RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 215



The warders led the fighters away from the dining centre. “You two are going to clean the kitchen first before serving your punishment,” one of them said after leaving the dining centre with the inmates in front.

One of the wardens handed a knife to the bully and whispered into her ear. “Get it done perfectly.”

“Get in there and start cleaning,” one of the warders yelled from behind as Evelyn approached the open door of the kitchen.

Evelyn began to feel somewhat uncomfortable as she walked in through the entrance. Firstly, the kitchen looked neat and didn’t need any extra cleaning. Secondly, it didn’t make sense to her that warders would lead two inmates who were just caught fighting far away from the public into the kitchen under very little supervision.

After almost getting to the wall, she got back to see only the bully in the place with her, locking the door from behind. And that was when she knew something was wrong.

“What the heck is happening here?” Evelyn voiced out in anger.

Lucy turned to her after closing the door. She had a mischievous smile on her face and her hand in the pocket of her jacket.

Evelyn was quick to notice the hand in the pocket and knew she must have a weapon in it. She quickly began to move towards the area where she had spotted some cutlery earlier.

Lucy also noticed her movement and knew what she was doing. She then brought out the knife since she noticed Evelyn was already aware of what was happening.

There were only big spoons and pots where the cutleries were. Evelyn realized that they must have purposely hidden the sharp items. There were pots of different sizes there and Evelyn took note of them. She however decided to go for a long spoon first.

The kitchen space was a long rectangular area. With a long slab by the left side and cooking stoves and cutleries at the wall opposite the stove. There was also a long cupboard at the top of the slab. All the compartments of the cupboard were closed. Evelyn knew there must be other weapons she could use in the cupboard but she had no time to look into it.

Lucy was closing in. She had a knife in her hand and a mischievous smile lurking around her lips. She was quite sure that Evelyn stood no chance against her.

“Wanna make your death painful right?” Lucy made a devilish grin. “If you drop that and plead for mercy, I might just make it peaceful.”

Evelyn did not bother to give a reply. She was still trying to back away even though Lucy was so close already. However, there was not much space left to move.

“You’re going to increase your sentence if you succeed in killing me,” Evelyn finally spoke. “Why not drop that knife and let’s talk. I can pay you more than what they’re paying you to do so.”

Lucy chuckled. “I’m already on a life sentence, I’m not hoping to get out soon. And I don’t need your payment. The money I got for your death has gone into my little daughter’s bank account already.”

“I haven’t faced trial yet and won’t be sentenced ma’am,” Evelyn replied. “I’m getting out of here in a few days. If you stop this madness and listen to me, I can ensure that your little daughter gets taken care of for the rest of her life.”

Lucy chuckled. “You’ve got some nice lines, b*tch but you’ve got to try harder b***ch. Your sweet talk isn’t enough to win me over.”

Evelyn swung the long spoon to stop her from getting closer and it worked but just for a second. Lucy tried to move forward again but Evelyn waved it again to keep her back. However, Evelyn knew that could only work for a short time.

Before Lucy could make another move, Evelyn reach for a pot behind her and flung it to her face. Even though Lucy was able to step back to avoid fatal contact with the pot, it provide enough distraction which Evelyn needed. Before she could gain her stamina, Evelyn followed with a kick in the belly, sending her staggering further behind. She was able to keep herself up by supporting her body on the slab.

Evelyn did not slow down but followed up with another swing of the long spoon in her hand. This time, she was unable to dodge as it hit her on the face. She let out a yell but Evelyn followed up quickly, striking it against her forehead again.

Ignoring all pain she felt, Lucy mustered all the strength in her and surged forward despite the spoon hitting on the face the third time.

It was too late before Evelyn realized that her weapon wasn’t delivering enough pain to keep the big woman back. She staggered back as Lucy held up the knife and tried to stab her. In an attempt to keep her away, she swung the long spoon again. But Lucy was ready and more determined this time. She grabbed the spoon and yanked it off Evelyn’s hand.

Evelyn realized she was defenceless and began to track back immediately but Lucy followed instantly, giving her no breathing space. Evelyn picked the pot on the floor and took some more steps forward before she stopped and turned, trying to smash it on Lucy’s face. But the other woman saw it coming and paused to balance herself.

Lucy surged forward immediately after the pause. Evelyn tried to use the pot on her again but she was balanced now and could stop it from hitting her face. She instead grabbed it and flung it away, just like she did with the previous weapon.

Evelyn again knew she was in trouble and quickly stepped back to take another pot. She flung the first one to Lucy who blocked her face with both hands and continued again. Evelyn realized that there was no stopping Lucy again and began to fling the other pots to her. But the strong woman surged forward with the thrown items having little impact on her.

Now Evelyn was having her back touching the slab already with nowhere else to move. She picked up the last pot but held on to it instead of flinging it to her. She realized that throwing the pots was having no effect on the woman but smashing it directly to her face would.

Lucy seemed to realize what she was up to and did not close in the space immediately. Then, she realized that the warders made a mistake in choosing the kitchen for them. If they had chosen somewhere else like the bathroom, Evelyn would have had very few items to use in defence and that would have saved time.

“Stop making this hard for the both of us, little assh^^^e!” Lucy cursed.

“You expect me to let you slit my throat easily?” Evelyn sneered.

“I’m gonna do it anyway, you just making it hard.”

“No, that knife is gonna get into your throat and not mine,” Evelyn replied calmly.

“You’re so bold, bi**h but you’re running out of luck already.”

Evelyn smiled back in the same manner. “If you’re really bold as I am, why not drop that knife and let’s settle the scores with our fists.”

Lucy smiled scornfully. She sized Evelyn with her eyes and wondered what manner of boldness made her suggest a fistfight between the both of them. She was quite sure that there was no hidden weapon with Evelyn. So, she couldn’t tell where the boldness was coming from.

