RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 219



2: 20 AM

The party finally came to an end after different sessions of serious discussions and some fun. At the concluding minutes of the party, the sexy ladies were brought into the main hall.

“Remember that everything about this party stays here,” the VP urged in his conclusive remarks. “Whatever you do with these beautiful ladies are up to you.”

The guests carefully selected ladies that suit their tastes. Mensah stayed last on the line. He had Evelyn’s instructions ringing in his mind and had also stylishly warned the other executives. However, only he and Agent Mark eventually refused to go into the hotel rooms with the ladies.

Each of the guests was led into their rooms nonetheless. Most were accompanied by the ladies while a few like Mensah went in alone.

Mensah walked straight to the refrigerator in the room immediately after shutting the door behind him. Just like Evelyn told him, he had given out instructions to the other executives to make requests after getting into the hotel rooms.

After searching through the refrigerator for a while, he closed it and walked to the service landline. He picked up the receiver and dialled the reception.

“Please, I hope it isn’t too late to get a pack of orange fruit juice. I do need to take one right now,” he said into the receiver.

“I’m sorry, it’s quite late now. If you don’t mind, we could get it to your room first thing tomorrow morning,” the voice at the other end replied.

“Okay, thanks,” he replied and dropped the receiver.

He took in a deep breath and looked around the room, wondering what was next. To maintain the secrecy of the event, his device had been seized at the entrance just like every other guest. He had no way to reach Evelyn but he was confident since he’d followed the instruction already. He only hoped the other executives will follow the instructions.


Henry and his team were also in the hotel. They had booked three rooms but were present in the same room. Apart from Evelyn, the rest of the team was awake.

They were dressed in different uniforms. Henry and Dave were dressed in the security outfits of men at the hotel while Samantha and Jennifer were dressed as stewards.

“He’s in room 11C,” Maxwell reported to Henry after confirming on his laptop. He had hacked into the hotel’s database and also tapped the calls. Jennifer was holding the phone with which they listened to the calls.

A few seconds later, another call came in and they all stayed silent to listen as Jennifer placed the phone on the loudspeaker.

“Hey, I need a bottle of Tequila in my room by morning. Can I get it?” the voice asked.

“Definitely, sir. We’d have it delivered to you by 7 am if that’s fine,” a reply came from the receptionist.

“Yes, thank you,” the caller replied before ending the call.

“That’s Agent Mark,” Henry remarked.

“He’s in room 10A,” Maxwell announced after confirming from the database.

“We’ve got two calls, we need to start moving,” Henry announced and got up from the bed where he sat. Samantha also got up with him. “I gotta go to Mensah’s room now, while Sam goes to the Agent Tim’s.”

Henry took the security guard’s cap from the bed and covered his face with it.

“Max, do not forget to change the surveillance feeds for us,” Henry said while tucking in his shirt. He finished in a few seconds and turned to Samantha who was also trying to get ready. “You go in at my signal.”

Samantha nodded in understanding.

Henry took a final glance at everyone in the room and also at Evelyn before stepping out.

Samantha walked closer to the door and stopped. She waited for almost one minute before stepping out of the room.

Maxwell remained busy on the laptop while Dave rose and walked to where Evelyn was sleeping.

“Hey, it’s time to get up,” he whispered as he shook Evelyn on the shoulder gently.

She opened her eyes and squinted at Dave’s face for a while.

“You have to get up now,” Dave reiterated. He stepped back as she stretched and rubbed her eyes slightly with the back of her palm.

“Where’s Henry and Sam?” Evelyn asked a few seconds after sitting up.

“They left already,” Dave replied. “We might leave soon too.”

The phone in Jennifer’s hand began to ring at that particular moment.

“I guess we already have the third call,” Jennifer announced, staring at the phone and waiting for the receptionist to answer it.


“Hey, baby. You want to order something?” the lady asked as she saw Agent Sylvanus picking up the landline receiver. They had just gotten into the room together.

Agent Sylvanus smiled sheepishly, watching the lady catwalk towards him. She was clad in an armless mini skirt that revealed her cleavage and hot thighs. “I just want to order some tequilas for us,” he replied.

