Ridge Street 25 Episode 5


Hey Ferd, where are you? 
At the hall.
Have you seen the headlines today? No, what does it say.
Put on the TV and see for yourself.
This is the late news and on the top stories, the murderer of the late Hackman Under investigations. Going further, news found states that our famous doctor Mr. Ferdinand Akolakye has a hand in the Murder of the late Hackman’’.
Will you shut up. Am listening. ‘
“It has been found that he signed an agreement with Mr. Hackman Claiming ownership of half of his properties but it is recorded that Mr. Ferdinand took over all the property after he died.  This has made the authorities to investigate further into the death of the late Hackman. As far as we know, Mr. Ferdinand has refused any interview with the press or interrogation. Investigation is under place’’. Am Efya, Reporting live from the headquarters.
Is everything alright Fred?
 Yes don’t worry. Just go and do what you were doing.
Ok honey. I hope you are okay? 
Yes. Just go.
(Licia goes to the room and calls Keisha).
Hello, this is Licia.
Hi, what’s up.
Am cool Madam. I don’t have much time. Have you seen the news? 
No, not yet.
The story is out and he is greatly bothered.
Well, it’s not surprising for him to be bothered. I guess he would be looking for the insider who leaked this info.
Well, I have to be careful.
Yes. Good luck.
Thank you Madam.
(things go smoothly for about one week, then the second news hits the news).
Honey, Ferd, come and watch this. Darling, you seem to be interested in the news of late.
I have loved it since childhood. So what is it now? 
Sit and listen for yourself.
‘’Authorities say that the death of Valerie, daughter of the late Hackman was indeed a thrill but with underground research, suspects are coming up. A letter that was addressed from the late valerie makes it obvious that he was with her the night of her death. As at now only one suspect appears. Mr. Ferdinand Akolakye. This report was given to us by our own C.I.D Miss Keisha Zomelo, The name is Efya reporting live from the police headquarters.
Shit. Why her 
Who is she Fred?
Nobody. Just go in. 
No fred, I don’t understand this. What is happening why are they saying you are a murderer. 
Just shut up and go in
Don’t you scream at me I will go. Goodnight
Hello Fynn,
Hey Ferdinand.
Fynn, what do I do with all this scandal. 
Am really sure it’s an insider Ferdinand. 
Activate your cameras again and just face the press.
You sure of this Fynn?
(shouting). Anthony.
Yes Boss.
Activate the cameras and get the car ready, am going to the headquarters.
Yes Boss.
Hello Keisha.
Ferdinand, what are you doing here?
Facing the press.
Well. This is Efya and we have our suspect Ferdinand here and he is ready to talk to the press. 
Mr. Ferdinand, what do you say about all that.
Well, all I can say is yes I was there at Valeria house but I left her because I had an urgent call and I came back later to meet her dead.
So, sir, why did you not call the police
Well, you did not expect me to do that. I left there.
Anything else you want to say sir?
All I want to say is that I don’t know who is giving the you all this fake information but I loved Valerie, I couldn’t possibly hurt her.
You heard that for yourself. He claims, he is innocent. This is Efya live from the head quarter.
Hello, Keisha.
Yes, Licia, your boyfriend is here.
I know, I just saw the news but do you believe that story.
I don’t but I have no choice. He told the whole nation. We need more evidence.
Like witnesses, right?
Yes. Am afraid that is the only way that we can prove he is guilty 
Yes you are right but how.
Well we will start from the scratch when we meet tomorrow,  
ok Madam see you then.
Yes, Brian, what is it?
Sir we just caught a conversation between madam and someone on the phone.
Do you know the name?
I think she mentioned, Keisha.
Ok am on my way.
Licia, where are you?
In the room, trying to sleep.
Sorry to wake you up but you have to come with me 
ok sure. (Enter a room)
Here we are.
What’s all this Ferd?
Just watch. So, who were you talking to.
No one.
So, who is that on the screen
Well, I don’t know.
Ok. Go in. and don’t come out.
To be continued