RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 218


Evelyn sat calmly in the isolated cell, patiently waiting to get the result of the executives’ meeting. She had mapped out her plan to get to the chairman’s office and take out the tickets where it was going to be kept for her.

She wondered what could be going on with the team in her absence and if they had come up with a backup plan if she failed to show up. Henry had told her that without the tickets to get into the event hall, there was no other way.

Not too long after, began to hear footsteps coming in her way. She sat up in expectation. It was the time to know whether she would get out of that place soon or not.

Soon,the footsteps got to the front of her cell and stopped. She heard sounds of the padlock behind being unlocked.

The door was open and the warder took a step in.

“Evelyn Alexandra, please come with us,” the warder said. “You’ve been cleared to leave.”

A brief smile formed on Evelyn’s face as she got up and proceeded towards the door. She stepped out and followed the lead of the warder, the other officer following behind her.

After walking for a few minutes, they got to the counter. Her items were handed back to her and she checked to confirm if it was complete before proceeding to change her clothes.


12: 20 PM

“Most of the guests start coming in from 8 PM. If we want to get a chance to look around the place, we must get in before 7PM,” Paul Edwards stated. They were in a round table discussion.

“You mentioned that the doors detect exhibits. How do we go in with the trackers, cameras, or even with guns?” Maxwell directed his question to Paul who stared back at him cluelessly.

“That would mean we can’t all go in together,” Henry was the one who answered. “We have to enter in sets. The first set to go in will take a visit to the event hall control room and ensure we do not have any problems coming in with our items.”

“We don’t know how their control room looks like,” Samantha put in. “How can we be so sure that it can be handled by the first set.”

“We have an idea of how it looks like,” Henry said and got up. He picked a wide sheet from the floor and spread it on the table. “This is the outline of the building,” he said to them before he began to search the outline with his eyes. “Here should be the control room,” he added after a few seconds, touching the spot with a finger. Those closer moved nearer to have peak. “It’s just beside the main entrance.”

“It doesn’t look so big, there can’t be so many people in it,” Samantha opined.

“I think there’s usually six of them,” Paul Edwards put in. “I’m not sure of the number but that’s what I’ve noticed for a while. Apart from controlling access, these people also do the miscellaneous jobs.”

“ Why not let’s just work with six people,” Samantha asked. “Two of our men can take out the six unprepared people.”

“We can’t just assume that the six people are those we’ll find it easy to combat,” Henry stated. “We have to find a way to get them out without having to get into a combat,” Henry added and then leaned forward to check the outline again.

Paul Edwards got up from his seat to join Henry. “What part of the building are you trying to locate?”

Henry glanced at him. “If we can’t combat those in the control room, we will need to either distract them or locate another entrance.”

They both continued to look at the building outline on the sheet. After examining the methods for about three minutes, Henry found a different entrance.

“Here’s a different entrance,” Henry touched a spot on the outline with his finger. “It doesn’t look like a main entrance and won’t be heavily guarded.”

“I guess it’s going to be permanently locked,” Paul Edwards put in.

“Yes, it will be,” Henry replied. “But the task for the first set of people that gets in will be to unlock it.”

“If we do not get in through the main entrance, isn’t that going to cause suspicions?” Samantha questioned.

“We don’t need to get in through the entrance,” Henry turned to her. “The rest of us will go through the main entrance as long as we have the tickets. Only the materials we need would have to go the other way.”

“So, the success of everything we’re planning here still depends on the tickets?” Dave spoke for the first time on the table. “And we don’t even have an idea what’s happening to Evelyn.”

“Evelyn is going to get out of there in time, Dave,” Samantha was the one who answered him.

They all stared at him for a moment before they continued with the planning.

“This here looks like a kitchen, here a restroom,” Paul noted. “If we’re going to get to the entrance, we might have some problems getting there dressed as guests.”

“We need to get in first, and then we’ll find a way to get to the entrance,” Henry replied in a confident tone.

“So, who are those on this first set?” Jennifer questioned.

Henry’s eyes went straight to Dave at first. He would have loved to mention him but Dave seemed to be bothered more about Evelyn at that moment. He needed someone whose mind will be on the task.

