RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 221



Samantha got back into the room where Maxwell lodged and proceeded straight to the wardrobe. She took out a pair of trousers and immediately entered her legs into it one after the other. She pulled off the skirt after dragging up the trousers.

Maxwell’s eyes were fixed on his computer and he paid no attention to Samantha who was dressing up behind him.

Samantha had just finished dressing up when Henry and Jennifer walked in.

“How are Evelyn and Dave doing?” Henry threw the items in his hand to the bed before turning to Maxwell.

“They’re holding up well for now,” Maxwell answered. “I don’t know if they can continue well if more men from the Red Wolves arrive.”

Henry moved closer to Maxwell to look into his computer. “Can I see the feeds from outside?”

After tapping the keyboard for a few seconds, the feeds from outside the hotel appeared on the screen.

Henry observed the scenes for almost a minute. “Signs of any more Red Wolves men on the way?”

Maxwell again leaned forward to carry out Henry’s request. He checked the live feeds from a few of the road cameras. “There’s none close for now?”

“That’s good for us. We gotta prepare to leave here right away,” Henry replied. “We’ll proceed with the escape plan 1.”

“What about the other men we haven’t found?” Maxwell turned back to look at Henry. “We know that one is dead but there are two others we haven’t heard from. We don’t even know which rooms they’re in.”

“Don’t we need to contact them to know their status?” Samantha suggested.

“There’s no need to check for them, they must be dead already,” Henry replied in a sad tone. “Only the remaining two kept our instructions and only them are alive.”

“What happens to those two?” Samantha asked. “Are we leaving them here?”

“Yes, the Red Wolves are gone and the FOX men are on their way here. Agents Mensah and Mark will get help from the FOX.”

“The FOX is coming?” Samantha who was arranging bullets into the magazines stopped to look at him.

“Yes, Mensah must have called for help already.”

Maxwell turned back to his laptop.

Henry quickly took off the security guard outfit he was putting on and changed into a casual shirt. He turned to Maxwell.

“Are the roads still clear now?”

“Uhm…” Maxwell quickly switched the cameras to check. “Yes, they’re still free.”

“Place a call to Paul Edwards right now, he should get ready for the signal,” Henry ordered.

Dave punched some buttons on the device beside his laptop.

“You need to get dressed faster,” Henry said to Jennifer who was still trying to change her clothes. He moved closer to Samantha and helped her make the guns and magazines ready.

In a minute time, Henry, Samantha and Jennifer had four pistols each. They had two pistols around their waist and two others inside the below-knee pockets of their trousers. Their big shirts covered the pistols in the holsters attached to their belts. They also had handbags with extra magazines to hang across their chests. Samantha kept an extra pistol behind, in between the trouser and her back.

“Are you ready to go?” Maxwell turned to ask them.

“We should be ready in thirty seconds,” Henry answered.

Maxwell turned back to his computer to check Dave and Evelyn’s positions again. He could see both, busy shooting at the enemies on the other sides.

“Dave, Evelyn,” he called and paused to get a response from them. He knew they’d switched off their mouthpiece connection to him. “Tap on your earpiece if you can hear me.”

He waited to see if they will respond to his instruction. Dave tapped first, about eight seconds after Maxwell gave the instruction, and Evelyn four seconds later.

“Great. We’re leaving here soon. The FOX is on its way here. You two should get ready. Sam, Henry, and Jennifer are on their way to join you. Get ready to move once they back you up.”

He watched them tap on their earpiece again to confirm they heard him. He leaned back in the chair and looked sideways to see Samantha opening the door to go out.

“We’re leaving already,” Henry informed him. He was following behind the ladies. “Once we’re gone, you should switch to the other room immediately.”

“Noted, boss,” Maxwell nodded and folded his arms across his chest.

His eyes turned back to the system immediately after Henry stepped out. He leaned forward again to switch the camera feeds. There was nothing yet for him to report. He switched back to the cameras outside the hotel to keep his eyes on Evelyn and Dave.


2 minutes after

Samantha, Henry, and Jennifer proceeded straight towards the exit on the ground floor but found it locked.

“Please, you can’t step out now,” one of the hotel’s security guards approached them.

“But we need to go,” Henry answered.

“The hotel has been sealed due to the shootings outside, we can’t let anyone leave,” the security man insisted.

“We’re security agents,” Henry took out a FOX ID card. “That’s why we have to leave.”

A confused look appeared on the man’s face. “But your colleagues sealed the place.”

“My colleagues?” Henry squinted at him.

“Yes, they were also FOX agents,” the man explained. “They sealed it five minutes ago and it’s been under their control. Only they can unlock the doors.”

