RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 220



The expected knock finally came at Agent Mark’s door. He glanced at once at Samantha who was hiding beside the door. He remained silent for a moment until the knock sounded again.

“Who’s that?” He asked out loud as he finally got up, with his gun ready in his hand.

A lady dressed in the hotel attendant’s uniform was standing outside the door. She was holding a tray that had a bottle of Tequila in it.

“I’ve got your order,” she responded to his question.

Just then, the phone in her chest pocket began to vibrate. She took it out immediately and stared at the screen. Her gaze narrowed as she saw the caller. She answered and placed it close to her ear.

“Retreat immediately,” the caller ordered. “Plans have changed. Return straight to the launch room and wait for further instructions.”

“What damn order!” Agent Mark’s voice sounded outside the room.

She chucked the phone into her pocket and turned back, hurrying towards the stairs immediately.

Agent Mark got close to the door and stopped to listen for movements. He could tell that someone was walking away. What he wasn’t sure of was if it was the same person at the door or someone else.

“Are you there?” he asked again, hiding by the wall. His eyes met with Samantha’s, who was standing directly opposite him. She gave him a signal to open the door.

The agent took in a breath in readiness and turned the knob gently. He pulled the door open at once and pointed his gun out.

There was nobody there. Samantha also stood beside him with her gun pointed.

“I think she got a call,” Samantha voiced. “I heard a vibration.”

Agent Mark proceeded to check the corridor with his gun pointed. There was no sign of anyone.

Samantha quickly connected to Maxwell. “There was a knock on the door, she received a call and turned back. What’s happening?”

Mark stepped back in and saw her talking to someone through the wireless mouthpiece. He closed the door and stared at her, wondering what the next step was.

“Give me a moment to check,” Maxwell replied.

“You have a second,” Samantha stated with a tone of urgency.

It took almost fifteen seconds before Maxwell replied.

“She’s turning back towards the same direction she came from. I think they know we’re in the building.”

“Let the boss know we’ve been discovered immediately,” she gasped and disconnected the mouthpiece.

Mark was staring at her inquisitively. Hutton Ryker has just discovered that his operation has been intercepted.

Mark sighed. “I don’t understand all of this.”


There wasn’t much action in Mensah’s room. They still had their guns pointed at each other’s faces.

“We can keep pointing the guns at ourselves until daybreak or just drop it and fight with our hands,” the lady pointing a gun at Mensah offered.

The man pointing at Henry gasped. He didn’t like his partner’s idea. While he knew it could be easy to take down Mensah, he knew who Carl Winston was and was sure it would be a failed attempt. The lady did not know whom they were up against. They had a better chance with the gun in their hands.

“If you’re wise, you two will surrender your weapons,” Henry stated in reply. Almost immediately, he heard Maxwell’s voice in his earpiece.

“Hello, boss. I hope you’re listening. I just confirmed that Hutton Ryker knows we’re here. We need permission to use the feint strategy,” Maxwell voiced.

The man pointing the gun at Henry noticed as he switched on his mouthpiece.

“Activate, double,” Henry replied.

“Whatever you’re trying to do will fail,” the man threatened. “We’ve got this facility under control.”

“Let’s see if you really do,” Henry chuckled.

“He just said Activate, double,” Maxwell turned to Evelyn with a confused look on his face.

“The feint strategy?” Evelyn asked, getting from where she was sitting.

“Yes,” Maxwell squinted closely at her face. “What’s the double for?”

“I believe he needs it at his end,” Evelyn replied. She picked up two small backpacks from the floor and placed them on the table. After opening the backpacks briefly, she handed one to Jennifer who had gotten up too.

“But we’ve got only the two of you here,” Maxwell frowned. “Who goes to Henry?”

Dave entered the room at that moment. He noticed the two ladies standing and thought there had been more calls. “Have the other agents reached out?”

“No,” Evelyn answered him and tossed the backpack in her hand to him. “You came at the right time.’

“The distraction ploy?” He raised a brow. “They know we’re in?”

“Yea, those two you met must have reported you,” Maxwell replied.

Dave sighed and quickly took off the security guard shirt he had on. He flung it away and proceeded to take a different shirt in the wardrobe.

