Mum’s Marriage Episode 2 –  The Rapture


Pee on the other hand slowly rolled down her panty. He thrusted her gently, that made Ruby’s breath grow heavier and faster. It was not just sex but a sensational love making. Everything they did was so real and more often they climaxed together.  It wasn’t just once; they made love all through the night. Pee was just for Ruby and Ruby was for Pee. It was as simple as that. 
They became addicted to each other which was a very good beginning for their marriage, considering the fact that, they were going to live together for the rest of their lives.  They did it in the shower, on the floor, the sofa etc. The honeymoon was full of love making, talking and having fun. It was just a memorable and an unforgettable one.  Ruby was on top of her game, that was the side that Pee had never seen. If someone told Pee that Ruby was very seductive and good in bed, he wouldn’t have believed it. 
She was just the kind of person you couldn’t get tired of. Her moves and tactics of getting you into the mood was always unique and tempting. But all too soon the honeymoon was over and it was now time for them to move into their matrimonial home. 
Before embarking on the honeymoon, they had left Kwasimaa the hilarious maid to take care of the house in their absence. Pee trusted Kwasimaa so much that he even entrusts valuable items to her. On the other hand, Kwasimaa never betrayed his trust; she was simply a very good and serviceable girl. 
It was Pee’s dream to enroll her in school since she was illiterate. However, Kwasimaa saw herself as more intelligent than any student and for that matter she needs no education. She thought that she can be anything she desires provided she is determined, with or without education. What a shabby way of thinking? 
Pee and Ruby got back home expecting to live a happy life together and when they feel it’s necessary, they will start making babies. The marriage was fresh and like any other marriage, the beginning was meant to be perfect. 
Ruby couldn’t stop praising Pee about everything that went on during their honeymoon. For her, it was something she had never experienced. Being with the one that you love for that long was just new to her. And his praises was on her lips as they arrived.  Lionel Richie’s “Endless Love” lyrics is just a perfect description of how they felt for each other.  As soon as they arrived, they didn’t notice the house was empty with Kwasimaa nowhere to be found. Ruby kept on rattling about how everything went. 
“Baby, I can’t believe we are finally back from our honeymoon” Pee who was feeling very tired said.  Ruby held his hand while they look into each other’s eyes and kept on talking. All this while, Kwasimaa had noticed that they had return and was hiding behind one of the sofa eavesdropping on whatever they said. With their romantic gestures and continuous exchange of kisses. Kwasimaa was just hiding enjoying everything that was going on. 
Ruby was however feeling so grateful for having shared this time with Pee, the one she truly loved and as much as she wanted him to know how thankful she was, words were just not enough for it. 
“My love, I just want to thank you, for making my dreams come true, even though we have been through a lot, look at us now, we are happily married” She said.  Ruby was right, they have been through a lot. She has personally put Pee through a lot when he was trying to get her attention. But it was all good, if it didn’t happen that way, she wouldn’t have known that he was the perfect match for her. 
“I should be thanking you the more, I hope you enjoyed it.” Pee asked her. He knew she enjoyed every moment of it but it will sound good to hear her say that herself.  Ruby didn’t hesitate at all in answering him. 
“I loved it, the breakfast in bed, the pool, the serene environment, the wonderful reception. Who wouldn’t love it?  And besides you were very good” She said.  That got Pee thinking, what did she actually mean by very good. He kept on wondering. 
“Very good? As in” Pee quickly asked. 
“Oh come on, you know what I’m talking about, down there, on the floor, on the sofa, the bathroom, the 69…” Ruby said. She would have gone on and on but they were both interrupted by the funny giggles Kwasimaa made upon hearing what they were saying. 
She was caught red handed eavesdropping and immediately Ruby called her out of her hiding place. It was quiet upsetting so Ruby began to question her. 
“So Kwasimaa, you were in this house all along, didn’t you notice we had come back, come on, take our luggage in” Ruby instructed her. 
Kwasimaa on the other hand felt very bad and wanted to apologise right away “Oh Madam, It ‘shalln’t’ my fault, I am very very apporogize” She said. Yes, that was how bad her English was but she was that type that would never stop speaking English for any reason even though she was very fluent in the local dialect. 
Pee tried stopping her from speaking any further but his influence was not even enough to shut his own maid. Kwasimaa wanted them to know of her plans to become like them someday when she gets happily married. 
“Madam, when I grow up like you, I want to go to the moon” She said. Ruby didn’t really get her at first, She thought Kwasimaa had the dream of being an astronaut but far from that, what she actually meant was that, she wanted to go on a honeymoon just like them. It took Pee to explain what Kwasimaa actually meant when she said that. 
Again, Pee instructed her to take their luggage inside, but stubborn Kwasimaa wouldn’t stop rattling about her stay alone in the house while they were away. Suddenly they were all taken by a surprise. A knock came from the door and to their amazement, Pee’s mother had arrived. She came along with a huge luggage, indicating that, she had no intention of going back anytime soon. Just after their honeymoon, the in-law had set in unannounced like the rapture.  
To be continued. 
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