​One Thing About Your Fiancée or Wife That You Don’t Know
Ps Dunamis Okunowo(KHC)
Two days ago, we’ve looked at things about your fiancé /husband that you probably don’t know. Now let’s look at things about your fiancée / wife that you probably don’t know.
She is moved by words and attention
A lady is not primarily moved by sight, but by words and attention. I will give you a humorous example. You’ve just finished service in church and people are about going home. Then somebody comes in and announces that there is a man who just lost his mind on the next street who is naked and people are just looking at him and all that. As a lady, you are not interested in that. As a matter of fact, you might take another way home.
But if it is the other way round, and you announce that there is a lady who just lost her mind, and she is naked, as a man, you will feel like passing through that area. You might even spiritualise it and say you want see the possibility of conducting a deliverance session for her! A guy is moved by sight, but a lady is not primarily moved by sight, she is moved by words and attention.
Guys, you need to understand this, that your fiancée or wife is moved by words and attention. You were there saying all kinds of romantic stuffs, wooing her and then, after marriage, you stopped? It is not going to work like that.
That lady in your life wants you to toast her all her life! She wants to hear it all the time, ‘I love you!’ A man is logical and inside his logical brain, he is thinking, shouldn’t she know by now that I love you?

You see, she doesn’t know, until you keep saying it regularly and forever!
No wonder the scriptures says:
A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver. (Proverbs 25:11 KJV)
One of the greatest things your fiancée /wife will deeply appreciate is the use of the right words at the right time.
You don’t need to be a wordsmith to achieve this, you only need to be thoughtful and sensitive to her.
A woman needs to be complemented all the time! After each time of dressing up say something good about her appearance. Ladies are wired in such a way that their appearance and their perception of the way they look often gets them unnecessarily worried. That is why a lady gets hurt when you refuse to say something nice after she just finished making her hair. Especially when your wife starts nursing babies, she is forever worrying about tummy fats and all that. Assuring word from the husband goes a long way to help her at such times.
It is only a careless husband that goes like, “Hey, do something about that tummy of yours!”
A good husband says “I love you the way you are but you can even look more beautiful. We are going to do something about that tummy! We’ll go to the Gym together!”
A husband should not get negative and start criticizing the wife. A costly mistake!
‘You better be careful the way you eat these days! You are growing fat!”
“You are getting uglier by the day? Are you the first person that will give birth? Can’t you see Mrs. Johnson?
Such words should never be uttered from a loving husband. Such words will crush her and deflate her esteem. Never compare her with any other woman!
Sometimes, the man is just trying to be logical but you need to know that your words can either be a lacerating sword or a soothing balm.
What she needs at such times are caring words and to lovingly suggest ways to reduce the fat! Enrolling her in a gym and accompanying her there are better ways to handle such scenarios.
As singles, don’t let your courtship period be a memory of incessant fights, quarrels and bickering over the phone!
Don’t waste precious times arguing over everything that you should have spent praying together or discussing pertinent things about the future!
If you are in a relationship, and you are being verbally abused all the time and without remorse, that is a warning signal for you because it will not likely change after marriage!
Marriage changes nobody; it only amplifies who you have been. It is important to fall in love consciously, deliberately and with your eyes open and prayerfully too. Falling in love helplessly, and blindly can often be consequential. By the time your eyes are opened, you might have been too far-gone!
I pray that God will help you more to understand the intricacies of relationships and guide you into His plans for your life maritally