Henry, Samantha, and Jennifer exchanged glances. Were there really FOX officials in the hotel apart from the executives? Even the executives did not come to the hotel as FOX men.

“Guys, looks like we’ve got some trouble,” Maxwell’s voice sounded in their earpieces.

Henry quickly stepped away to talk to him.

“What’s it, Max?”

“I just spotted three people, two men and a lady. I suspect they’re men of the Red Wolves. It looks like we’ve still got some of them in the hotel.”

“Shi*t!” Henry cursed and turned to the ladies. They’d also heard Maxwell’s report.

Henry looked confused for a moment. According to Andrew’s information, there was supposed to be none left of the Red Wolves in the hotel. Does that mean Andrew lied?

But then he also remembered that Andrew mentioned that Hutton Ryker never talked about all his plans to anyone, except if they were directly involved in it. Maybe this was one of Hutton Ryker’s plans that he told no one about.

Henry moved closer to the ladies. “Looks like we’ve got some work to do. You two should go get Agent Mark. I’ll go for Agent Mensah,” he ordered. “We need to hurry up, someone might be headed for their rooms already,” he added before turning towards the staircase.

“This way, Jenny,” Samantha corrected Jennifer who was about to follow Henry’s direction.


“Agent Mark seems like a stronger man and I love strong men,” Florence Brown said to her two partners with a mischievous smile on her face. “You two go for Mensah, I’ll go for Mark.”

“Understood boss,” the man remarked and turned to leave.


“Do you see anyone else apart from those three?” Henry said into the mouthpiece as he climbed up the stairs. He didn’t get a reply and stopped when he got to the halfway landing. “Hey, Max. Are you with me?”

There was still no reply.

Henry’s heart skipped a beat. He suddenly realized that he’d never considered the possibility of the Red Wolves discovering the room where they operated from. Instead, he thought the Red Wolves will be more concerned about killing Mensah and Mark. But it was Maxwell who was really defenceless and left without help.

His eyes widened in fear at the thought of what could have happened to Maxwell.

“Maxwell, are you there?” He shouted into his mouthpiece once more but there was no reply. He rushed up the stairs as fast as possible.

Maxwell’s death would not only be a big loss to the team. It could also lead to the death of some of the others. Maxwell was like the eyes of the team. His death will be like a loss of vision for the team.

“Boss!” Maxwell’s voice finally came alive as Henry rushed up the floor to the third floor.

“Why the f*** haven’t you been answering? You got me scared!” Henry slammed.

“Sorry, boss. I was on with Dave and Evelyn,” Maxwell apologized. “The FOX and police are on their way here. They need to leave.”

“Have you instructed them to leave?” Henry asked.

“Yes, I’ve also instructed Paul Edwards to hold on.”

“Good, we’d have to active escape plan 2 for the rest of us,” Henry remarked. “You’ve got to be careful there,  Max. I suggest you get up to lock the door from behind.”

“Why? Any one of you could want to come in anytime,” Maxwell argued. “I could lose concentration getting up all the time to open the door.”

“And you could lose your life if the Red Wolves figure out that you’re in that room and come for you,” Henry warned.

“Oh!” Maxwell exclaimed. He seemed to have never thought about the possibility.

“Lock the door right now and keep a loaded gun by your side,” Henry instructed. “Have you spotted more than just those three?”

“No, can’t find them anymore. I just switched back to the hotel cameras,” Maxwell replied. “Oh, hold on…” he exclaimed two seconds before Henry could reply again. “Looks like they’ve gone separate ways.”

“Separate ways?”

“Yes, the lady is on a different route now, while the two men are taking another. I guess they have different goals.”

“Go lock the door and get your gun ready now, Max,” Henry advised before he continued up the stairs.


Mark was sitting quietly in the room. Samantha had instructed him to remain in the room and he was following the instructions. The door was locked and the pistol was still in his hands. But he still was restless.

There had been sounds of heated gunshots exchanged outside the hotel. As a FOX agent, his natural instinct was to check what was happening. However, this time, he knew that he was a target for assassination. Stepping out could mean submitting himself to his murderers.

A knock sounded at the door, jolting him out of his thoughts. He held up his gun and approached the door slowly.

“Is that you, Samantha?” he asked as he got closer.

“Yes, it’s me, Samantha. I’m back,” a female voice replied.

Mark was startled. The voice was a lady’s voice but it sounded different and more mature, unlike the real Samantha.

He decided to play along. “Did you get to see him?”

“Who?” the voice replied.

“Didn’t you leave here to see someone?” Mark questioned.


Florence Brown paused to think before answering his question. She could tell he was suspecting that it was someone else behind the door. The perfect response came to her mind.


Mark was leaning against the wall with his gun raised, waiting for the reply. He was almost sure it wouldn’t come when he heard her voice.

