RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 214



El Deols, Anthanna

“What the heck are you saying?” Emery Jack slammed his fist into the second bodyguard’s face again.

He began to pace about the floor again, boiling in rage. The two bodyguards whom Sheila escaped from were kneeling before him. There were other security men and some police officers in the room with them.

“You need to calm down sir,” the police inspector said to Emery. “We are doing our best and we’ll try as much as possible to get her back.”

“Don’t tell me that, dude. She could be in danger right now,” Emery scoffed.

“That’s unlikely sir,” the inspector differed. “Since she left on her own volition, she must be safe. But we’ll do our best to find her.”

“Who says she left on her own volition? She could have been kidnapped by that veiled lady and her gang. Who knows?”

“Sir, we’ve questioned the lady and confirmed that she was paid by someone to carry that out. The veiled lady did not kidnap her. But we’re trying our best to find who helped your daughter organize the act,” the Inspector replied.

Emery paused on a spot for a while and brushed his hair with his fingers. He wondered where he had gone wrong. All he ever tried to do was to protect his only daughter but she never stopped trying to flee from his protection.

Was he too rigid on her? He asked himself and then shook his head. No, that wasn’t the case. The situation demanded his rigidity. He needed to make sure the Red Wolves never come close to her again and that was what he tried to do.

At that moment, Adrian walked into the hall hurriedly, worry written all over his face.

“Have you heard from Sheila?” Emery asked immediately as the young man approached.

“No, the last time I heard from her was yesterday,” he replied. “What in God’s earth happened to her?”

Nobody seemed to have an answer to his question.

The inspector drew closer to Adrian. “Mr Adrian, did Miss Sheila ever tell you of her plan to leave?”

“No,” Adrian gasped. “But I knew she was desperate to. She kept complaining and I always told her to be patient. I once had to help her talk to Mr Emery.”

“Do you know any friends she could have planned this with? Or anyone she has been talking to recently,” the inspector probed further.

“I know a few of her friends, but I haven’t seen them in close communication recently,” Adrian replied. “But Sheila does a lot of things on her own. She could have contacted anyone without giving me an idea.”

“Did she tell you her plans?” The inspector asked as he adjusted his eyeglasses. “I mean, did she tell you what she wanted to do, or why she wanted to escape?”

“Well, she always wanted to set up something stronger like her previous workplace,” Adrian replied. “She kept complaining about the networks and how it was limiting her.”

The inspector glanced at his colleague and then at Emery Jack.

“You need to tell us more about her job, sir. We need to do what she does and where she could have gone to set up this network of a thing.”

Emery drew in a deep breath before he began to talk. “My daughter works in the IT field. She’s crazy about hacking and cracking.”


* 20 Minutes later *

*In a hotel room*

Sheila was sitting in the bed with her laptop in front of her. Her phone sounded as a message came in. She picked it up and checked the notification. It was a message from Adrian on WhatsApp.

“I’m just leaving your Dad,” the message read.

Sheila groaned and shook her head. “I thought I told you not to send me messages on Whatsapp. Use the secure messenger I installed on your phone.”

“That sh**t is difficult to use. I don’t even understand its functions properly. I’ll clear my WhatsApp messages right now,” his reply came in a few seconds later.

“It’s not about clearing your Whatsapp message. Someone could be monitoring you and getting the messages as you send them. And you don’t have to learn all the functions of the secure messenger. All you need to do is message me with it. With that, no one is going to be able to track your messages.”

“Okay, Sheila. I’ll try to use it. When are you leaving the hotel?”

“Very soon, I’ll let you know when I do,” She replied.

“Be safe please, don’t let me regret helping you do this.”

“I will, I promise.”

“I love you babe”

Sheila stared at the last message for a while, feeling hesitant to reply as always.

“I love you too,” she finally typed and closed the chat.


03: 45 PM

“Has anyone heard from Evelyn yet?” Henry asked, walking into the living room where the rest of the team were.

They glanced at each other in silence, with no one having a response for Henry.

He took a glance at the wall clock and sighed. “It’s been past two hours since we last got in touch with her,” he murmured as he walked to a seat.

“There’s a possibility that something went wrong and she has been put behind bars,” Paul suggested. “We need to start thinking of another way to get the task done.”

“What other way?” Maxwell asked rhetorically. “As the boss said, I can’t see any other way around this.”

“I think what we should be bothered with at the moment isn’t the task,” Henry gasped. “If Evelyn is in jail, her life is in danger. Hutton is going to make a move on her if he gets word that she’s inside.”

“How?” Dave looked alarmed. “Aren’t the FOX detention centres secure? Besides, we only know that Hutton has a man in the facility for males. There’s no possibility that his male assassin would gain access to the female facility, is there?”