“You go meet Henry, Jenny,” Evelyn collected the backpack from Jennifer and turned to Dave. “We’ve got to go quickly. There are enough extra bullets in the backpacks.”

Evelyn stopped at the door and waited for him to finish putting on his shirt before opening the door. Dave strapped on his backpack and followed her.

Jennifer tucked in a revolver in the tight shorts under her. “Henry is in room 11C right?” she asked on her way out.

“Yeah,” Maxwell gasped, barely looking at her. His eyes were glued to the computer screen and his fingers were busy on the keyboard.


Dave and Evelyn hurried down the staircase and proceeded towards the exit door.

“Hello…” the hotel attendant at the reception called unto them but they ignored and continued to the door.

She stepped out from behind the desk to go after them but stopped halfway. She could see them going towards the gate and expected the security official to stop them but she was surprised when the gate was open and they were let out.

“Have you got surveillance yet?” Evelyn spoke into her mouthpiece as she stepped out of the gate.

“Almost, it should be up in a minute,” Maxwell answered.

Evelyn immediately advanced to cross the road, going towards the left while Dave stayed.

“Hey, Evelyn,” Dave called. She stopped in the middle of the road and turned. “Be careful.”

“You too,” she acknowledged with a smile before proceeding.

Dave watched until she crossed to the other side of the road before he advanced towards the left. He walked straight down the road for a few seconds until he got to a car. He paused to look back in Evelyn’s direction again.

She had entered the car on the other side. He took out the car keys from his pocket and took off his backpack. After another glance around, he entered the car. He immediately turned on his mouthpiece.

“We’re in now,” he said softly.

“I’m on too,” Maxwell replied from the other end. “No signs of anyone yet. I’ll let you know when I spot them.”

Dave turned off his mouthpiece immediately. He placed his backpack on the other seat and reached to the backseat to check the items there. There were three Ak47 rifles and two revolvers. There were also magazines and some bullets on the seats. Dave located the Kevlar by the side and picked. He wore the Kevlar on his shirt before turning back to take the long guns one after the other and a handbag.

He opened the backpack beside him and took out some loaded magazines. After loading all the guns, he returned two to the backseat and filled the handbag with some extra magazines. Then, he put the handbag across his chest.


“If you drop your weapons and let us talk, I might just let you live,” Henry warned the man again.

After several back and forths with words, they were still in the same position. Their guns pointed at each other without any action.

Henry and Mensah were now standing close to each other and the other two on the same side too.

“If I’m gonna drop my weapons, you will have to drop yours too,” the man replied Henry.

“What shi*t are you talking about?” His partner slammed him. “We ain’t here to negotiate. We’re here to deliver a task.”

Henry flashed a crooked smile. From the reactions of the two, he could tell what was on their minds. The man already knew that they both have lesser chances of getting out alive. But the lady still believed somehow that she and her partner had better chances of killing both men. Maybe because she didn’t know who they were facing.

“Jennifer is close,” Henry heard Maxwell announce. He quickly exchanged an eye signal with Mensah. Prior to the assassin’s arrival, he had told Mensah what to do in the situation.

The man pointing his gun at Henry saw them exchange glances and knew they were up to something. Although he knew how dangerous Carl was, he wasn’t just going to bow in fear to him. He wanted to read the situation and find the best way out of it.

While he was still thinking about what to do, the door flung open, causing a distraction for the assassins. While they were distracted, Mensah and Henry remained calm and took the opportunity to release the bullets from their guns freely. They had silencers attached to their guns. Thus, it didn’t make noise to cause an alarm in the hotel.

Jennifer did not stay at the entrance or step in after opening the door. She waited behind the wall and peeped seconds after the two gunshots.

The bullet from Mensah’s gun ran into the lady’s chest while Henry targeted the man’s shoulder. The two of them fell to the ground. One dead and the other injured in his arm.

The man cried in pain as he rolled on the floor. His gun had fallen off his right hand when the bullet got into his shoulder. He tried to reach for the pistol with his left hand but Henry was there quick enough to kick it further away.

Henry dragged him by the neck to the wall. He made him sit up, with his back leaning against the wall.

“Look at me, dude,” Henry squatted in front of the man and hit his cheek with the pistol. The man opened his eyes and stared Henry in the face. “I could spare your life if you don’t waste time in telling me where I can find the others.”