“Yea, I went to see the boss. I also got to see Chairman Mensah. The two of you are the only surviving men. You’re lucky not to have taken any of the girls. You could have been dead by now too.”

He let out a sigh of relief and lowered his gun. He turned the key.


Mensah held Henry’s phone in his hand tightly, staring at the screen and waiting for the feedback. The sounds of the gunshots from outside the hotel were proof that the Red Wolves meant serious business.

The phone finally began to vibrate. The call was from the FOX helpline which he’d previously used to reach the organization.

“Our men are close to the hotel sir,” an officer reported.

“Good to hear that,” he remarked and ended the call.

Ten seconds after, a knock sounded at the door.

He got up immediately and stared for long at the door, wondering who it was behind the door.


“Locked the door and got my gun,” Maxwell’s voice sounded in his ear again just after thirty seconds

“Good,” Henry replied but did not stop. He was headed for the eleventh floor and was still on the fifth. The lifts were not available as they were always off at midnights.

“Looks like I lost signal from the hotel cameras,” Maxwell complained.

“Get back the signal, Max,” Henry replied without stopping.

He got to the seventh floor and stopped to talk to Maxwell. “Do you have eyes on them now?”

“No, looks like it’s not a problem with the signals.”

“What then is the problem?”

“They turned off the cameras and shut down the whole transmission system,” Maxwell replied. “Since the system is off, there’s nothing to hack into.”

Henry thought for a second and then heaved a sigh. “Keep your focus on Evelyn and Dave for the moment, and remain alert,” he said before moving on.


Agent Mark turned the key until it clicked the second time.

“What’s happening outsi…” he turned the knob and opened the door.

He couldn’t finish his statement as Florence hit him on the forehead with the butt of her gun immediately. He staggered back and fell to the ground.

“Not so wise like I thought man,” Florence smirked as she walked into the room. She closed the door behind her.

Mark grabbed his head with his right hand. For the first few seconds, his vision was blurry. He could see a lady was standing in front of him but couldn’t see her face properly.

His gun had dropped beside him when he fell. He tried to pick it up but was unable as the hit on his head was still in effect. He couldn’t get a grip of himself. Florence Brown reached it before him and kicked it further away before picking it up.

She positioned the second gun in her left hand and pointed the two guns at him.

Mark managed to drag himself towards the bed. He sat up with his back rested on the side of the bed.

His vision was still blurry but clear enough to see the lady’s face now. He cursed himself for allowing her to fool him. His head was banging so hard with a headache.

“Who the heck are you and who sent you?” He spat angrily.

“You wanna know who wants you dead?” She smirked. “I’m gonna tell you before I ki*ll you. But you gotta answer some questions first.”

Mark dragged in a breath and shut his eyes deeply for a few seconds, trying to absorb the pain in his head.

“Where has Carl Winston gone to? Is he still in this building?”

Mark opened his eyes. “What the heck are you talking about?”

“Carl Winston, where is he?”

“Carl Winston?” Mark laughed scornfully. “You drunk or what? Which Carl Winston are you talking about?”

From his response, Florence was sure he knew nothing about Carl Winston. Maybe Carl wasn’t in the hotel building, she thought.

“Where did Samantha go to after leaving you?” Florence changed her question.

“How the heck do you want me to know that?” He frowned at her.

She cocked both guns. “I’m not joking man.”

Mark again laughed scornfully. “Damn! You’re joking, b*tch! You just assured me you were going to ki*ll me a few seconds ago and you’re still trying to threaten me to talk? Come on, don’t be a fool. Even if I knew where she went, I wouldn’t tell you. So, just do me the honour of letting me know who sent you before you ki*ll me.”

Florence Brown still had the guns pointed at him, undecided about what to do. She still felt she could get some more information from him before his death.

Her eyebrows gathered together suddenly as she heard some sounds. Before she could realize the sounds were footsteps, the door flung open.

Samantha and Jennifer were at the entrance, both pointing their guns in. Florence Brown also moved her focus from Mark and pointed it at the two intruders.

The two of them stepped in slowly, with their guns pointed at Florence Brown.

“You’re outnumbered woman,” Samantha stated. “You should drop those weapons now.”

Florence Brown chuckled.

Mark on seeing that he’s now gotten help, tried to get up and move to where Samantha and Jennifer was. However, Florence could read his movements even before he started. She grabbed him and held him right in front of her. She had a hand around his neck and a pistol kissing the side of his head.

“You lost already, ma’am. You should let him go. Perhaps, you’ll get mercy from us and your life will be spared,” Jennifer threatened.

A bold sinister smile appeared on Florence’s face. “You two are holding Berreta pistols. My pistol is way faster than yours. The bullet will be in his head even before you can pull your trigger.”