Paul heaved a sigh. “The centres are porous. A man like Hutton could have access to assign the task to a female assassin. So, I think we should really be bothered about that.”

“Our first move should be to confirm what’s going on with her,” Maxwell suggested and then turned to Dave. “We have a way, right?”


__ Unspecified location __

“Hey, Hutton!” Kahn walked into the living room where his friend was sitting.

Hutton turned to glance at him.

“I think our scapegoat has finally gotten into trouble,” Kahn added and then sat in the opposite sofa to Hutton. He took out a stick of cigarette and took his time to lit it while Hutton stared at his face inquisitively. “Evelyn is behind bars now.”

“Oh! Wow,” Hutton raised his brows and gasped. “That’s some good news.”

“Do you think we need to make a hit on her right now?”

“Yes, we will,” Hutton replied, taking out his phone immediately.

“Hold on,” Kahn raised a hand to stop him. “We should find out what she told them first, don’t you think so? You already ordered for the death of Daysman. If the two of them die on the same day, it would look suspicious and might make the FOX start to believe whatever Evelyn told them. And you know, we’ve got to do everything to make sure tomorrow is a success.”

“You’re right,” Hutton said and locked the phone in his hand. He leaned back and began to drum with his fingers on his knees as he thought. After a few seconds, he sat up again. “We’re gonna have to pause the death of Daysman at the moment. His death is not as important to us as Evelyn’s death. Her death will cause a blow to Carl Winston’s team. And we need to give them as many distractions as possible at this moment.”

“That sounds good,” Kahn remarked. “We ki*ll her immediately and postpone Daysman’s death.”

Hutton unlocked his phone and scrolled through his contact list for a while until he found a number. He dialled and stared at the phone screen as he waited for it to ring. It began to ring and was answered a few seconds later.

“Hey, I need to make a hit on someone in the FOX detention centre,” he said into the phone and paused for a while to listen to the reply. “Make sure you select your best female killer. If possible, she should make it look like an accident. Just like two inmates fighting and one dies accidentally.”


The FOX Detention Center,

EPA Hill.

“I need to speak to my lawyer!” Evelyn shouted for the umpteenth time, hitting her fists on the burglary proof door.

“Will you shut the f*** up b***h!” A pissed female inmate shouted from a nearby cell.

Evelyn ignored her shout and continued to call for the attention of the warder.

“I’m gonna ki*ll you when I lay my hands on you, b***h!” the pissed female inmate shouted again.

Evelyn continued, nevertheless. It took about fifteen minutes later before a female warder showed up.

“Hey! What the heck is wrong here, ma’am?” the big woman shot a glare at Evelyn from outside the cell.

“You can’t just lock me up here and deny me communication with my lawyer or family,” Evelyn voiced.

“Shut up, ma’am. We’re not permitted to allow you to reach anyone. Our only instructions are to keep you in here as a rogue officer,” the lady explained. “And I advise that you stop making noise. I’ve not taken action against you because I respect you as an officer. If you continue shouting. I’m gonna get you punished severely,” the woman threatened before walking away.

Evelyn heaved a sigh of frustration and dropped on her butt to the floor weakly, her back leaning against the wall beside the door.

She ran her fingers through her hair and looked around her cell. Never had she imagined she would be locked up in such a place.

She couldn’t tell what was going on outside among the FOX and even with the team outside. Henry had told her that her success in convincing the executives was their only hope of saving the FOX. But now that she was behind bars, maybe the FOX was indeed destined to go down.

Evelyn eventually fell asleep while sitting on the floor. Her head was leaning close to the door when a clashing of metal woke her up.

She looked up to see Steve standing outside her cell. As expected, he was having a mocking smile on his face. She got up and stood in front of him, staring straight into his eyes.

“I always knew it would come to this, Evelyn. We could have stopped it but you were just so stupid not to listen,” he scoffed.

She stared sternly at his face without giving a reply.

“Why not just reveal whom you’re working for? It doesn’t matter if it’s the Red Wolves or a third-party organization. Just tell her the truth and help us stop evil instead of being a part of it. If you remain adamant, you might spend the rest of your life in jail for aiding and abetting terrorists.”

“There are more chances of you spending the rest of your life in jail than me spending a month here, Steve,” she replied and Steve was taken aback. “Don’t forget you’re still a murderer. I only have to tell the FOX what you did and you’ll be behind bars in no time.”

He remained silent for a while as if he was thinking of what to tell her.

“You won’t have to tell the FOX nothing,” Steve said with a sheepish smile. “I told them myself already. You will no longer have to blackmail me with it.”

