Mr Perfect Season 2 Episode 1


Story by Desire
Ricky and i got changed into our basket ball outfits, and guess what? ladies and cheer leaders surrounded the court. I couldn’t help but whisper into his ears.
Me: they are too many
Ricky: hahah your defeat will be everywhere man!
Me: s–t dude!! You really think you can beat me?? I muttered and scoffed as i walked away.
The court was just the regular open floor with one net hanging on a red floored area. Just a few seat and others stood.
Back then in high school i was the man of the basketball team, like i was the best. Still the man, always the man!! I was ready to kick ricky’s butt. Just then we started and ricky scored almost immediately, i grabbed the ball and did the same, cheers after cheers we took turns to score, i could see the disapointment on ricky’s face after intercepting his ball, his eyes were already set for the big finish when i stopped him.
At this point we were having a tie already.
Crowd: murmured!!
I bounced the ball smilling we both knew what this mean, his reputation is at stake here, i could either score and win or he stops me and we have tie. Well i really dont think i’d miss, but the looks on his face i could tell he wasnt ready to lose in front of this people. I just smiled as i swung the ball on purpose hitting the edge of the net, ball bounced back.
Ref: whistled, its a tie!!!!
Crowd: murmured in disbelief
Ricky: exhaled that was close well i knew you’d miss man he said grinning.
Me: you’ve got all the luck i said smiling.
Ricky: alright everyone, its a pool party tomorrow!!! Right here in patmos high. Theres gonna be alot of free beer. My boy lucas over here wants y’all to be present!!!
Crowd: yeeeeeaaaah!!!!!!
Me: shocked# wasnt expecting such stunt, i grabbed his hands, beers??? Are you for real ric.
Ricky: smiles! I dont joke with parties luke. He said grabbing my shoulders as we left.
Well i never saw this coming i thought it was gonna be me him and some few peeps, well at this rate i wont be suprised to see the entire school at my so called party.
the last words charles left him with huntered him like crazy “right now he seemed to be the right trigger for her lost memories, at this rate she gonna remember soon!”
Milano: no way am not gonna let that happen not on my watch, what do i do right now, he asked himself over and over just then his phone rang and it was mirabel.
Mirabel: hello mr milano lets meet at the french restaurant we had lunch, she spoke with alot of authority
Milano: shocked# ok i’ll be there in a few.
Mirabel: ok dont keep me waiting she said as she got down from her limo with a lacy long dark gown, open from the kneel, dark hairy furs on her shoulder with a dark sun shade, she walked majestically as her body guards excorted her in.
Exactly 5minutes milano was there, he was eager to hear what she wants to say.
Milano: with a cute smile, hope i didnt keep you waiting for too long.
Mirabel: smiles# not at all she said taking off her glass.
Milano: he looked at her trying to read her mood but her face was expressionless. If only you’ve told me earlier, it seem someone now likes french food.
Mirabel: not exactly just a bit puzzled about some fact and i think its right to ask you in person.
Milano: sure you can ask me anything.
Mirabel: handing the styles magazine over to him, he looked at the front page to see lucas.
Milano: smile# yea this is my company’s magazine.
Mirabel: smiles# i know it is, that kid on the front page who is he?? She asked looking directly into his eyes.
Milano: stunned that was a million dollar question, but what is she driving at. He smiled back, he is my son.
Mirabel: smiling you have such a wonderful boy milano.
Milano: smiling thanks for the compliment, well am sure you arent here just to know if lucas is my son are you?
Mirabel: not at all milano i have one more question to ask
Milano: sure you can ask me anything
Mirabel: in this same restaurant, right on this spot, on this same seat, this kid was aggressively pulled out of this restaurant and you did nothing?? Tell me milano, why would your son to be treated that way.???
To be continued