Ridge Street 25 Episode 8


The flight number 6 will be landing in the next 15 minutes. Passengers please fasten your seat belts and relax. 
This is it, Keisha. Ready to speak the language and mingle in their world.  Kind of. Am a little nervous about all this. Don’t be, if you want, I would do all the talking. 
Don’t worry. I can manage a little. If I get stuck, then you help ok. 
Ok, partners then are we? 
Hmm, No. not yet.
 Oh, come on what should I do to get your attention?  
Hmm I think if you stay………. Out of my way.
Accue illir quelqu’un de Togo. J’espere  tu aimer.
Votre rester voice.
Merci beaucoup um……….
Appeler me Daizy. Je vais etre votre le guide. La voiture est attente.
Thank you.
MONSIEUR, Ou voulez tu aimer de visite une?
Vraiment, Je vous voulez il sity donner nous prive voiture.
Mais Monsieur, n contre le reglement de l’emploi.
C’est loin, considerer il aussi un le conge. Personne me va’s pas Saviour a propas de.
Mais, monsieur……………
Ne t’inquiete pas, Fais mo confiance.
D’accord, Monsieur, tu pouvoir avor ce voiture et tu resten a l’hotel de chateur.
Merci Beaucoup Daizy, Avant tu aller, Faire u connaitere une Madame Akolakye.
Oui, je ne parle pas exactement ou elle le sejou. Je parle Un’elle sejour pres d’eglise Rama a Rama Cita, deux L’heure tour en voiture de votre L’hotel.
Merci Beaucoup Daizy, Tu pouvoir laisser.
Ok. so……… what was all that about I could figure out a few words. Words like what? Like, car, hotel, thank you and others. 
I guess your French is not so good. 
Next time ask if the person can speak English.
 Ok. Angel, I will do that. 
So, what next.
Actually, I asked for directions to where Mrs. Akolakye stays. It’s a two-hour drive from our hotel.
 So………… is that good news?
 Yes. We hit the road tomorrow at exactly 8 am so as not to miss her. 
Ok. As you say.  What of Licia and her mom? 
We are on it. Trust me, they will be safe. 
Ok if you say so. 
Here we are, welcome to L’hotel de chateur
You seem to know everything? 
It’s good to be a guide as well as an escort. It’s fun
So you have done all that before? 
Yes, most times.
Accuillir quelqu’un L’hotel de chateur. Nous proposer le meilleur
Re’viser tu la boite dans france.
jingx: Merci. Nous reserve la chamber dans le noms Keisha et jingx
Oui, nous reserver personnellement pour tui.
Does anyone here speak English? 
Yes Madam, I can.
Thank God, at least one person can speak English. 
This way please, that is the phone, just pick up to order. 
Thank you for your hospitality.
’’ Well,’’ that was so breath taking. I need a shower.  
Take a long one. I will order something.
 So, what do we do till tomorrow?  
Eat and sleep. 
What! Please, I want to keep my shape, if you don’t mind. 
Well I don’t. so what do you suggest we do. 
Hmm………. Go for a walk, visit places, but you know some places around? 
Maybe, maybe not. 
What do you mean by that? Nothing, where do you want to go? I can get Daizy to drive you? 
You mean; you won’t come right? 
 why should I? you told me to stay off, so I am. 
I didn’t mean it in that sense and you know that.
 well, that’s what I thought. 
So what are you saying now?  
All am saying is that we can be friends for now. 
Well, am in for more than just friendship. Keisha. 
You know that would never happen. We would go our separate ways after this case is solved.
 Not if we want to be together and you know that.
But, we are strictly business and ……
Forget it Keisha, just go alone.
 Ok fine with me. Enjoy your evening.
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So yesterday you didn’t tell me about your outing?  
Because you were dead when I came.
 I couldn’t be dead, I was alive.
 Thank God you were. 
So what do we say when we go?
We just ask after her and we interrogate her. 
Oh here we are
Bonjous nous cherche une Mrs. Ako Lakye. Nous ici elle se’jour
Pres de cette d’e’glise.
Merci. Faire nous se passer a si elle est autour de
 Non. Je juste avoir ma maison le contiole il e’teint. Esttour bien?
Oui, juste l’ami famille
 D’accord, ensuite continuer devant.
Do you think it was right to have lied to her? 
Come on Keisha in this occupation you have to do everything to get what you want.
 Knock, Knock………….. Knock, Knock.
Quel qu’un a  la maison?
 Qui est La, sill vous plait?
 Je m’appelle jingx, mon amie et moi vouloir qux voir madame
Il est Urgent mais prive’.
 Elde n’est autour de pas.
Umm…… Pouvoir…… Vous dire cet le nombre elle Dir’elle il est
A’ propas d’elle fils, Ferdinand.
 D’accord, Je vais dire lus, quand elle arriver.
Merci beacoup. 
Do you trust that tingx.
No I don’t but if she cares about her son, she would call 
You think so. When she knows the bad things he is doing? 
 I believe so. Every mother with a conscience would call.
 Come on jingx, its been two days and she has not called. 
Relax girl and enjoy Togo. She would call. 
But when? Time is running out and we need to act fast. 
We have time. Ferdinand won’t harm anyone until we strike again. This is an Underground research; he won’t know anything. 
You sure?  Trust me. Now back to our earlier conversation
 What conversation? 
About how far I want us to go. What do you say? 
Come on Jingx, I told you, it will be a useless relationship since……. 
I made you Understand that we can make it last if we want to.
 You think so?
 Yes let’s just do this…….
Krr…………… Krr…………….. Krr………
Yes. Hello, who am I speaking to. :
 Cet est Madame Akolakye, Vous  Vouloir a’ Parler moi?  
Oui :ai pouvoi, nous rencontre et la conversation? 
 Pouvior nous recontre votre une Maison? ;
Oui. Je vais attendre pour vous, Demain, a’ dixheure, vingit Minute dans ma maison. 
 D’accord, vous voulez e’tre la’ 
merci de votre appel. 
I told you a caring mother would call no matter what.
 Well I think am learning to trust you. Why don’t we go out?
 Let Daizy take you. I got a lot to think about and plans to make. 
Come on, let this one go let’s go have fun. Ok. I insist. 
Ok. I will go this once.
To be continued