Sylvanus had also received the warning from Mensah not to take any of the girls. But the offer was too tempting for him to refuse. Besides, he didn’t even believe that there were any ulterior motives behind the fun like Mensah had suggested.

He eventually picked one of the girls. However, he decided to make the call just like Mensah instructed.

The lady who was now clad only in her bra and a g-string pant danced sexily towards him.

“We don’t need no tequilas tonight. Why not let’s get into the fun right away,” she licked her lips as she placed her right knee beside his left. The call was yet to be answered when she took the receiver from him and returned it to its position.

Sylvanus’ lust overwhelmed him and he gave in to each of her moves. She placed her left knee at the other side as her lips reached for his slowly, one hand on the back of his neck and one on his shoulder. Her backside touched his knees and he grabbed her butt cheeks with both hands, squeezing them softly.

His hands slowly reached for the back of her bra and he tried to unhook it.

“Hold on,” the lady whispered and stopped him. She pressed her finger on his chest gently and he laid back in response. She slowly stepped down from his laps and knelt by the bed. Her hands reached for his belt and she unbuckled it. Then, she went for the zipper and pulled it down.

Her hand reached for his manh**d which was already hard in response to her touches. She caressed it a little and chuckled as he let out a groan.

He raised his head slightly to look at her and she smiled as their face met. He laid back his head as she brought her lips closer to his manh**d.

His eyes were shut in anticipation of the pleasurable feeling. But it wasn’t what he expected. He let out a scream as a knife slic*d off his manh**d.


Mensah jerked in fear as a knock sounded at his door. All this while, he had been restless, wondering what would be the outcome of the call he made. He still had his clothes on as he wasn’t too confident to go to bed yet. His heart almost flew out of his body when the knock came.

He stared thinly at the door, wondering who could be behind it. He quickly looked around the place to see if there was any item he could use as a weapon. There was none. So, he walked to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of wine.

The knock came again as he walked slowly to the door. He hid the bottle behind him as he turned the key in the keyhole slowly. He grabbed the knob and opened it in the same slow manner.

His eyes formed into a squint as he saw the figure outside. It was one of the security guards at the hotel. The cap was covering his face.

“How can I help you?” he questioned. He kept his eyes on the man’s hands to watch every of his movement and ensure he doesn’t take out a weapon.

The security man finally took off his cap to reveal his face clearly. Mensah widened his eyes in shock.

“Impossible,” he blurted out in low tones, taking a step back from the door.

“We gotta go inside,” Henry stated, pushing the door in gently.

Samantha was walking slowly up the stairs to beat time until she got the vibration on her wristwatch. She then hastened her steps to the room. She soon got to the hotel room and knocked on the door.

Agent Mark was still wide awake when he heard the knock. He had only taken off his suit and shoes. He was already unbuttoning his shirt when the knock sounded.

After a moment of wondering who could be at the door, he proceeded slowly to see. He opened the door slightly, only enough for him to see who was outside. She looked like one of the staff of the hotel.

“We got your order for the Tequila,” Samantha stated.

Mark frowned. His eyes searched her from head to toe. There was no bottle in her hand, neither was anything by her side or behind her.

“I thought you said it was coming tomorrow.”

“Nothing is coming tomorrow,” Samantha stated as she held up a phone. “I’ve got a message for you from Agent Mensah.”

“Oh!” He squinted at her for a second. It was obvious from the body language that she wanted to come in but he wasn’t comfortable with that. He searched her body with his eyes again, this time more closely to check whether she hid a weapon under her clothes. He couldn’t see anything. However, he wasn’t still confident as he couldn’t see her back. It was possible for her to have a gun behind her. “Just give me his message right here; I don’t think you should come in.

Samantha quickly looked right and left before dialling a number on the phone. The call was answered in a few seconds.

“I’m there already,” she stated into the mouthpiece and handed the phone to Mark.

Mark was careful as he reached for the phone. He kept his eyes on her as he took it closer to his ears.

“Agent Mark,” Mensah’s voice sounded from the other end.

“Listen to her.”


“Good,” Henry remarked and collected the phone from Mensah.

Mensah was still bedazzled by the man in front of him. Was this really Carl Winston or just a clone?