“But you’ll still get a bullet in your head,” Jennifer smirked.

“Who cares? As long as I fulfil my goal of killing him,” Florence chuckled. “Then you will have failed in your task of keeping him alive.”

“And what do you suggest we do now? Let you go with him?” Samantha questioned.

“Naah, not at all. I’m gonna ki*ll him and the two of you here,” Florence replied boldly.

“You don’t believe that, do you?”

In a twinkle of an eye, Florence struck Mark’s head with the butt of her gun. She had her two guns pointed at the girls again.

It happened so fast that it drove some fear into Jennifer and Samantha. They realized they were dealing with someone very dangerous.

“The two of you are slow kids,” Florence scorned. “I expected Carl to have a better group of people on his team.”

“These two kids gonna ki*ll you in a minute,” Jennifer threatened, meaning her words this time.

“I just struck out your man a few seconds ago and you were too slow to take your shots, what makes you think you’re gonna pull your trigger before my bullets gets into your brains?”

Samantha and Jennifer exchanged glances. They could tell that she wasn’t just bluffing. Her threats look very possible, especially after she struck out Mark within a split second.

“Why don’t you just shut up and drop your weapons, you’ll save all of us a lot of time,” Jennifer mustered the courage.

“You have three extra guns with you,” Florence smirked, searching their bodies with her eyes.

There was silence for a moment.

“I feel like playing with you two girls. Why don’t you let’s keep aside our weapons and go with our fists,” Florence offered.

Samantha and Jennifer glanced at each other again.

“You’ll have to take out all the three extra guns too,” Florence quickly added.

“We’re not fools, we’re not gonna fall for your tricks,” Samantha smirked.

“Not playing any trick here, girl,” Florence Brown smiled devilishly and began to squat slowly. She dropped one of the guns on the floor and rose with one left in her hand. “With this one, I can still take one of you with me, even if the other kills me.”

Her gun was now facing Samantha only. She could read from their stance and grip on the gun that Samantha was the fastest shooter.

“My first gun is down, so you two can go ahead with dropping your extra guns first.”

Samantha began to consider the offer. There seemed to be a better chance of both of them leaving alive if they choose to fight with fists. Besides, it would be two against one.


The knock at the door sounded again and Mensah remained quiet even though he was now standing close to the door. He wondered who it could be.

He didn’t want to speak, so as not to reveal to whoever was there that he was close to the door. He also didn’t want to sh00t through the door, considering if it was Carl or any of his men. He decided to turn the key just once.

He turned the key and left it after it clicked. The person behind the door grabbed the knob immediately and tried to push the door open. However, it had to click once more before the door was unlocked.

Mensah could tell from the response that it wasn’t Carl or his men.


The two men behind the door could also tell that Mensah was sceptical about opening the door. They also knew that their forceful trial of opening it had given them away.

Both of them stepped back and one targeted the door lock. He fired twice at it and the second one kicked the door open.

They both pointed their guns in but couldn’t see anyone at the entrance. Mensah was hiding behind the wall by the side of the door, and they knew he was there.


“Good girls,” Florence Brown stepped forward after placing her second pistol on the floor and watched them place their last pistols too.

Samantha and Jennifer stepped forward too, holding their fists up in readiness. Jennifer was on her right and Samantha on the left. The room wasn’t so big but they had enough space for a fight.

Florence Brown smiled. “I’m gonna enjoy this playtime.”

Jennifer was the first to swing a blow but Florence dodged it effortlessly. Samantha also tried to punch her but she blocked it and struck her neck with the side of the palm. Jennifer threw another punch which but Florence grabbed her fist and twisted the arm, making her let out a groan. A kick followed to Jennifer’s belly and she staggered and fell.

Samantha advanced with a knee kick which caught Florence in the lap, sending her staggering back. She tried to follow up with another kick but Florence grabbed her by the ankle and kicked her in the groin. Samantha staggered back and almost crashed into the TV behind.

Jennifer tried to punch Florence from behind but missed again. Florence replied with two punches into her belly and concluded with an uppercut, sending her crashing to the ground. She then turned to face Samantha immediately.

Samantha landed a successful punch on Florence’s face which didn’t seem to have much effect. Florence dodged the second punch and grabbed her by the neck. She kept her fists tight for a moment before pushing her to crash into the TV hung on the wall behind.

Jennifer who watched as Florence held Samantha’s neck realized that they had no chance against the woman. She decided to pick a gun and end the fight immediately.

She rushed to the spot where they had kept their pistols and picked one of them. Before turning to point the gun, Florence had also brought out a gun hidden behind her.

Jennifer had yet to pull the trigger when the bullet from Florence hit her.