Ridge Street 25 Episode 7


They got to Accra without no one following them. They logged into a hotel and started investigating. Immediately, Keisha bought a new sim and gave it to jinqx and all the others. They decided to relax until any further ambush. That’s when jinqx suggested they start afresh with their relationship, she accepted to start afresh.
Ok. So I have accepted to start afresh, so what do you have to say. 
Ok. Let’s start with a brief introduction.
Fine, am Keisha Zomelo. A CID as you know. I deal with findings about the death of people who are suspected to have been murdered and am single, ready to mingle with anyone who is ready for me. What of you?
Well am Jinqx  Opare , a private guard to anyone who needs me and am also single , ready to mingle. Anything else you want to know?
 Can we go personal? 
Any past girls in your life?
No. I didn’t fancy those thing until I met you.
Limits Jinqx, watch what you say,
Ok, so what of you then?
Actually I did. He was a sweet monster.
And who is that. If I may know?
I don’t think you want to know so let’s forget about it.
Why are you so to yourself like that?
Naturally, it’s because of something I can’t say to you yet.
Let me guess, because you don’t trust me yet, right? Maybe.
Ok, anyway why did you say I should watch what I say? is it wrong to admire you?
No, Not in natural sense. But in our sense right now, yes.
Come on, Lighten up, you don’t have to be so conserved.
Am not. Am just careful.
So you don’t trust me right?
Kind of. You don’t look like one to be trusted.
Really! Ok, tell me what I look like.
Well, you look like a pretender. One of those guys who use girl and dump them
Ooh. That’s bad. Am hurt.
It’s the truth. Maybe I will learn to trust you. Let’s order some food.
Ok. Fine, what do you want?
Fried batter and fresh orange juice.
Great. (Dials no). room service, fried batter, fresh orange juice, a battle of water and coffee to room 501now please. 
Wow, this food is nice, though new to me.  Familiar to me. Come here lots of times
Hmm. With who if I may ask?
Krr………… krr…………. Krr………… krr………… (phone ringing).
Yeah, Keisha on the line.
Madam, its paddy. There is something wrong.
Your voice sounds shaky, what is wrong?
Its Licia Madam.
What happened to her? Is she alright? Tell me.
We can’t find her anywhere.
What? When was the last time you saw or heard from her?
Two days ago, after you left, she called that Ferdinand caught her and sacked her so she was going home. But …………
What? What paddy?
Keisha, calm down. Don’t tell me to calm down, you don’t know what has happened.
Well, I went to her house to wait for her but she never showed up.  
Never and she has not called you?
No madam. I tried her line, several times but no answer, her mom is worried hell about her.
Oh my God. oh my God.
What is it Keisha………. (snatches phone).
Paddy, what’s wrong.
Licia is missing.
Ok. You guys look out for more info, and lay low. I gotta take care of Keisha.
Ok. Jingx. But ……….
What Paddy?
She loves you. She really does.
Thanks Paddy. (line goes dead).
I caused a mother pain, a mother……..
Keisha, it’s not your fault. You tried to talk her out.
But I had the final say. I could have done something. Now Fred has gotten her.
Its ok. (hugs her). Calm down, she would be fine.
You think so, Fred is a monster jingx. He can kill her.
He won’t, trust me. Now, we have to go.
To where?
 To see his mom. She will help us better.
Ok. Let’s do this. Am ready, for Licia.
To be continued