RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 216



Steve stared at his hand suspiciously for a moment. He was holding his phone in one hand and the gun in the other. There was no way he would reach for the phone without giving Dave an advantage to attack him.  Dave could see his dilemma and then tossed it to the sofa.

“The phone belongs to a FOX agent who is the mole for the Red Wolves. We’ve stored some other information that you should know there. When Maria comes, you tell her to check it for you.”

After noticing that Steve was reluctant to reach for the phone, he tossed it to the sofa. He glanced at Steve’s face one more time and turned to proceed to the door.

“I’m not letting you go,” Steve blocked his way. “And I suggest that you stay back if you don’t want a bullet in your body.”

“Quit being stupid man,” Dave scoffed and raised his hand to check his wristwatch. “If you sh00t me here tonight, you must be ready to live forever with the guilt of helping the Red Wolves succeed in their mission.”

Steve took in a deep breath

He did not wait for a reply before he walked past Steve’s side. Steve did not stop him this time but only turned to watch him walk out through the door. He lowered his gun and paused for a while to think. After a few seconds, he proceeded out of his apartment and stepped out of the compound through the gate. He spotted Dave crossing to the other side of the road. He waited and watched until Dave got to a car parked at the other side of the road.

Dave opened the driver’s side of the car but instead of getting in, stopped to look in Steve’s direction like he was sure he would be at the gate. They stared at each other for a couple of seconds before Dave finally got into the car and drove off. Steve watched until the car was out of sight before he walked back into his apartment.

The first thing Steve did when he got in was to look around his apartment for where Dave could have gotten in through. After taking time to check his windows and doors, he couldn’t still tell how Dave made the entrance. There was no sign of breaking in anywhere. He took some time to check the lock of the main door and confirmed that it wasn’t tampered with.

Maria arrived while he was still trying to find an answer to his dilemma. His thoughts immediately drifted to the phone Dave dropped it on the sofa and he got up to pick it before Maria got into the house. He then proceeded to pick a chair to fix the bulbs which Dave took off.

“What happened to power in here?” Maria complained after trying the switch.

“I just need to fix the bulb,” Steve returned to the living room with the chair at that moment. He placed the chair under the spot where the centre bulb was and handed his phone for Maria to show him the torchlight. The bulb was fixed in less than a minute and the light came on instantly.

“What happened to the ones there?” Maria asked as Steve stepped down from the chair. He was yet to answer when she noticed he was still dressed in his office wears. “And why are you still dressed?”

Steve sighed and looked at her face. “That dude, Dave was here. He took off the bulbs.”

Maria’s eyes widened at the mention of Dave. “What was he here for?” her lips trembled. “Did he try to hurt you?”

“No, he didn’t,” Steve answered with a sigh. He moved the chair aside and then went to pick up the phone. “He dropped this,” he said to Maria. “He said you would help me see the content.”

Maria squinted at the phone in Steve’s hand. “Yea, I can help you, but whose phone is it?”

“I don’t know,” Steve shrugged. “He only said it was for a FOX agent who is the mole for Red Wolves.”

Maria’s eyes widened in surprise on hearing Steve’s answer. She collected the phone from him and took a look at it.

“I need to rest and eat first,” she said after. “It’s a phone with tight security and it could take up to 2 hours to crack.”

“You can take your time,” Steve replied. “If you can’t get it done tonight, I could use the information by morning tomorrow.”

Maria did not reply as she was still staring at the phone.

“Can we get ready for dinner now?” Steve said after feeling his stomach rumble.

Maria seemed to be lost in thoughts and did not give a reply until Steve called her name.


“Yea,” she looked startled.

“What are you thinking about?” Steve squinted at her face.

“Nothing,” she shook her head and quickly tucked the phone into her pocket. Steve stared at her suspiciously. “You said he did not fight you but only gave you the phone.”

“Yes, he didn’t attack me. I met him sitting right here and he could have hurt me before I saw him,” Steve explained, pointing to the sofa where Dave sat.

Maria took in a deep breath. “Let’s talk about it after dinner,” she said as she proceeded into the room to change her clothes.

Different thoughts were running through Maria’s mind. The only mole she knew in the FOX was Agent Michael. And if the phone was his, it would mean it contained the conversation where she had sent him Steve’s secrets. But what got her more confused and worried was why Dave had asked Steve to hand the phone to her. What did he expect her to do with it?

Her phone vibrated in her suit jacket just as she took it off. She brought out the phone to check the screen. There were three new messages on the phone. One was from Agent Michael. And the rest from other people she was expecting messages from.

