RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 125



The FOX Corporation Headquarters,

El Deols, Anthanna

“This report from the police shows that not too much progress has been made concerning the case since the last time,” Agent Dan said after some minutes of studying some documents in a file.

Three other men and a lady were sitting round the table in the office. They were all dressed in suits and had their ID cards hanging around their necks with a navy blue tag, only Agent Dan had nothing of such on him.

“I think the officers got busy with other cases,” one of the male officers replied him.

Dan picked a pen on the table and scribbled something quickly on one of the papers in the file.

“The lady who carried out the murders is suspected to be Florence Brown, but she murdered the two other victims at the scene without having to abduct them.” Dan explained. “Her abduction does not seem to be so connected with the previous murders yet, there was no woman among the Inspection officers that abducted Sheila Jack.”

“The most reasonable connection we can assume is the murders of the two men being part of the process leading to her abduction,” the lady amidst them put in.

“Since we have no proofs that they are connected yet, we will therefore treat the cases as different.” Agent Dan said. “Looking into the report, I can tell that the fake inspection officers have not been traced.”

“We’re still on it,” the female Agent replied him. “We found some of the vehicles they used in perpetuating the crime in El Deols, but from our investigations, the victim was taken outside El Deols.”

“If we’re going to make progress with this case, then we need to draw a valid conclusion today.” Dan said.

“I’ll suggest we get the CCTV footages and watch all vehicles that exited El Deols yesterday.” One of the men put in.

“Good idea, but while we do that, we also need to be certain about how the first explosive that went off got into the building,” Dan suggested.

“The SheiDev firm has CCTV cameras all around and inside the buildings, we should be able to get the footages from the security room.” the woman said.

“That should be done immediately, while we also fetch footages of the road cameras.” Dan ordered.



“Hey! I think I’ve gotten what we need,” Hannah Kelvin announced to the rest of the team.

They were all sitting in the large room, at different corners, each one with a laptop. Except for Samantha who was keeping an eye on Adrian, the rest of the team were watching different footages retrieved from the security room of SheiDev firm. It was in one of those footages Hannah had discovered something and was calling the team’s attention to.

Henry got up from his seat to answer her while the rest of the team only glanced at her and continued with their own tasks.

“These three men visited the firm on Friday, they had a meeting with some of the staffs,” she said after rewinding the footage for Henry to see the three men. “On their way out, the one carrying a backpack opted to use the toilet.”

Henry squinted at the screen and watched as the other two stopped at a secretary’s office to wait for the third man who went into the toilet.

She forwarded the tape to three minutes later and they saw the man stepping out of the toilet with his backpack strapped on one side.

“He stepped out of the toilet three minutes later with his backpack strapped only on one side not fully closed,” she said and focused on the video for some seconds before pausing it. She zoomed in and focused on the bag. “This shows the bag was opened in the toilet.”

“You’re right,” Henry said in whispers.

She rewound the footage again to four minutes earlier and played. She watched carefully to the point the camera had a stable vision of the bag and paused it. She zoomed again.

“The bag was fully closed before he got it,” she said and glanced at Henry’s face. She moved the view to the man’s hand and showed Henry the man’s sleeves. “He also had his sleeves buttoned before he got in.”

She forwarded the video again and stopped it when the man stepped out of the toilet. She zoomed to show his sleeves.

“His sleeve on his right hand is not buttoned here,” she said. “His hands are also not wet, and that shows he did not use the toilet. He could have washed his hands if he rolled up his sleeves to use the toilet. He buttoned his sleeve and closed the backpack properly outside.”

She left the video to play. Henry stood upright and folded his arms, still staring at the screen.

“The explosion went off on Sunday, from that toilet, approximately forty eight hours after he got into the toilet.” She added.

“Good job!” Henry commended with a soft tone and gently patted her shoulder. He turned back to look at the other guys. “Come around guys, Hannah’s got our targets for us.”

Dave, Cole and Jenny got up and stepped closer to Henry immediately.

“Let’s see the three men’s faces,” Henry said to Hannah.

She moved it quickly to the part of the footage that shows the three men standing together.

“These three men brought in the explosive device and the short man on the right installed the device in the toilet,” Henry explained to them. “Cole, Dave and Jennifer would take one of these men each and download every available information about them. We have to find them tonight,” he stopped to look at their faces. “We find every information about them and locate them tonight,” he reemphasized.

“Okay boss,” they nodded.

“Return to your seats and suspend your other activities, you’ll get a picture sent to you from Hannah.”

They all returned to their seats quickly while Hannah proceeded with Henry’s instruction. She took a screenshot from the footage and sent it to the picture software. She cropped each man separately from the shot and saved the images separately.

Henry waited till she was done sending the images to the three others before he spoke again.

“You continue with tracking where the movement of those men, let us know where they went to from the firm.”

“Okay boss,” Hannah replied.

Henry took some steps back and looked around to see all the team members busy.

