Ridge Street 25 Episode 6


Keisha in the office and she sees a letter on her desk.
 “Be careful, drop the case or you die” she calls phoebe. 
Yes Madam, do you need anything. 
Who brought this? 
Am sorry Madam but I don’t know. 
Don’t you have a record of it in your book? 
No Madam.
Are you sure that you didn’t see the person who brought it?
Yes madam.
Thank you. Tell Jason to see me in the next 30 min.
Yes Madam, right away.
(Jason comes in)
Madam, you sent for me.
Read this.
Where did you find it?
Here! On my desk.
When was that.
Just this afternoon
Ok calm down.
No. i want security 24 hours by my office now.
Ok. I will arrange for that.
But please calm down
(she left work early to the house to find blood leading to her door and a note written in blood saying, Beware. She called Jason
Yes madam, what is wrong. Whoa, what happened here?
I wouldn’t be so scared if I knew.
Ok: lets go in and get you to relax.
No. I want a private guard by tomorrow.
Okk.  I will arrange for the best for you. 
Calm down.
Thank you Jason.
Hello, Good…….
Ok. Do you know each other?
He is the guy I bumped into at the beach.
Yea! Got bored because of a little bruise.
It wasn’t a little bruise.
Ok. Enough. Madam, this is Jingx your private guard.
What! No, no way. I can’t cope.
Cause am too hot and sexy. Right?
Shut up.
Really, admit it Keisha
Jason, change him or ….
Sorry, he is the best we could get for you.
Ok then, I drop the security.
No. You can’t. I leave you two to settle your problems.
Thanks Jason. She would be alright.
Uh-huh. I never told you I would be alright.
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Sshh. Don’t talk honey, just get your things ready
Who gave you command over me. Mr. ….
Jingx. Just call me that and am sorry, it’s my job.
Your job? (exhales) Ok.
Let’s go then.
To your house of course.
To do what there, if I may ask?
Am to protect you so everywhere you go, I….
Ok. Ok. Let’s just go. The sooner, the better.
Ok, so, where do you …………. Jesus Christ.
Hey Keisha, what is wrong? Check that out. My house.
Oooh, that’s really bad. And, what’s this?
Let me see. ‘’I warned you badly. Drop the case or your mom dies?
We have her in our custody. Do as we say;
Keisha, we have to leave.
What about my mother?
She will be ok. They won’t harm her.
You just saw that. How can you say, she would be fine? Didn’t you read the message.
I did but I promise you, your mom will be fine. Trust me.
Trust you? I just met you and you expect me to trust you.
Look. Sit down. Let’s get this straight, if you don’t trust me, I can’t help you. Am going to be with you till this case is done and we need to understand each other well enough.
Ok. So?
So all I want is that you trust and believe in me ok.
Fine. Let me get few things together and let’s go. 
No don’t take anything, there may be spices around.
Krr………… krr………….. krr…………… krr……….krr………. krr………….
Hello, Keisha here, who am I speaking to?
Hello honey. Long time right?
Ferdinand? How…
Give me that phone
No, thanks. wait…
Hello Ferdinand, how are you doing 
Yes. Jinqx right 
Yes. Leave her alone
Wow. But I can’t my man. She is trespassing on my territory.
Am not your man and beside she is just doing her job.
A job. she knows is risky? Come on
Whether deadly or not, she loves her job. So stay off
Keisha, let’s go, now
Ok. but we use my car. No, we use mine.
Yours” is too known keisha. We can’t use that for a runaway.
Ok, let’s go
Ok. Fine let’s go
To be continued