Ridge Street 25 Episode 4


Good morning Madam.
Hello Licia. What do you have for us now.
I have some evidence to nail him down.
Let me call the guys. Hello Nathan, get the other boys and come to the office immediately.
Yes. Madam Right away.
So as we wait Licia, tell me what happened
Well, we dined, talked and slept together. I got the evidence from his briefcase later that night.
 Sharp girl are you? 
Yes. And he cooked up breakfast and a bath for me. 
You are joking. He did that?
Yeah sure and he ……
Yes phoebe
The boys are in madam
Let them in-well Licia, we would talk about that after the meeting. 
Ok madam.
Gentlemen, you are welcome. our accomplice here has an evidence to nail him down. 
Wow. Good job Licia.
Thank you. Let’s get down to business.
Ok. Let’s have the news then.
The first is an agreement signed between he Ferdinand and the late
Hackman. It allows Ferdinand to take half of Hackmans Properties when he dies.
I now remember that after Hackman died, Ferdinand took over his property and offered to take care of Valerie. But as high level investigators, we need more evidence
Yes and the second is a letter from Valerie to him issued a day before the day of her doom. It reads:
‘’Hi Ferd, am happy that you have not abandoned me after dad left. Meet me at my house tomorrow at 10:00pm and I will show you a surprise I got for you. I hope you don’t fail me. Good bye and lots of love. Call me tonight so we can talk.
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This letter shows that he was with her the night she died. Yes. It proves it clearly but we need more. Like witnesses. Well, it’s rather strange nobody saw him.
Am sure someone saw him and he or she is hiding making matters worse.
So, we have to start by nailing down the witnesses first.
That’s right. Jason, you and Nathan get this to the press and Jonah check if you would find any witnesses. We need them.
Yes madam.
Ok. You can leave now.
Licia phone rang
Who is that Licia. 
Its Fred.
Pick it up. ‘’ 
Hello Fred, how are you? 
As bored as ever, where are you?
Am at a friend’s house. Why?
I want us to go out. What do you think.
Its ok with me. What time?
May be now:
Sorry I can’t make it now. How about in two hours’ time ok. 
Call me when you are ready. Will pick you up myself.
Sure, I will, see you. (call ends)
What did he want dear?
 He wants us to go out. 
Wow. Hope you have fun.
I guess I would. Ok guys, enough already. You can leave, come on, leave
 yesss Madam. We are already going. Hahaha.
So Licia, what did you say he did later?
Well, he proposed that I stay with him for good.
That’s too risky Licia, Don’t go that far for the case.
I already said yes Madam. Am moving the day after tomorrow
Licia! That’s too dangerous. Don’t do it.
Am sorry madam. I already did.
Ok Licia but please be careful.
Ok. I will now go and freshen up so. I can call him.
Ok. Have fun.
Thank you madam.
Hello Ferd.
 Hi, are you done already?
Yeah. Am waiting for you. Ok. 
(Picks her up). 
So what were you doing that you had to keep me waiting? 
Oh. Chatting with a friend.
Ok. So, what of my proposal:
Oh, yes. I will move the day after tomorrow.
Thank you Licia. Thanks
You are welcome to my palace
To be continued