After a brief moment of consideration, she agreed. “Okay,” she raised the hand with the knife up slowly. “I’m gonna drop this and see what you’ve got.”

Evelyn heaved a sigh of relief. At least, she stood a better chance of winning without a weapon in Lucy’s hand.

Lucy tossed the knife away and stepped back. She drew her hands into a fist and positioned herself for the fight.


07:10 PM

Steve walked up the balcony of his apartment with his bag in one hand and a nylon bag in the other It was his first time getting to his apartment alone since Dave’s visit to Maria’s place. She had been sleeping over at his place and they always arrived together. She had made an excuse that night that she had some work to do and would meet him at home.

His phone began to ring as he took out his key from his inner suit pocket. He inserted the key into the keyhole and then paused to answer the call. It was from Maria.

“Hey babe,” her voice sounded cool. “Are you home already?”

“Yeah, I’m just about to get in,” he replied.

“Ermm…I’m leaving the office already. Do I get something for both of us to eat?”

“Leaving already? I thought you had some work to do.”

“The task has been transferred to another agent, so I’m free.”

“Okay, great then. But you don’t have to bother about getting food, I got some for both of us already.”

“Okay, I’ll be there in a few minutes hun.”

The call ended and Steve returned the phone back into his pocket. He heaved a sigh as he wondered how much longer he would have to put up with Maria. He hoped that the case would come to an end soon, so he could remind her that they were just f**k buddies and not in a relationship.

He turned the key round twice before pushing it gently in. Then he removed the key and closed the door after stepping in. He pushed the button on the switch to turn on the light but it didn’t work. He switched it off and tried to switch it on again but it still didn’t turn on. Then he tried the two other switches but none worked. He heaved a sigh and took out his phone, concluding in his mind that the bulbs were burnt again.

“You’re gonna get her killed in there, is that what you want?” a voice startled Steve. He quickly turned on his phone’s flashlight while reaching for his pistol.

“Who the hell is that?”

His torchlight fell on someone sitting comfortably on his sofa. The three bulbs that were supposed to be in their lamp holders above were on the stool in front of the man. He pointed his gun at the man and moved closer, slowly.

“Keep your gun away, we won’t need it. I would have killed you if I wanted to,” the voice said again.

“You?” Steve widened his eyes in horror as he finally recognized Dave. He was more convinced that he had to keep pointing his gun at him.

“Put that down and let’s talk like men,” Dave added confidently, unmoved by the gun pointed at him.

“I’ve got nothing to say to you here, man. If I would discuss with you, it must be in an interrogation room.”

“Since you don’t want to sit, I’ll just continue anyway,” Dave stated unbothered. “Evelyn is in danger where she is. The Red Wolves are going to attempt to ki*ll her soon. She’s telling the truth and only trying to help FOX. You need to get her released immediately.”

“I thought she said they were going to ki*ll Daysman tonight, we laid a trap for that already. If that happens, she would be released tomorrow.”

“Come on, Steve, think. Evelyn is of more danger to the Wolves than Daysman. Only she knows the right questions to ask Daysman. If she’s behind bars, they don’t have any reason to ki*ll Daysman anymore. She becomes their priority target.”

“Why do you think I’m gonna believe your made-up story to get your girlfriend released?”

Dave chuckled. “You’re really proving to be dumb, Steve. You believed all that Daysman said to you but you’re here finding it difficult to believe the truth.”

Steve felt insulted but was more interested in knowing the reason for Dave’s visit.

“If you really wanted Evelyn out of trouble, you would have submitted yourself to the FOX instead of providing her information illegally. But now I’m gonna get you arrested here and that would complicate things for her.”

Dave ignored his remarks. “The executives, did they tell you about their secret party tomorrow?”

“What secret party?”

“The Wolves plan to take out the executives one after the other. They’ve succeeded in taking out Paul Edwards already. Five others are in danger at the moment. They need to listen to Evelyn if they all don’t want to end up dead.”

“What the f*** are you talking about? Paul Edwards was a damn member of the Red Wolves.”

Dave got up calmly from his seat.

“If you take a step further, I’ll sh00t you.”

“Steve, Evelyn’s life is in your hands now. If anything happens to her. I swear I will come for you,” Dave voiced and took a step forward.

“One other step and I’ll blow your brains off,” Steve threatened.

“I would have loved to say the same to you, Steve. But it’s a pity that you’ve got no brains.”

Steve clenched his teeth, angry about the insult.

“You let your quest to bring Evelyn down make you so dumb,” Dave continued. “Why not take a pause and think properly. If Paul Edwards was really a member of the Red Wolves, why would Hutton instruct Daysman to give you information that would get him caught?”

Steve had no answer for him. He had already considered the question and there was no reasonable explanation. But just like the other FOX members, he refused to just accept that Daysman’s involvement proved Paul Edwards’ innocence.

Paul was caught having a secret meeting with other terrorists and a bomb was found in their possession. That was so much proof to ignore.

Dave took another step forward and Steve threatened him with the gun again.

“You’re so naïve, Steve. How do you think Evelyn got those profiles today?”

Steve thought for a while. “I don’t f***ing know,” he shrugged. “Evelyn has probably got a mole in the FOX who took the information from Maria.”

Dave chuckled and then took out a phone from his pocket. He stretched it to Steve.

Steve stared at his hand suspiciously for a moment. He was holding his phone in one hand and the gun in the other. There was no way he would reach for the phone without giving Dave an advantage to attack him.  Dave could see his dilemma and then tossed it to the sofa.

“The phone belongs to a FOX agent who is the mole for the Red Wolves. We’ve stored some other information that you should know there. When Maria comes, you tell her to check it for you.”

To be continued

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