She pulled down the navigation bar to look briefly at the messages. She let out a sigh of relief as she got the message explaining what she was confused about.


FOX Detention Centre

Lucy cracked her neck and repositioned herself again. It was her third time trying to punch Evelyn and missing. The smaller lady always found a way to pass under her arm and slide to the other side. This third time, Evelyn had sent a punch to her belly.

She decided to change her approach and go with an uppercut rather than a straight punch this time around. However, Evelyn was sharp enough to detect her move quickly and dodge. This time, Evelyn followed with a kick to the belly which sent the bigger woman staggering back before falling on her butt.

Lucy had had enough. She got up quickly and rushed towards Evelyn who grabbed her by the arm and twisted it, making her yell. Evelyn delivered a kick into the woman’s belly while still holding her hand sideways. Then, she turned to her front and followed with an uppercut to her face.

After another punch in the face, Lucy was quick to realize that she was battling with an experienced fighter. The easiest way to beat such a fighter was to use her advantage, which was her weight and strength.

Evelyn again sent another punch to Lucy’s face which hurt badly. But Lucy did her best to hold the pain in. She reached for Evelyn’s waist and pushed her, till she slammed her waist against the slab behind. Evelyn cried out as the pain surged through her whole body. It was Lucy’s opportunity to take control of the fight.

Before Evelyn could recover, Lucy delivered several blows to her face and belly, totally disorganizing her body system. Evelyn could feel her organs being compressed with each heavy blow that crushed her body.

Lucy pulled her away from the slab to the other side. She delivered two blows to her face before kicking her to the ground. Evelyn crashed to the ground weakly but Lucy wasn’t contented. She climbed over her and delivered some more blows to her face.

Lucy paused for a moment and stared at the knife where it laid idly. She glanced at Evelyn’s face too. It was already looking battered and blood was dripping from her nostrils. Lucy wondered whether to continue punching her and disfigure her face before strangling her to death or just pick up the knife and end it easily.

“Please, don’t…” Evelyn coughed out blood as she tried to speak.

Lucy stared at her face and felt no pity at all. Instead, a victorious smile formed on her face.

“Please, let me go…” Evelyn managed to mutter again before coughing out blood.

Lucy was enjoying the moment. She always loved it when her victims begged for mercy before she took their lives.

“Okay, I’ll let you go,” Lucy replied after a few seconds of what seemed like a reconsideration.

Evelyn stared at Lucy’s face. She couldn’t believe her ears. Was she really going to let her go?

All of a sudden, Lucy seemed to change her mind again and tightened her fists around Evelyn’s neck. “I’m letting you go now, b**ch. Letting you go to hell.”


“Is she dead yet?” Hutton asked as he walked into the living room to join Kahn who was smoking a pipe quietly.

“I’m still waiting for a confirmation,” Kahn glanced at him. “The call hasn’t come in yet.”

Hutton made no comment as he sat on the sofa opposite Kahn. He took out his phone dialled a number.

“You may come in now,” he said into his phone briefly and ended the call.

Kahn only glanced at his face. He resisted the urge of asking who it was since he knew the person was coming in already.

A few minutes later, three of their henchmen walked in and stopped right in front of Hutton. One of them was holding a tablet device.

“What is it you wanted to show me?” Hutton asked the one standing in the middle.

He tapped his tablet device on and opened a video before handing it to Hutton.

Hutton took the device and played the video immediately. Kahn got up from his seat and moved closer to join Hutton.

“Who’s this guy?” Hutton asked after about 45 seconds of checking the video.

“His name is Maxwell Kerner and we suspect that he broke into Mr Kahn’s office and took the missing documents,” the man explained.

Hutton and Kahn continued to watch the video silently. It was a compilation of Maxwell’s movement inside and outside the DIA Club facilities at different times and days.

The compilation of the footages was just 3 minutes but it took Hutton and Kahn more than six minutes to watch it. This was because they paused to assess the scenes properly any time they spotted something worthy of noting. Apart from a few times where Maxwell was looking or acting suspicious, Hutton saw nothing else significant.

“There’s nothing that proves he broke into the office here,” Hutton looked up after the video ended.

“The video doesn’t capture him going into the offices, but if we have analyzed the times those scenes were captured and they align with his movements,” the man explained.

“Have you tried to find out what he came to do at the club?”

“Yes, according to records, he came to make enquires concerning using the hall. He lied that his name was Oliver and claimed to work in a company that doesn’t exist. We checked online and found out that a fake webpage was set up for the company. I think he built some form of relationship with Director Emily along the line because she visited him in the hotel where he lodged. Since that night the documents were stolen, he never returned to the club and neither did he close the deal.”

