RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 126




The night was cold and windy. The darkness of the clouds and the occasionally lightening that ran through it made it seem a heavy rain was on it’s way.

Mixed with the chilly atmosphere was the strong smell of tobacco which revealed that the rate of smoking in the area was not just heavy, but that a crowd of people were smoking close to the area.

Dave, Cole and Samantha stepped into the first room in the bungalow. They were dressed in all blacks with black handkerchiefs tied around their foreheads and black gloves worn on their hands. They had an earpiece each in their left ears with the mouthpiece clipped to the shirt under their jackets.

The room was fashioned like a reception and was the biggest room in the bungalow, taking about eighty percent of the total area of the building. There was a long wooden table at the centre and three wooden chairs behind it, one each placed at the edges and one at the center. Only the one at the right edge was occupied.

Not less than fifteen men were seen sitting and spread around the room doing nothing in particular, except for the smoking done in unity. Only the group of three men at the right hand corner were playing cards.

The visitors caught the attention of the men as they stepped in and they had almost all eyes on them immediately.

One of the men playing cards got up from his seat and advanced towards them, he was followed afterwards by the man sitting behind the table.

The visitors stopped and waited for the men to get to them. The two stopped right in front of them and stared at their faces without saying anything.

“We want to see Reuben, Dickson and Gabrice.” Dave went straight to the point without bothering to exchange pleasantries.

The men exchanged glances quickly.

“Did any of them ask you to come here?” The man standing on the left side asked. He had a stout figure and a rounded bald head. His colleague was taller but also thick, he kept a rough hair but clean hair and had an ugly scar on his face which he had gotten from a deep knife cut.

“No, they do not have an idea we are here to see them.”

The stout man smiled mockingly. “And you think you can just barge in here asking for them without invitation?”

None of the visitors answered him.

“What really do you want?” the taller guy asked, in a calmer tone.

“We want to see Reuben, Dickson and Gabrice.” Dave answered, mentioning their names slowly in a way to show he had no regard for them.

“What do you want from them?” the taller man asked another question.

“It’s none of your business,” Dave replied.

The man squinted at him and glanced at the stout figure man, the latter already looking angry.

The tall guy took some steps back and looked left and right to the men around, some of which had their attention at the center where the visitors were.

“Guys, these men wants to see sirs Gabrice, Reuben and Dickson.” He said in a loud voice for all of them to hear.

“Do they have an appointment with them?” Another man asked, getting up from his seat. He dropped his cigarette on the floor and stepped on it to put off.

“No, I’m not even sure these men really know who they’ve come looking for.” the taller man replied.

Dave looked left and right and saw three more men coming towards them. He glanced at his partners flanging him on the left and on the right and could see they looked ready for the fight that was about to take place.

“And who do you guys say you’re looking for?” One of the new men that joined them asked. He was of average height and he seemed to be the most muscular of all the men in the place.

Dave stared him straight in his eyes and answered, mentioning one word slowly after the other, “I don’t repeat myself”.

The man chuckled and stared at Dave with evil eyes. He managed to conceal his anger and spoke again to the visitors. “You three have the opportunity to leave now without getting hurt, if you stay one more minute, I don’t guarantee that you would leave here alive.”

“We can’t leave without you giving us Reuben, Dickson and Gabrice.” Dave slammed back.

The muscular man looked and his colleagues and made some eye signals. “Give these guys what they really want,” he said and turned to return to his seat, leaving the other men to handle the visitors.

The first stretched blow went towards Dave who had been speaking for the visitors but the wrist was held by Cole and a punch hit the man’s face.

The floor for the fight was opened and even the lady, who was later found to be a strong as a man was not spared by the hosts.

The visitors were not as easy as the men thought and after two minutes exchange of punches, jabs and kicks, four of the gang’s men were down already.

The other men watching in the room joined the fight, realizing what they were in for.

Henry and Hannah Kelvin, dressed just like the rest of the team, were sitting on rocks at the left side of a building just before the other section of the community where the gang occupied majorly. The front verandah of the building had a bulb which brightened the front yard but the side which Henry and Hannah was covered with the shadow of the side wall, giving them enough darkness to hide in.

Henry wristwatch vibrated and he quickly glanced at the time, it was 22:48PM, ten minutes after they had been waiting for the signal from Dave.

Hannah noticed the vibration and was already staring at Henry’s face and waiting for him to talk.

“We can go now,” he finally whispered to her.

They got up immediately and proceeded forward, splitting to the different directions as they got to the back of the house. Henry advanced towards a group of men whom he had spotted earlier.

They numbered up to ten under the tree where they sat in a circular pattern , drinking, smoking and jesting about their activities for the day.

There was a bulb at the center of the tree providing light for them.

They noticed him even before he got so close to them and he could see some looking in his direction already.

All eyes were on him as he turned to the other side of the tree where there was some space between the chairs they sat on.

“Hey guys,” he greeted casually and took a quick glance at the face of all the people sitting there, two ladies were also sitting in their midst.

They gave no reply to his greeting, and he did not expect any from them. He continued speaking after noting all their faces.