The man dragged in a deep breath. “It’s too late to give you that information. They must have left the facility long ago.”

“Why would they leave without you?”

“Because everyone is meant to leave after the execution of their tasks,” the man replied.

Henry paused to think. He remembered that only Agent Sylvanus was reported to be dead. Agent Mark was alive, but he had no information about the other three executives.

“And they left to execute their tasks the same time you left the room?”

“Some had it done even before I left the room with my partner,” the man replied. “It took me and my partner time to get here because this agent did not choose a lady to have fun with. If he had chosen my partner, she would have killed him earlier.”

Mensah gasped in horror on hearing the man’s last sentence. He shut his eyes and inhaled noisily through his nostrils. He thanked his stars that he had listened to Evelyn.

“How many of you were here for this mission?” Henry asked.

“Twelve of us,” the man replied.

Henry squinted at him for a while, trying to figure out why they were up to twelve. “You were in teams of two, right?”

“Yes, six men, six ladies.”

“Hutton Ryker contracted all of you to ki*ll the six FOX officials?” Henry questioned.

“Only the six men were contracted,” the man replied. “We recruited the ladies to help us get the tasks done easier.”

“What about the other three?”

“What other three?” He squinted at Henry.

“The G63,” Henry stated. “You’re a part of the six, where are the other three and what’s their task?”

“I don’t know who they are or what their job is,” he answered. “I only know their job starts after the success of ours. Hutton Ryker never gave us information beyond our tasks.’

Henry stopped to think for a second. He wondered if all that this man had told him was true. It had been so easy to get the information from him and it made Henry doubt the veracity.

He squinted at the man’s face for a while and it was then he realized it was someone familiar. He peered even harder to recall where he’d seen the man before.

It took him almost one minute to recall. Henry got up, looking shocked. He glanced at Mensah who also noticed the surprise on his face.

“Agent Andrew,” Henry’s voice went faint.

“Yes, it’s me, Carl,” the man replied.

“You know him?” Mensah joined inquisitively.

“He was a FOX agent,” Henry replied, his voice suddenly weak.

He remembered Andrew from their years of training. Andrew got into the military college at the same time as Rex and Carl. He wasn’t as skilled or dangerous as the other two, but he also had his days.

Andrew was one of Hutton Ryker’s favourite junior agents when they were both in service. Hutton had always liked Andrew for his dedication, loyalty, and obedience. Andrew’s obedience to instructions had kept him in the game for so long. Unfortunately, Andrew was one of the agents dismissed at the same time as Hutton.

Henry had only worked with Andrew on a few occasions while they were in service. The last mission they were on together was the one where Hutton saved Henry’s life. Even though they weren’t close friends, Henry was still stunned to see him on the evil side.

“Why are you doing this, Andrew?” Henry finally asked. “Why did you join Hutton Ryker in his mission to destroy the FOX?”

Andrew stared at him silently for a while. “Is there any reason I shouldn’t want to destroy the FOX?”

Henry was speechless. He could sense the pain in Andrew’s voice.

“I was loyal to the FOX but they paid me back with evil, there’s no organization as devilish as the FOX.”

Henry could relate with his stance. He had also felt betrayed by the FOX when they let the men who killed him go and framed other people.

But there was just no excuse good enough to be with the Red Wolves who had destroyed the lives of thousands of people and were planning to destroy more.

Henry raised his gun again and pointed it straight to his forehead. Andrew closed his eyes in anticipation of death.

For some reason, Henry found it difficult to pull the trigger.

Andrew opened his eyes after a moment. “Do it, Carl. What are you waiting for? Hutton is not going to let me live after my encounter with you.”

Henry took in a deep breath. He decided it was better for him to ki*ll the man than to let him get back to Hutton Ryker.

“Hold on, Carl,” Mensah stopped him. “If he is close to Hutton Ryker, he would probably have more information that can help us.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t have any helpful information. Hutton believes firmly in keeping details in his head until it’s needed by a second person. I don’t know what his next move is,” Andrew spoke out.

A thought came into Henry’s mind and he moved closer to Andrew. He squatted in front of him and looked directly into his eyes. “If you don’t know anything about Hutton’s moves, what do you know about Rex’s mission?”

