Mum’s Marriage –  Episode 1 – The honeymoon night (18+)


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Comes another Intriguing mind blowing story titled “Mum’s Marriage”
-By Elton Nana Amoah
Episode One (1) – The honeymoon night (18+)
It was a happy ceremony where all family members gathered around just to throw their weight behind Pee and his wife Ruby. They began dating way back in high school and this very day, they have been able to tie the knot. With a lot of family and friends around you may think their relationship was a perfect one and void of any obstacles.
After the sudden death of Pee’s father, his mother suddenly turned against his relationship with Ruby just because she thought Ruby was not the right lady for her son.  Pee completely ignored his mother and went ahead to marry Ruby notwithstanding all this, her mother still witnessed the wedding ceremony yet it was so obvious that she was not happy about what was going on. Her facial expression and her dilemma all showed that she was not in favor of the marriage.
Even at the wedding, during the exchange of vows, the most important part of the ceremony, Pee’s mother was nowhere to be found.  You will find Kwaasimaa who happens to be a maid to Pee and Ruby making funny noise and shouting “Ayifrooo”. She was an exceptional girl who you just can’t ignore because of her funny way of speaking the English language.
She actually brought the comic part into the ceremony that got everybody smiling and laughing through out the great day. All along, Pee’s mother was at a distance as if she was a total stranger at the wedding. Even when they were taking photos, she gave a funny excuse that she was not feeling well and for that matter she can’t be part in taking the pictures.
In such a memorable occasion, there was no where you will find Pee’s mother in any of the wedding pictures. It was as if she never existed.  Pee didn’t even care about it unlike Ruby who was actually concerned about her in-law’s behavior. She always wondered how to please this woman, because the more she did everything in her power, the more Pee’s mother gave her more attitude. And this was the only thing that kept bothering her in the marriage.
They were alone enjoying their lovely honeymoon in a very serene environment. A whole week of pleasure, love and planning of the future together. All these was climaxed with a spectacular reception and treat given by the hotel in which they were lodging.
Left to them alone, every day was a honeymoon. Pee was actually a business tycoon who dealt in importation of vehicles from oversees. Money was never a problem and as young as he was, he had everything that a man will dream of. A house,  cars, retail shops, you can go on and on. He actually met Ruby who is now his wife at a business dinner with one of his colleagues.
Ruby on the other hand, proved hard to get. Upon several attempts made by Pee to get her to like him, She was not the fancy type of lady that will fall for a guy just because of his money.  Pee never had it easy. There was even a time that Ruby embarrassed him when Pee bought her an expensive gold watch.
She just threw it at his face and made him aware that she can’t be bought. Ruby was a loner. Her Parents unfortunately were all deceased. She grew up in the states with her aunty. All her life, she had learned to survive on her own and when it was time for her to move back to her country Ghana, she had all that she needed without anyone’s help.
When She finally discovered the true nature of Pee, she began developing interest in him and eventually ended up loving him.  Even on the very first day Pee introduced her to his mother, she gave Ruby an attitude. Right from there, she never showed any interest in Ruby getting involved with her son for no reason.
Ruby just tolerated her till she ended up marrying Pee. Pee being the only son of his mother, things were quiet different for him. He had everything on a silver platter however its only his determination to succeed without anyone’s help especially from his mother and that was what kept his business booming.
This actually meant that Ruby and Pee had something in common and that even made their love grow stronger notwithstanding Pee’s mother’s displeasure.
As hard as it may seem, Ruby and Pee waited till after marriage before indulging in sexual intercourse. And the night after the wedding, it was so special and magical. Every touch and kiss were felt by each other. It was just a romantic night with both of them making love throughout the night. The kiss was so passionate and tender as their lips cling together with their eyes closed.
Pee’s hand was around Ruby’s curvy waist as she sat on his laps. Ruby’s hand slowly slipped into Pee’s  short and held on to his erected manhood. The warmth of her palms felt very much sensational and before it got deeper Pee turned her around on the bed and came on top of her. Still kissing, he gently slipped his fingers in between her thighs which seem to be Ruby’s soft spot.
Her gentle sweet moan gave Pee the vibe to continue and move further. Ruby held him hard and very close to her body. She couldn’t hold it any longer; she held his waist and pressed it against hers. And even in their underwear, they could fell each other’s private part rubbing against each other.
Her moan grew louder as Pee gently rolled his tongue through her breast and finally on her nipples. That was too much for Ruby to take, she slowly took off the shorts of Pee leaving him naked. It was obvious that she was ready for him. Pee on the other hand slowly rolled down her panty.
To be continued.
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