“I will be with the first set,” Henry finally stated and then looked at Samantha. “Sam will be with me. Jennifer and Dave will do the task of getting dressed as security officials and bringing the materials to the entrance for us. Maxwell stays to monitor the situation with Chairman Paul. Evelyn’s going to be on standby. She will bring the car that’s gonna get us away from there.”

“Evelyn?” Dave scoffed. “We haven’t even seen her yet.”

Henry was about to reply him when his phone began to ring. His eyes landed on the screen and he saw that the caller was Evelyn. He ignored Dave and reached for the phone.

“Hey, you out already?” He answered the call.

“Yes, and I’ve got the tickets. I’m not sure if I’m being monitored or not. I need you to meet me at a neutral place for the tickets,” Evelyn replied from the other end. “I’ll text you an address.”


“Everything is set for tonight,” Hutton said as he walked into the living room.

“They got away,” Kahn stated, ignoring Hutton’s statement.

“Who got away?” Hutton paused.

“Evelyn and Emily,” Kahn replied dryly.

“I thought you asked them to take Emily’s mother and child,” Hutton questioned.

“I did, but they sent pictures of how police officers came to get the mother and the child. They haven’t laid eyes on Emily but I guess she’s with the police.”

“That means she was probably warned about us,” Hutton remarked.

“Yeah, could she have been warned by one of our men?”

“I don’t think so,” Hutton answered. “If she’s still in contact with the Oliver, she could have told him that she was being questioned. And then, he might have suggested that she reported to the police.”

Kahn was silent for a moment. “We can get Emily anytime we want but I’m more concerned about Evelyn’s release.”

“That was expected,” Hutton remarked. “The attempt on her life would naturally prompt her release. We only need to find out what she’s up to at the moment.”

“Their escape looks to me like a bad omen for tonight,” Kahn stated. “We need to make sure that everything is all right.”

“Carl Winston has no reason to think that we’ve got any plans tonight,” Hutton replied. “Except he has discovered somehow that we’re planning to wipe out the FOX executives.”


7: 15 PM

** In the Event Centre **

According to the plan, Samantha and Henry had already gotten to the venue earlier than all the other guest. They followed the directions they’ve gotten from the building outline and were heading for the other entrance. As expected, they met with a security guard who tried to talk to them. Henry and Samantha were able to drag him towards the restroom.

After punching him severally on the face, Henry had the man’s back pushed to the wall. He took off the gag from his mouth and began to question him. Samantha was right behind him.

“Where do we find the key to that entrance?”

“There’s no key,” the bruised-face man replied. Henry raised his brows, expecting him to explain more. “It has a lock combination.”

“How do we get this combination? Who do we need to find?”

“No one here has it,” the man replied, after spitting the drop of blood in his mouth away.

“How do I get it?” Henry asked again, this time in a stricter tone.

“It’s going to be sent to us when it’s time to open the door,” the man answered.

“And when is that time?”

“When the ladies arrive.”

“What ladies?”

The man seemed hesitant to speak.

“Talk to me,” Henry yelled at him.

“In today’s party, the organizers plan to surprise the guests with ladies they can have fun with. The ladies are going to be brought in by 8PM to join the party.”

“How is that possible?” Henry glanced at Samantha’s face. “The party is supposed to be attended by the invited guest only. How can the ladies be with them?”

“The organizers earlier announced to the guests that there will be a surprise in the party tonight. I think that’s the surprise,” the man answered. “They’ve also booked for enough rooms to cater for anyone that wants to stay overnight with the ladies.”

“This doesn’t make any sense to me,” Henry frowned. “The caliber of people invited for this party won’t risk losing their reputations just for a night’s enjoyment. I’m not sure any of them would want to go with a girl.”

“Everything that happens in this party stays in the party. That’s why the security is tight enough to ensure that there’s no picture or video leaks. The ladies have also signed a non-disclosure agreement. So, nothing is going out from here.”

“What happens if any of the men decides not to do anything with a lady?”

“Taking any of the ladies is optional, but any of the guests who doesn’t want one will still have to stay overnight in the hotel room. They all leave tomorrow.”