The look on Andrew’s face changed immediately and it was obvious he knew something.

“Rex?” Mensah seemed shocked to hear the name. He had gotten enough surprises that day. From seeing Carl who he thought was dead to hearing about Rex. During their conversation before the arrival of the assassins, Henry never mentioned that Rex was alive even though Mensah tried to ask.

“Boss, it looks like we’ve got something urgent to attend to,” Maxwell’s voice sounded in Henry’s earpiece, distracting him.

Henry got up and stepped back to listen. He turned on the mouthpiece. “I’m listening. Tell me what’s happening.”

“Hutton Ryker hasn’t just sent a backup team boss, it looks like he’s sent an army. I spotted ten vehicles on the way. I’m not so sure Dave and Evelyn can handle them alone.”

“Damn!” Henry cursed. “Send messages to Samantha, we’re all going down there.”

Henry turned his gaze back to Andrew after ending the conversation. He marched quickly towards him and hit the butt of his gun on the back of his head to send him unconscious.

“We gotta go now,” Henry said to Jennifer and advanced towards the door.

“Where does this leave me?” Mensah followed after them immediately.

Henry paused and turned. He had almost forgotten that Mensah was there.

“What’s happening? You need to let me on,” Mensah demanded.

Henry squinted at him. Maybe it would be wise to bring Mensah in. After all, he had control of the FOX now.

“Hutton is attacking this place with an army of men. I think it will help if you call for backup from the FOX,” Henry explained and then took out the phone with which Mensah spoke to Mark a few minutes before that time. “I’m only borrowing you this,” he handed it to Mensah and hurried off with Jennifer.


Evelyn was prepared just like Dave. She had her Kevlar on and her guns filled.

After receiving the notification from Maxwell, she opened the door of the car and stepped out. She squatted right behind the open door as a form of shield and positioned the gun in her hand in readiness.

Her eyes flashed in Dave’s direction and she saw that he was in the same position as her, albeit behind the door of the passenger’s side. A smile appeared on her lips as she returned her focus to the direction the Wolves men were coming from. For some reason, she could feel Dave smiling back at her even though he was far away from her.

“They’re here,” the announcement finally came.

Evelyn cocked the gun. She flashed a look towards Dave again. She couldn’t see what he was doing but was sure he must have cocked his gun too.

Her finger reached for the communicator box attached to her belt and she tapped a button to switch who her mouthpiece was connected. “Dave, you with me?”

“Right here and ready,” it took her five seconds to get a response.

Less than ten seconds after, vehicles came speeding towards the hotel gate from Dave’s lane.

“I’ll go first,” Dave noted, even though that was what they planned.

“Understood,” Evelyn replied.


The first four vehicles stopped at the front of the gate and the men began to rush out of the vehicles.

Dave took in a deep breath before he took a step out from behind the opened door. About thirteen men had stepped out already. He did not sh00t until the two of the men were about to step into the gate. He released his bullets without pity, starting from those two.

They were taken by utmost surprise as bullets ran into their bodies. Some tried to get back into the vehicles but the bullets hit them before they could.

After shooting twenty-two rounds of bullets, ten men were on the floor. Most of them were dead while only two could see be seen moving on the floor, after being hit by bullets.

Only three of the thirteen that had stepped out earlier escaped being hit by bullets. Those three were lucky to have been standing at the other side of the vehicles which shielded their bodies. Four other men who were left in the vehicles were also able to escape by stepping out to the other side of the vehicle.

All seven of them now had their guns in their hands and were peeping from behind the vehicles to see where the bullets were being shot from.

“That car over there,” one of them at the edge of the jeep said to another hiding behind another jeep.

The other man nodded. He had also seen the car.

“This is getting bloody, the police will be here soon,” one of the men shouted. “Our task is about to get ruined. We’re never going to get inside before the police get here.”

“I think it’s only one person there at the moment,” another man spoke out. “We can confuse him by coming out from different directions.”

“We don’t have a f***ng clear shot at him,” the first man who spoke yelled again. “It’s going to make it difficult to get him down. Stepping out will just be exposing ourselves.”

The man hiding at the front side of the first car was speaking with someone on phone.