It was then his mind flashed back to Evelyn. He remembered her responses to him and how she had been using phrases that he had only heard from Carl.

“Let’s get straight to business,” Henry continued after returning the phone into his pocket. “I know you have a lot of questions but this isn’t the time for that.”

He paused and took out a pistol. He handed it to Mensah.

“Very soon, an agent of the Red Wolves is on the way here to murder you. That pistol is for your defence but I’m gonna wait here because we need the Assassin to stay alive.”

Mensah squinted at his face. “Is it really true that an assassination was planned for tonight?”

Henry ignored his question. “I give the questions and the orders tonight, all you’re allowed to do is listen. Did your colleagues agree to follow the instructions Evelyn gave you?”

“No,” Mensah shook his head. “They all didn’t seem to agree. Only Mark did not go in with a lady.”

“What about the calls we asked them to make?” Henry asked.

“I’m not sure they’re going to do that either,” Mensah replied. “They don’t believe anything would happen here tonight. I sounded like a moron to them.”

Henry took out another pistol and a cartridge to load it with.

“The next person that knocks at that door will be the Assassin. We need to be ready.”


Mark allowed Samantha to walk in and closed the door behind her. He turned to look at her back immediately she walked in and noticed there were two pistols there as he suspected. He however had no reason to bother as her body language did not suggest she was planning to use it.

“I’m here to help you, Agent Mark,” Samantha turned to him. She took out one of the pistols from behind her and held it up for him to see.

He stared at it and followed with his eyes until she stretched it to him.

“The assassin sent to you would be here anyway,” Samantha continued as she took out the second gun. “We need to interrogate the assassin alive.”

Samantha looked up after filling her gun to find Mark pointing his gun at her.

“Who the heck are you?”


Dave walked up the stairs as fast as he could without arousing suspicion. The third call was yet to be answered by the receptionist when it ended. However, Maxwell was still able to locate which of the rooms it came from.

At first, the team argued among each other if it could be the expected call from the FOX executive. But then, Dave realized that something could have forced the FOX executive to end the call before it was answered. He decided to go check the room while the other agents waited to get their calls.

As he got to the last flight of stairs to his destination floor, he noticed two people coming down towards him, a lady and a man. They were both dressed in black. The woman had on a long jacket that stopped on her thigh. It was unbuttoned and Dave observed that she had only a bikini under it.

Their eyes met as they walked past each other on the stairs. Dave made his steps quicker as he suspected the two.

“Just walked past a group of two people, can you check who they are?” he said to Maxwell through the communicator attached to his shirt.

“No, I can’t,” Maxwell replied. “It would mean activating the camera which will also expose you to Red Wolves.”

“There’s something suspicious about the two of them,” Dave stated as he continued. “I don’t think they’re just guests here.”

He got to the door of the room after walking for forty-five seconds more. He felt like barging into the room to check. But according to the plan, he was supposed to knock and allow the executive open for him.

He reluctantly knocked and waited a few seconds. There was no response. He repeated the process and still got no response. This time, he had the excuse to barge in as he wanted.

“There’s no response in here,” he communicated to Dave before turning the knob open.

He almost tripped due to the force with which he opened the door. It was not locked as he expected, so, it needed no force. He met a gory sight in the bed.

Agent Sylvanus’ manhood had been chopped off and a knife driven into his chest. The eyes of the dead body were wide open.

“Sh*t!” He took out his gun immediately and felt like running after the two he just walked past. But he remembered that the plan did not involve following after escaped assassins.

“I just walked past the murderers,” Dave said into his mouthpiece and took out his phone. He turned on the camera. “I think the murdered man is one of the executives. I’m sending you a picture of his face to confirm his identity.”

He took the picture and forwarded it immediately to Maxwell.

“That’s Agent Sylvanus,” Maxwell confirmed.

Dave let out a sigh.


“What are you doing, Agent Mark?” Samantha squinted.

“Start talking, b**ch. Who the heck are you?”

“We don’t have time for this man, the assassin could be here for you anytime soon.”

“That’s why you should start talking right away,” Agent Mark insisted.