Henry released the guy from his grip and stepped back to ponder on his words. He began to see some sense in it. Hutton’s plan was one that he could have never thought of.

The plan wasn’t to ki*ll the men in the parties. There would be no explanation for their deaths if that happened. It made more sense if they were killed in the hotel rooms. The narrative would be that the FOX executives had all planned a sexcapade and ended up paying with their lives.

“What are you thinking?” Samantha asked Henry on noticing his silence.

The security guard was now on the floor, trying to catch his breath and also checking his bruises.

“The murder isn’t taking place here,” Henry turned to look at her. She raised a brow. “It’s taking place in the hotel rooms. We need to change the team’s direction.”

Henry stayed quiet for a few seconds more before he made a decision. He turned to the security guard.

“Thank you for telling me the truth man, but I got to put you to sleep,” he said before striking the man unconscious. He then dragged the body into one of the toilets.

“What’s next now?” Samantha asked.

“We get out and reach out to Evelyn immediately.”

They focus on the night. Emily is distracting Maxwell from the night’s mission.


07:45 PM

Mensah was seated at the backseat in his double breasted suit. Even though he was dressed for the event, he wasn’t looking pleased. He had two FOX agents at the front seats of the car.

He kept on wondering what would happen if Evelyn’s words were true. Would Evelyn and her team be able to stop Hutton Ryker’s plans or was he going to die that night? He didn’t know what the answer was.

His plan to deliver the tickets to Evelyn had worked. He’d told the other executives that he couldn’t find the tickets in his drawer and asked that they presented their ID cards at the event centre instead.

Mensah checked his time again. It was ten minutes to eight. The party was scheduled to start by 8:15. His vehicle was close to the event centre already.

They were three minutes close to the center when he got the call he had been expecting.

“Hey, I’ve been expecting your call all night,” he answered the phone.

“Listen to me Chairman, I just discovered that you would have to stay over at the hotel after the party. Why didn’t you tell me that?”

“There was no need to tell you that,” Mensah replied. “Although it would be our first time of having to sleep over after the party, but I think it’s because we might be finishing late.”

“You’re FOX agents, sir. The time of the night doesn’t stop you from returning home.”

“Not all the guests are FOX agents, sir.”

“Sir, the plan is not to attack you guys at the party but in the hotel rooms where you lodge,” Evelyn relayed.

“How do you know this?”

“We got into the event hall already and got information on how they plan to carry out the attack.”

“Come on, Eve…” Mensah paused quickly, refraining from pronouncing her name. He couldn’t let the men in the car know that he was talking to her. “You could have gotten the information about us staying over from your captive.”

He was sure Evelyn would understand his use of words and why he decided not to talk straight. Paul Edwards was the captive he was referring to.

“He didn’t tell us that, Chairman. Just like you, he thought it was unimportant,” Evelyn replied.

“We cannot…”

“Listen to me, Chairman,” Evelyn stated in a commanding tone that shocked Mensah. “The VP has promised to surprise the guests at the party tonight. His surprise would be beautiful ladies for you all to have fun with overnight. These ladies would pass the night with you at your hotel rooms.”


“Yeah, Chairman. You’re gonna confirm that after the party starts.”

Mensah was silent for a while. “So what should we do? What if we decide not to go with the girls?”

“You’re still going to stay in the hotels rooms nonetheless, and they would carry out their attack in someway.”

“What do we do?” Mensah asked again.

“Do not take any of the ladies, and reject any food items you’re served in the hotel.”

“Ermmm… But don’t you think we should reject staying overnight?”

“That would make it too obvious that you have an idea of what’s to happen.”

“So, you suggest that we all go into the hotel rooms and wait for Hutton Ryker’s attack? Do you realize that we’re going to be without phones, guns, or other weapons?”

“Yes, I know,” Evelyn sounded calm. “I’ll send you a list of five items right now. The five of you will select one item each in the list. Once you get into your hotel, pick the landline in your room and request for the item. That will help us locate the exact room you are.”

Mensah let out a deep sigh. “And how is that going to help?”

“Just do it, Mr Chairman.”

To be continued.