“So, Emily worked with him to get the documents?” Kahn asked.

“No, I think she was deceived. She thought he was a real agent and was hoping to strike the deal with him. I think he took advantage of her and grew closer.”

“She couldn’t have been deceived,” Kahn disagreed. “She should have run a background check on the company and found out that the webpage was fake just like you did.”

“It would have been difficult for her sir,” the man at the left hand chipped in. Hutton and Kahn turned their eyes to him for more explanation. “The webpage until recently was being maintained. I think they stopped maintaining it after achieving their goal. And that’s why it was easy for us to know that it was a fake page.”

“Did you run a background check on him?” Hutton asked.

“Yes,” the man in the middle replied. “He’s Maxwell Kerner, from Anthanna. He worked as a software analyst at a company in El Deols but resigned last year. Since then, he’s worked on his own for several months and partnered with many brands. One of the brands he had a long-time partnership with was Sheila Jack’s company.”

Hutton and Kahn glanced at each other. They needed no more proof that the man in the video was the one who took their documents.

“Has Emily been questioned about this?” Hutton asked.

“Not directly, sir,” the man answered. “The Chief security asked her questions about the man and showed her some of the footage. She provided the number he gave to her and said that he never reached out to her after that night. She claimed that her thoughts were that he lost interest in doing business with the DIA brand due to the insecurity issues.”

There was silence for a while before the guy continued.

“But I think she was lying,” he stated. “She seems to have suspected something about him. But she’s being quiet because of fear. She doesn’t want to pay the price for being involved in bringing the robber into the club.”

There was another moment of silence.

“She’s got to pay for her involvement. It doesn’t matter if she knew or not. The enemy came in through her and anyone who does such mistakes would have to pay dearly,” Kahn stated.

“She was only trying to close a deal for the company, sir,” one of the men retorted.

“Damn that, dude! It doesn’t matter at this time,” Kahn scoffed. “She’s gotta pay with her life for it. I want you to bring her here by noon tomorrow. I’ll run the bullet into her head myself.”

The men turned to look at Hutton’s face, wondering if he would say something different but he remained silent. That meant that they would have to follow Kahn’s order.

“We’ll bring her to you tomorrow,” the man at the middle said before stretching out his hand to take back the tablet device.

They turned to leave immediately but the guy in the middle stopped after taking a few steps.

“Sir,” he called as he turned. Hutton and Kahn looked at him. “We got some unconfirmed reports that Sheila Jack could have gotten away from her father’s protection.”

Hutton seemed more interested now as his eyes lit up. “Unconfirmed?” he sniggered. The man nodded. “Try all you can to confirm that report as soon as possible. If she’s alone now, we’ve got to go for her.”

“Noted, sir,” the guy said before turning back and walking away with the rest of the men.

“Who would ever have thought those mother****ers would come through Emily and the company?” Kahn scoffed after the men were gone.

“There are many possibilities with Carl Winston, Kahn. He’s always going to find a way to do what he wants to do,” Hutton remarked.

“We may need to ask that b***h some questions.”



“I don’t think there’s a need for that. Carl Winston would not be stupid enough to leave a clue with her, except of course if that Maxwell was stupid.”

“Then, we should just ki*ll her when she’s brought here.”

“I think we should just keep our focus on tomorrow night, Kahn. It’s gonna be a big one.”

“You’re right.”


8:15 PM

“How did it go?” Henry asked Dave as he walked into the living room, without letting him sit first.

“I don’t know,” Dave shook his head and continued until he sat beside Samantha. “I didn’t have to use the plan B because he let me go, so I think I made some impact on him. What I’m not sure about is if he would take the right step and if it isn’t too late already.”

“He let you go easily and that’s the first right step he’s taking, I’m sure he’s gonna do the right thing tomorrow also,” Henry replied.

“What if it’s too late?” Dave asked.

“If Steve does what we want him to do, Evelyn would be out by morning tomorrow,” Samantha chipped in. “I don’t think that’s that late.”

Dave heaved a sigh of frustration. “I’ve got this bad feeling about all this,” he said and shook his head. “I just hope nothing happens to her.”

After about two minutes of silence, Dave got up from the seat and proceeded towards the rooms.

“Dave,” Henry called. He stopped and turned. “Did you deliver the phone to him?”

“Yeah, I did,” Dave replied dryly before proceeding into the room.