Samantha stared at his face defiantly. She wasn’t scared of the gun pointed at her.

“You have only one bullet in that pistol. If you use it on me, you will have nothing to defend yourself when the assassin comes. You’re as good as dead.”

Mark seemed a bit ruffled on knowing that he had only one bullet. But he kept a bold face.

“What if I get out of here after killing you?”

A laugh escaped Samantha’s lips. “Get out? You must think the Red Wolves are jokers to let you leave here? You’re gonna be dead in less than ten seconds if you step out of this building.”

After some more seconds of contemplation, he finally lowered his gun.

“We’re expecting the assassin any moment from now,” Samantha stated. “I’ll be beside the door.”

“Why can’t you just call the police if you think we’re in danger?” Mark questioned.

“Because there’ll no longer be proofs that you were in danger,” she replied with a cheeky smile.

Hutton, Kahn, and Chanda were awake, monitoring the progress of their team. They were sitting at different sides of the living room. Chanda was smoking a pipe while Hutton and Kahn seemed more focused.

The phone on the footstool in front of Hutton rang and he sat up to pick it.

“Listening,” he answered and placed the phone on loudspeakers.

“Agent Sylvanus is dead and his pictures have been taken,” the voice from the other end reported.

“Good job,” Hutton remarked.

“We noticed one of the security guards going towards our direction while we left,” the voice added.

“A guard, we took care of the guards already.”

“Okay, I just thought to let you know,” the voice replied. “We’re out of the facility already,” the call ended.

Hutton and Kahn exchanged glances immediately.

“Could it be them?” Kahn asked.

“I don’t know how possible that is,” Hutton looked confused. “How can they know that we have plans for the men in the hotel.”

He became restless and got up to think.


Henry was already standing at the wall beside the door when the knock sounded at the door again. His eyes met with Mensah’s immediately. Mensah got up at his signal and proceeded to the door with the pistol in his hand.

“Who is it?” he asked as he neared the door. He avoided staying directly behind the door as a precaution. There was a possibility that a bullet could be shot through the door.

“I’m here with your pack of fruit juice, sir,” a female voice sounded behind the door.

“I thought it was gonna come tomorrow,” Mensah replied.

“You sounded like it was urgent, so we had to get it for you quickly.”

Mensah glanced at Henry again and got the signal to open the door.

He held his gun in readiness as he turned the key. He then flung the door open immediately, pointing his gun.

A gun was also pointed at him from outside. Two guns. There were two people outside the room, the female in front and the man behind. They both had their guns pointed.

The surprise on the assassin’s faces was obvious as they saw the gun in the man’s hand.

“Who the heck are you two?” Mensah spat out, as he stepped back slowly holding his gun firmly.

“You’ve got no chance against the two of us,” the man said as he proceeded in with his partner, not knowing Mensah’s plan was to draw them in.

Mensah was been pointed guns from different directions while he could only point back at one.

“Put your guns down, Mister,” the female warned.

“Checkmate you, b*st*rds!” Henry slammed the door shut and pointed his gun at them from the back.

The man turned instantly to Henry and pointed his gun at him. It was now two against two.


Hutton was still pacing around the floor when his phone rang again. He walked quickly and picked it up from the footstool. He answered and placed it on loudspeakers.

“Got anything for me?”

“Sir, we just found one of our security guards who was attacked before the party began. It looks like some people gained access to the hall before we started.”

Hutton’s eyes widened in shock.

“The man said he was questioned by…”

Hutton tapped on the red button without waiting to hear the rest of the report.

“You bas***d!” he cursed. His eyes were filled with rage. His fists were clenched so tightly that his veins looked like they were going to pop out from his arms.

Kahn was standing in front of him, giving him a ‘I-told-you’ look.

“Carl and his men are in the hotel, what do we do?”

Hutton stared thinly at Kahn’s face for almost one minute in silence. He was thinking of all the possible ways to murder Carl gruesomely when he finally got the opportunity. The bas***d was about to ruin his almost perfect plan.

“What do we do now?” Kahn probed. “Are we gonna sit and watch?”

“No, we go for Carl and his men,” Hutton shook his head gently. “Organize all our men right away.”

To be continued