Evelyn widened her eyes at his face in surprise, unsure if he was telling the truth.

“I told them the truth. I was stalking you and got into your house. There I got attacked by those two men from the Nanl gang. I had to defend myself,” Steve explained. “The FOX has opened up an investigation on it already, Evelyn. They’re going to find out that I did it in self-defence. Maybe I may get punished for being unprofessional in my conduct but I’m never going to be punished as a murderer.”

Evelyn’s shoulders dropped and a sigh escaped her lips as she realized she no longer had a hold on Steve. She kept her gaze on the ground for a while.

“You risk being in prison for life, Evelyn. You need to speak up and let’s stop this sh*t once and for all.”

Evelyn finally raised her head. “You need to let me see my lawyer or talk to a family member, at least.”

“You wanna talk to Dave, right?” Steve had a mocking smile on his face.

“I need to talk to my family,” Evelyn replied in a desperate tone.

“You’re not going to get that, Evelyn.”

“This is illegal, you guys can’t hold me here without granting me access to a defence.”

“The rules are different for you, Evelyn. You’re not just a FOX agent, Evelyn but one involved in a high profile terrorism case. You’re being suspected of compromise here and you expect us to let you communicate to someone outside?”

Evelyn heaved a sigh of frustration. She knew it was going to be fruitless insisting that she wanted to see a lawyer. She began to think of how to get Steve to believe her.

“Steve, the FOX is being threatened at the moment. The executives could be murdered tomorrow, you need to tell them to listen to me.”

“Your claims have no basis, Evelyn. For all I care, you might be working with Paul Edwards to get the FOX into trouble.”

“That’s not what it is, Steve. You know I always get the right information from my source.”

“And who’s this damn source? Why do you have to be the only one who listens to the source?”

Evelyn sighed. She wished she could tell him about Carl Winston at that moment, but he had instructed her never to mention him.

“If you want to stand a chance of getting out of here soon, you need to talk. I can talk to the executives and we’ll give you a deal that will set you free once you bring in your source,”

“You don’t understand me, Steve. I’m not the one in trouble here, it’s the FOX executives. If we don’t do something quick, they all…”

“Stop this, Evelyn. Stop it!” Steve slammed. “How the hell do you expect us to believe you when you’re the only one that communicates to your source? Maybe you’re trying to protect him because he’s your boyfriend, but believe me; you’re getting yourself into a big mess.”

Evelyn sighed. “Steve, if I could bring in my source, I would have done that but…”

“See you later, Evelyn,” Steve turned to leave without listening to what more she had to say.

“Steve… Steve,” she called but he just continued walking down the aisle. “Steve, you gotta help me out of this,” she yelled.

“You gotta help yourself, Evelyn,” he yelled back at her without turning back.

— — —-

“I’ve got some update, Hutton,” Kahn walked up the dining table to join Hutton who was sitting there with his laptop.

Hutton looked up. “Tell me what it is.”

“Michael got some warnings from Maria. She was present when the executives reported how Evelyn proved to them that Daysman had a mobile phone. They also mentioned that she told them Michael was the Red Wolves mole.”

Hutton considered it silently for a few seconds before speaking. “Michael and Maria must henceforth apply more cautions to their dealings. If they ever find any closeness between the both of them, she’ll never be able to get information from them anymore.”

“I warned them about that too,” Kahn remarked.

Hutton moved his gaze from Kahn’s face and stared blankly at the wall. “I think we already made a great decision not to stop Daysman death today. We will ki*ll him after the death of the executives tomorrow.”

“When are they making a move on Evelyn?” Kahn asked.

“I haven’t gotten feedback yet,” Hutton replied. “But I believe it will be done by morning.”

“I think we should do it as soon as possible,” Kahn suggested. “We don’t know what the b**ch knows. I have a feeling that she could tell them something that may disturb our plans.”

Hutton paused and turned to Kahn. He folded his arms across his chest. “What could she possibly tell them? Neither she nor Carl knows that we plan to take them all out. So, they won’t even imagine what we’ve got in store tomorrow.”

“We can’t work on that assumption, Hutton,” Kahn warned. “I think you’re getting too confident and forgetting your principles. You always want us to assume that the opponent is one step ahead and prepare for them. And I think we should do that in this case. Let’s assume that she knows something that could implicate us.”

“You’re right,” Hutton remarked, nodding slowly. He then dipped his hand into his pocket and took out his mobile phone.  He dialled a number quickly and placed the phone close to his ear. “I’ve been expecting your reply,” he said as soon as the call was answered.

“I’m trying to get an inmate to do the job,” the voice from the other end replied.