The FOX Detention Centre

Evelyn continued to struggle under Lucy as life slowly drained out of her body. She tried to use her legs to push Lucy away but she was too weak. The big woman had positioned herself in a way that made it difficult for her to push her.

Luckily for her, she spotted one of the pots she had used to attack Lucy previously with her side-eye. She stretched her towards it and picked it up.

Lucy was enjoying the pleasure of squeezing life out of another victim and wasn’t observant. It was too late for her when she realized that Evelyn had picked the pot with a hand. Before she could react, it struck her head and she fell to the ground with a loud cry.

Evelyn took in a long deep breath before coughing out continuously for a few seconds while Lucy grabbed her head with both hands and her body squirmed on the ground.

Both women were now on the floor. Evelyn was still feeling weak and trying to recover from the strangling and body torture she passed through when Lucy slammed her body to the slab and continuously punched her face.

Lucy, on the other hand, was feeling a kind of pain she had never felt before. It seemed like her head was heavier than the whole body even though she was laying on the ground. Her head was pounding with a terrible headache and she felt her eyes burning inside. The part of her head where the pot hit had swollen so badly immediately.

The two of them remained on the floor for more than a minute, each trying to recover as fast as they can.

Lucy groaned in pain as her hand touched the big bulge on her head again. She managed to open her eyes and turn to look at Evelyn. She could see that Evelyn was still on the floor also. At that point, she knew that the first to get up would have the advantage.

She turned her neck around, trying to search for the knife. If she could get the knife before Evelyn got up, she could win this fight eventually. She again turned to look at Evelyn and saw that she was still on the ground. She took in a deep breath and paused to think for a moment.

It never crossed her mind that it would be this tough to ki*ll a lady whom she was almost twice her size. It was her fourth assassination since she had been in prison and none of the other ones had been half as difficult as this. She turned again and looked at the knife, it was just about four metres away from her spot. That was her best chance of winning Evelyn.

After taking another deep breath, Lucy summoned courage and got up to go for the knife, despite the heaviness she felt in her head.

Evelyn who had been reading her moves silently also got up immediately and picked a bigger pot. She charged after Lucy in direction of the knife.

As she picked the knife, Lucy could hear Evelyn charging towards her. She turned quickly, hoping to drive the knife into Evelyn’s body but got struck on her face with the pot a second time. She crashed to the ground again, the knife falling off her hand.

Evelyn did not stop at that but got on top of Lucy immediately. She continued to smash the pot on Lucy’s face without stopping until blood began to splatter from her head. After striking for seven consecutive times, she paused to look at Lucy’s face and saw that it was disfigured already.

With a loud cry, she raised the pot high and smashed Lucy’s head twice more before she rolled over to the floor and laid still. She stared blankly at the ceiling while taking in deep slow breaths.

Lucy’s body lay there still, not just dead but with her face totally unrecognizable. It was the end of an unrepentant murderer who had taken many lives before being imprisoned and also taken three more in jail.

“What the f*** is happening there?” Evelyn heard a loud voice yell from outside after which banging on the door followed. She laid there still, taking in slow deep breaths.


07:10 AM

The FOX Headquarters

Again, Steve arrived earlier than usual at the office that morning. He had a lot of things to confirm, from Evelyn and the executives. Immediately after dropping his bag in his office, he headed for the detention centre.

“I need to see someone on detention,” he said to the warders on duty at the desk. He held his ID card up to show.

“Do you know which cell she is?” the warder asked.

“Yeah, I was here to see her yesterday,” he replied.

“You can proceed then,” the woman permitted and pushed the button to take off the bar blocking the passage.

Steve was about to walk in through the entrance when another warder approached him.

“Agent Steve,” the woman called, walking in from another entrance.

Steve turned to look at her. “Good morning.”

“Good morning, Agent Steve,” the woman replied. “If you’re here for Agent Evelyn, she’s no longer there.”

Steve raised a brow. “Huh? What do you mean by she’s no longer there?”

“She has been transferred to an isolated detention,” the warder replied.


“She got into a fight and killed another inmate brutally yesterday,” the warder replied.

“What?” Steve couldn’t believe his ears.

“We’re still investigating the matter but we’re keeping her isolated for now.”

“I need to see her right now,” Steve stated.

“We advise you to let us complete our investigation first.”

“I need to see her,” Steve insisted.

“Come with me then,” the warder agreed after seeing that Steve wasn’t going to give up.

After walking for about ten minutes, they got to the isolated cell where Evelyn was kept.

The door was different from the usual doors. It only had space enough for food to be given to the inmate.

