Ridge Street 25 Episode 3


Licia dressed in a very nice night dress sat at the bar drinking. She is invited to play the gambling game where the final winner plays with the boss of the casino “Fredinand. She prayed hard and luck being on her side, she wins through to the top. She is taken to another room to play with the Boss as many call him.
Good evening Boss.
What is it? Come on in
We have another winner and is a lady.
Whatever, leave my presence and let her in.
Thank you sir.
Come forward Licia of cibea, am I right?
Yes! And I did not cheat either.
I never said that. Anyway, are you sure you can win me too, haha…
I hope so.
Ok then, here’s the deal. You win you get anything of your choice and if I win, I keep you for anything I want you for.
Why would you like to keep me?
Because… you are the fairest and first lady to get here.
Is that supposes to be a complement?
Take it as you want
Ok then, let’s begin.
(they play for three rounds and in all Licia looses)
Ok, game over dear.
You won me… right? Fine deal.
Okay meet me at my house tomorrow for dinner.
Why your house?
Because… You will find out later. My driver will pick you up at 7:00pm at your place
But you don’t even know my place, do you?
Well, well, well. This is a small world Licia, see you tomorrow.
(shocked). Ok goodnight Mr. Boss.
Call me Fred, for friendship sake.
Ok. Fred, See you.
(Licia goes home and calls Keisha)
Hello Madam, its Licia
Thank God you called. I thought I had lost you. How are you doing?
Am fine Madam and no harm done
So how was it over at the casino?
It was fun and successful
Meaning he invited me for dinner at his place tomorrow at 7pm
And how is that fortunate?
Well, it means am one step closer to getting evidence for the press.
How would you do that?
I would play my way to bed with him, then I would search the place for any information.
And are you sure he would keep such information at his place?
Positive and there’s something else.
He seems to know my name and where I stay already.
Well, it’s not surprising. When I also met him, he knew me. And know that he is a doctor, he finds things out for himself. 
Then we need not be afraid right?
Yea, Be strong and go on ok. Goodnight.
Goodnight madam and thank you.
You are welcome.
The doorbell rings and licia opens to see a man standing there miss Licia Ofeibea?
Yes. How may I help you?
 I was sent by Mr. Ferdinand to pick you up
Oh ok. Give me a second to finish up and we would leave.
Hello sweet angel. 
Hi ferd. How was your day.
It was pretty good even though tiring. What of you?
It was manageable even though not all that perfect.
Really fluent in Language, are you?
 Not that much. You will see.
Well let’s go in and have something to eat. I hope you like shrimp fried rice with chilli sauce. 
That is manageable. Thank you.
At the table, they eat and had a nice chat about all areas of interest.
Any way Licia, did you hear the news last week. What news?
About the late Hackmans daughter. What do you think about it?
Well. I see it to be a very strange case since our high level police department in the country has not traced the murderer.
By chance of noticing, you speak like one of them. 
Well, my dad was one so am not surprised.
Enough of that anyway. Do you know what I want?
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You own me so, you rule tonight. 
Licia got up in the night and searched the room, she found a document of an agreement signed between Hackman and Ferdinand as well as a letter from Valeria to Ferdinand. She put it in her bag and went back to bed.
In the morning, she woke up very late to the smell of something nice 
Hi pretty face. 
Hey handsome. Good morning.
Good morning and how was your sleep.
It was nice and I slept like a child right?
Yeah and it was fun watching you sleep.
Hmmm. What do we have there?
A cup of coffee, cereals and a glass of juice for my angel
That’s great. Don’t tell me cooked it.
I did. Surprised?
Am I the first?
Yes, can I tell you something.
What is it?
Well, …….. I have fallen for you and ……
Hmmm. That sounds good to hear. It’s a nice joke for a bright……..
Am not joking Licia. I want you to stay for good. 
Where? With you?
Yes. Why?
Excuse me. I need to go to the washroom.
Hey, you sure you are ok.
Yess. Am fine
Is this because of what I Said?
Noo. Not at all.
So, what do you say?
I will think about it.
Ok. I will see you later.
She got up, took he bath and left. To prevent any suspicion, she dropped of 
At her house and took her own car to the office.
To be continued