“You have to be fast about it,” Hutton urged. “We want her dead tonight.”

“I’ll make sure it’s done,” the voice replied.

“Remember, if possible, make it look like an accident. But whether or not it looks like an accident, make sure she dies tonight.”

“You have my word, it’ll be done.”

Hutton ended the call and dropped the phone on the table. He then stared at Kahn’s face. “She’ll be dead before the day ends.”


“Damn, we can’t just sit and watch anything happen to Evelyn,” Dave complained for the umpteenth time. “I wonder why she hasn’t made a call to anyone yet.”

“With the weight of what they’ll be accusing her of, she might not be allowed to reach anyone on the outside until they’re sure it’s safe for her to do so,” Paul said again. It wasn’t the first time he was explaining that.

“We have to calm down and think, Dave. We must calm down,” Henry put in. “There must be a way to get her out there legally and that’s what we’re going to do.”

“Why not just show up to the executives?” Dave suggested to Henry.

“I would have if that was the right thing,” Henry replied. “But even if I do. It’s going to take a long process trying to explain my whole involvement in this. Hutton Ryker is going to find out that they’re talking to me and would make a change of plans. My appearance is not going to guarantee that she’ll be free. The only guaranteed thing is that we will start the cycle of pursuing the Wolves again. We have come too far to do that.”

“What the heck! We’ve gotta try it first. Why assume it’s not going to make her free?”

“He’s right, Dave. The FOX has a procedure,” Paul supported. “And that procedure will not guarantee Evelyn’s release even if Henry shows to them.”

“So, we just going to sit and watch while she’s used as a scapegoat?” Dave lamented.

“Nothing is going to happen to her,” Samantha yelled, trying to shut Dave up.

There was silence for a while and then a thought struck Henry. He turned to Paul. “If Hutton can find a way to penetrate the FOX’s detention, then we too can penetrate and give Evelyn a message, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, but…” confusion was written all over Paul’s face. “I can help us reach one or two workers in the female detention. But it might take some time.”

“Please do what you have to do,” Henry replied. “We need to get to Evelyn before or by morning tomorrow.”

06:30 PM

The FOX detention centre

“On a single file, b***es! You know how it’s done here, so stop messing around,” the female warden shouted.

The inmates tried to organize each other and continued on a straight line to the dining centre. Soon, they lined up to get their food from the counter and walked to the tables.

Evelyn got her plate of food like the others and found a seat at an empty table. She was just about to start eating when she looked up and saw two big-sized women approaching her table. At first, she just thought they were just coming to sit with her until one of them spoke.

“Look who we’ve got here, Nina,” the bigger one joked. “Isn’t this the new b***ch screaming and disturbing all of us?”

“I bet she is,” the other one laughed.

Evelyn ignored them and continued with her food. They sat at the table roughly, almost shaking off Evelyn’s water. Just as she was about to take another spoon, the bigger lady picked her plate of food and dragged it to her front.

Evelyn stared straight at her face.

“What are you gon do, little girl?” the bully threatened.

“Just let me have my food,” Evelyn wasn’t in the mood for talks. It was the first meal she would be having since breakfast.

“I’m not giving it back to you, girl. I’m eating it with mine,” the bully replied.

Evelyn let out a sigh. She looked around and saw that there were eyes on them already. Some of the other inmates had pitiful looks on their faces. They knew how notorious the bully was.

Evelyn decided to let it slide and go hungry instead of giving a fight. She got up to leave the table but the bully wasn’t contented. She got up and stood in Evelyn’s way.

“Let me go,” Evelyn stated.

“No, girl. You have to sit and watch me as I eat the food.”

Evelyn tried to force her way through but the bully pushed her back to the seat to the cheers of other bullies around.

Evelyn got up again and tried to leave but the bully grabbed her by the neck again and tried to push her back again. Evelyn responded this time, punching her in the jaw.

The bully staggered back and stared at her in a rage. No one there had ever challenged her like that before. She surged towards Evelyn and hit her on the face, making her stagger back against the table.

It turned into a fight between the bully and Evelyn and they ended up pouring the food on their table and the nearby one to the ground.

The bully had Evelyn on the floor and was about to punch her in the face when the warders intervened by shooting in the air.

“You again, Lucy,” one of the warders remarked.

“Come with me, you two,” another Marshall ordered them. “I’ve got punishment for you two.”

The warders led the fighters away from the dining centre. “You two are going to clean the kitchen first before serving your punishment,” one of them said after leaving the dining centre with the inmates in front.

One of the wardens handed a knife to the bully and whispered into her ear. “Get it done perfectly.”

To be continued