The warder opened the space for food and peeped in. She spotted Evelyn sitting at one corner of the small cell.

“You can talk to her from here,” the warder said to Steve.

“No, you should let me in.”

The warder’s lips fell apart in shock. “She’s considered dangerous at the moment. It’s not wise to go in there without being ready for a fight with her.”

“I’m going in, ma’am. Please, stop delaying and let me in.”

The woman sighed and then opened the door for Steve to get in. “You have only ten minutes with her please. I’ll be standing by the side. Please let me know if you need help at any time.”

Steve proceeded into the place without giving a response to the woman. The door was locked behind him.

Evelyn’s face lit up on seeing Steve step in. She didn’t know what he was there for but seeing a familiar face seemed to give her some hope.

She was feeling hungry and weak. Since her dinner was thrown away by Lucy the previous day, she hadn’t gotten anything to eat.

“Evelyn, what the f*** happened to you?” Steve sounded concerned about her for the first time in a long while. Her bruised face made it evident to him that her one day in the prison had been hell for her.

Steve moved closer to her and sat on a wooden seat. There was no bed or any area for convenience in the isolated cell.

“Talk to me, Evelyn,” Steve urged on seeing her remain silent. “They said you fought with an inmate and killed her. And how did you guys get to the kitchen?”

The warder had given Steve details about the incident while they were walking to the place. So, he knew that she killed the inmate in the kitchen.

“She was paid to ki*ll me,” Evelyn finally muttered without looking at Steve’s face. “I had to ki*ll her first.”

“Who paid her?” Steve asked.

“Who else could it be?” Evelyn glanced at his face and then looked away again. “Hutton Ryker must have wanted me dead.”

“There is no proof of that, Evelyn.”

“What proof do you need again?” She scowled. “I got into prison and someone attempt to take my life that same day.”

“The warders are investigating how you two got into the kitchen.”

“What the f***! They took us there,” Evelyn replied.

“Which of the warders?”

“Two ladies, they took out from the dining room after that lady forced me to get into a fight with me.”

“You should have tried your best not to get into a fight.”

“F***!” Evelyn cursed. “What do you expect me to do? Stay and watch her beat me to death?”

Steve let out a sigh. He stayed silent for a moment before he spoke again. “Dave visited me last night.”

Evelyn looked at his face with keen interest.

“He talked about a secret party and mentioned that the Wolves are trying to take out five of the executives. Can you tell me more about that?”

“It’s true. There’s a secret conference or party holding tonight. All the FOX executives will be there. Hutton Ryker plans to ki*ll them in that conference.”

“How does he plan to ki*ll them?”

“We don’t have that information?”

“But how do you know he wants to ki*ll them? I mean, how does Dave know that?”

“We worked it out, with Henry and the whole team. Hutton is planning a take over of the FOX but that’s only going to happen if he takes all the executives out first.”

“Who’s Henry?”

“Argh!” Evelyn heaved a sigh on realizing that she had just mentioned the name unconsciously. “We can’t talk about who Henry is at the moment, Steve. It’s going to distract us from the important matter. What is important now is making Hutton fail in his attempt to ki*ll the executives and take over.”

Steve agreed to pause the questions about the name Henry for that moment. “But that doesn’t make sense. How is he going to take over?”

“It doesn’t make sense to you, Steve. But that’s the truth.”

Steve remained silent for a few seconds. “If that’s the case, can’t we just convince the executives not to go to the secret conference?”

“I’m not sure they can decide not to go. They’ve planned the whole year for it.”

“Then, can’t we find a way to prove this claim to the executives?”

“There are no proofs right now, Steve. The proofs will only be seen after the attempts. We are not bothered about knowing what the attempts are. What we want to do is make the attempts fail.”

Steve heaved a sigh. He was yet to fully understand everything.

“Okay,” he sniffed in and bent forward towards Evelyn. “I’m gonna try to make the confirmation about the secret conference from the executives. If there’s truly a secret conference, I’ll do my best to get you out of here immediately. If there isn’t, I’m sorry there’ll be nothing I can do,” he stated and sat upright for some seconds before getting up to his feet. “Keep yourself together, Evelyn.”

With that, Steve walked to the door of the cell and called out to the warder who opened it from behind. He turned to glance at her once more before he walked away. The warder also stared at Evelyn before locking the door again.

Evelyn let out a breath and buried her face in her palms. It all now depended on Steve’s conversation with the Executives. If the executives failed to admit that there was a secret conference, there might be nothing else Steve can do.

To be continued.