“The shooter’s vehicle is parked adjacent to us, we need backup from his direction to get him down quickly.”

Some of the men behind the vehicle began to fire shots in Dave’s direction. But Dave remained calm behind the door of the car. None of the bullets came close to the car. The car was also bulletproof, so he was confident of his covering.

Meanwhile, Dave was watching them patiently and waiting for the next opportunity to rain more bullets on them.

“Four more vehicles on the way from the same direction,” Maxwell announced again. Both Evelyn and Dave could hear it. They didn’t bother to respond since their mouthpieces weren’t connected to Maxwell.

That notification was what Evelyn was waiting for. Even though she had a clear view of the men hiding behind the cars, she was yet to sh00t. She had gone back into the vehicle to wait as shooting alongside Dave would blow her cover and alert the next set of men coming.

A few seconds later, the set of vehicles Evelyn was waiting for finally arrived.

As expected, the men had heard the first set of gunshots and were wise not to get to the gate as the first four. They parked at the side of the road, each car behind another, except the first. They began to step out of the jeeps to focus first on the shooter troubling their partners.

However, where they parked was exactly the angle Evelyn needed. She could shield herself behind the vehicle door and have clear shots at them.

In no time, she took position and waited to have maximum men step out of the vehicles before she began to sh00t. The men who had their focus towards Dave’s direction were shocked as bullets began to rain from a different direction.

Evelyn had a better view and was at a closer range, which helped her sh00t with more precision. With 17 consecutive shots in less than one minute, she’d taken down fifteen men.

She paused for a moment to have a better view of the men who were trying to hide at the other side of the vehicle. After she was sure of their positions, she continued to fire, releasing the remaining 13 bullets in the magazine. This time, the bullets hit three of the men and only two at dangerous places. The other two men were left untouched.


“Our men are f***ed!” Kahn exclaimed and rubbed his fingers on his head vigorously.

He and Chanda were watching the scenes gotten from the surveillance cameras on a computer. A young man who was getting the feeds for them was seated behind the computer.

Hutton had stepped away from them three minutes earlier to answer a call returned to the living room. He joined the other two standing behind the computer guy to see the horrible scenes. He didn’t look moved like Kahn and Chanda. The angry look which was on his face before was maintained.

“We’re being defeated, Hutton,” Kahn remarked.

“We’ve got a new set of men going to take care of those shooters outside the hotel,” Hutton said in a firm voice.

“We don’t f***ng know if there’s a third or fourth, or even a fifth shooter hanging somewhere around. These guys could down almost all the men we send there. Besides, the police are going to get there soon,” Kahn complained.

“Yeah, I know the police is going there. That’s why I’ve also ordered for the hotel to be locked. We’ve got Florence Brown and a few others in there. They could deal with Carl Winston’s team on the inside.”

“Florence Brown is in there?” Kahn stared at him in surprise. “But why do you think Carl’s team isn’t aware of her presence and prepared for her.”

“Because I was the only one aware of Florence Brown’s mission there,” Hutton replied.

Kahn turned and squinted at his face. “You hid this from me intentionally?”

Hutton squinted back at him. “It was just a protection plan in case Carl found his way in there.”

“And you couldn’t tell me about it?” Kahn fumed. “You thought I was going to leak it to Carl Winston?”

“If I thought that about you, I wouldn’t even be giving you this information now,” Hutton smirked.

“It’s not time to disagree, you two,” Chanda stepped in between them. “Looks like our team is on fire now, we’ve got to be together.”

Hutton and Kahn turned away from each other and faced the computer. There was silence for more than one minute before Hutton spoke again.

“Since that book got stolen at that club, I always thought of the possibility of Carl discovering G63. I had to make an addition, but I kept it to myself,” Hutton explained.

“Florence Brown and the men are the addition?” Kahn asked, sounding calmer.

For some reason, Hutton ignored his question and continued explaining. “They’re there to finish off the job in case the six fails. Carl Winston and his men will be busy finding a way to deal with our army of men at the moment. They’re going to think the surviving men in the hotel are safe.”

Hutton paused for a moment and turned to look at the other two men’s faces. “Florence Brown’s team will capitalize on Carl’s unawareness of her presence. That keeps the surviving two men and Carl’s team in danger.”