“I’m here to see Reuben, Dickson and Gabrice.” He took his palms close to each other and began to crack his knuckles.

He could see the expression change on some of the men’s faces and many of them exchanging glances.

“Who the bleep are you?” One of the men asked angrily.

“I have different names,” Henry replied, still playing with his knuckles. “But that’s not the topic for today, take me to either of the three men I mentioned and I’ll be back for pleasantries some other day.”

They got vexed and the men sitting closest to his position at both sides got up to attack him.

He was faster than they ever expected and within five seconds he twisted the arms they stretched towards him and grabbed the back of their necks. He then slammed their heads against each other and dropped them to fall.

He took three steps back on seeing some men pull out knives as they came towards him, another one lifted his chair and joined them.

The first man was so swift and almost succeeded in stabbing Henry but Henry held his wrist firmly and stopped the blade from going further just as it touched the brea$t pocket of his jacket.

He twisted the man’s hand and moved swiftly under his arm to the other side, dodging the second man with knife. He sent a knee jab to the belly of the man and finished with a upper cut to his face. The man with the chair swung it to hit his head from behind but Henry dodged and the chair crashed into the face of the second man wife knife.

Henry with a swift turn sent a heavy punch to the groin of the man behind who screamed out in pain and grabbed his private part. He fell to the ground, still screaming in pain.

Hannah proceeded slowly to the man sitting alone by the side wall of the house. He was handling an android phone in his right hand and had a wrap of weed on his left.

The building was just opposite the part in the gang’s section of the community where the seven beautiful bungalows were. A narrow untarred road which could take only one car and the large compounds in front of the bungalows separated them from the buildings at the other side.

He didn’t notice someone was coming from behind until a hand covered his mouth and a cold knife touched his neck.

“Don’t make any sound,” Hannah Kelvin said as she turned slowly to his front and landed him a heavy punch which made him fall off the chair.

He turned up on the floor to see her pointing a gun at him. “I want to see Reuben, Dickson or Gabrice. Tell me which one I can find first and show me his house,”

He stared at her face for a moment and was unwilling to answer until she cocked the gun.

“That’s Dickson’s house,” he said pointing to the building at the center.

Hannah did not turn her face to look as she knew he could try to act fast and take the gun from her.

“Get up,” she motioned him with the gun.

He got up quickly and put his hands in the air.

She motioned him with the gun in her hand to step in front of her and he obeyed. “Which of the houses did you call it?” She asked again, standing behind him and touching his neck with the gun.

“This,” he pointed to the same one again.

“Is Dickson in right now?”

“They have some visitors and Dickson is hosting them all in his house,” the man replied.

“What about Reuben and Gabrice?” She asked.

“They’re all in there,” he replied.

She noticed the front door of the house opening at that moment.

“Don’t move,” she said to him in a threatening tone.

The door closed back without anyone stepping out.

Hannah switched on the communicator. “Guys, I have Dickson’s house. The other two are right there at this moment, join me as soon as you can.”

She did not get any response but she knew Henry must have heard her even if no other member of the team did.

“You’re gonna lead me to the place now,” she whispered to the man’s ears and he pressed the gun against his neck tightly.

Just at that moment, she heard some footsteps and turned to look back immediately, she saw three men already behind them.

She was confused at first at what to do, they were not meant to shoot or ki*ll anyone in the task until it was necessary. Also, shooting at that point would alert the men in Dickson’s house unnecessarily and may ruin the task.

Before she could make a decision, the man in front of her took advantage of her distraction and punched her hard in the belly.

She staggered back and he followed up immediately with another punch to her face. One of the other man joined him and kicked her in the belly, sending her crashing to the ground and the gun flying off her hand.

One of the other men picked up the gun and pointed while another man dragged her up and sent some more blows to her belly and her face. She fell again and he picked her up the second time.

He stepped back, giving way for the third man to send a heavy kick to her face which sent her falling to the ground again heavily.

They finally picked her and made her kneel in front of the man holding the gun.

“Where the hell are you from?” the man pointing the gun asked.

She was bleeding already from her nose and could not open her left eye. She felt too weak to answer at that moment even if she wanted to.

“She says she wants to see sirs Reuben, Dickson and Gabrice.” The guy who she attacked first explained to them. “And she made a call to some other people.”

“Let’s take her in, she must be with those guys at the entrance.”

Two of the men lifted her up and carried her on both sides, they proceeded to Dickson’s house.

They got there after walking for a minute and the man who held the gun made a call. Soon, two men stepped out of the building.

The men dropped Hannah Kelvin in front of them and stepped aside.

“Where did you find her?” One of the men asked.

“She came to me with a gun while I was sitting there and asked about you people, she wanted to know your houses.” The man she attacked answered.

Hannah managed to raise her head and looked at the faces of the two new men. The one who had talked was Dickson and the one beside him was Gabrice.

“What do they want?” Gabrice asked rhetorically,, staring at the face of the man holding the gun. He looked baffled.

“Bleep whatever they want!” Dickson cursed angrily. “None of them will leave here whole, they’ll leave in pieces. And we’ll start with this b**ch,” he said, staring at Hannah.

To be continued