He took in a breath. He felt confident that he had a good team he could rely on. The only person he wasn’t so sure of was Hannah Kelvin who had previously been with the Wolves, even though she had proved to be very helpful with the short time she was with the team.

He trusted the other team members and he remembered teaching them that trust was necessary for team members to achieve their tasks successfully.

He wasn’t so sure about something however, if his men had undergone enough training to combat the army of the Red Wolves. The revelation from Taveo Jude had made him realise that the Wolves had an army of terrorists who had been undergoing training for years. So, even though he was sure of the individual strength and abilities of the members in his team, it wasn’t so wise to put them before men who have received training for several years after only training them for few weeks.

The only way to go about it was having well laid strategies before going on an attack. That way, even if they came against well trained military men, they would take them by surprise and the men would never be able to overcome their strategy.

One thing he however made up his mind to do was ensure that the team members all remained safe as long as they remained loyal to the vision. That was the best way he could pay them for their loyalty.

He took another deep breath and took some steps back towards the door.

“I gotta go get our weapons from the Deols arsenal guys, I’ll be back as soon as I can.” He announced before he turned and walked out of the room.

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FOX Office, Deols.

Dan was sitting in the office, looking through the footages with the other men when one of the senior agents in the office received a call. He spoke loudly and made it obvious he was talking to the rest of the team who had been sent to the SheiDev firm.

“They got the footages we need,” he said loudly after the call, specifically looking at Agent Dan. “But they suspect the security room was ransacked before they got there.”

“Didn’t they meet the security officers in charge there?” Dan asked.

“The place has been locked since yesterday, only security agents are allowed in and even the security officers there are allowed only by invitation.”

“Which other security officers have been there before us?”

” It Could have only been the antiterrorism department,” the man answered. “And they only had business with the main building.”

“The security room is also part of the building, they could have checked to confirm if something was there.” Dan replied. “Since they found the footages and nothing was missing, I don’t think there’s no cause for alarm.”

“They’re on their way here, we’d be able to make some conclusions when they come.”

“Please excuse me,” Dan whose phone was ringing said and got up. He walked towards the window as he answered the call.

“I need an update, Agent Dan.” Agent Steve’s voice sounded from the other end.

“We’re working on it sir,” Dan replied. “Florence Brown hasn’t been linked to this yet, so we can’t tell if it is connected to the other case.”

“The casualties are increasing and spreading, we’re running out of time. We need to move ahead, please be fast and accurate with whatever step you are taking.” Steve said.

“Yes sir, I’ll get back to you before the night ends.”

He ended the call and returned to his seat.


>>> Fast forward >>>


Henry located his men in the strategy room when he returned. They had finished with the work on their personal computers. The large screen on the wall was on and displaying a screen saver. Apart from the light from the screen, no other light was on in the room.

Dave who was talking stopped when Henry walked in.

“We’ve been expecting you boss,” Dave said to him.

“I got enough weapons for us but I couldn’t bring them here, I kept them in a store and we can always go there to get them when we need to.” Henry said in reply.

“We’re set boss, those men are notorious criminals. They lead a gang whose base is beside Deols, on the outskirts of Cartak.”

“Where in Cartak? Cartak is generally a peaceful state with very low crime rate,” Henry replied. He had been to the place before.

“It’s on the outskirts,” Dave replied. “The gang operates in different states of the country, especially El Deols. They’re used to carry out different kinds of crime in the country.”

“And why hasn’t that place been busted by the police?”

“It has been busted several times with a lot of the criminals arrested but the court never find them guilty and they end up freeing them. They don’t just commit crimes, they are backed by top citizens in the country.”

“Well, I don’t think someone is going to release them from us tonight,” Henry said and then located a seat. “What’s the plan?”

“The gang makes up seventy five percent of those living in the community, so it means we’re probably going against a total number of three hundred people.” Dave began with the strategy.

Henry squinted. He had a question but did not want to interrupt since Dave was taking the lead. He also knew it was possible for Dave to answer his question before he finished communicating the strategy.

“We can’t tell for certain in which of the houses we would find any of the three men,” Dave continued. “Our targets are three men out of the five leaders of the gang. These five men are educated and seen like gods to the rest of the gang who are majorly not educated. The gang protects them with their lives, so it would be impossible to get directly to them.”

“That means we may have to hurt a lot of people,” Samantha put in.

“We don’t have to,” Dave replied. “Non members of the gang living in the community already knows the gang members receive visitors and cause trouble at night, so they do not stay out beyond nine o’clock.”

“Good,” Samantha heaved a sigh of relief.

“The three of us, I, Cole and Samantha would visit the main house where they receive visitors who want to see their leaders. We ask to see their leaders politely which they would refuse, we would insist and they would resort to violence. Henry and Hannah would be so close already. While the men face us to stop us from getting to their leaders, Hannah and Henry joins and takes them by surprise from their hiding places, this would make it possible to weaken them quickly.” He got up as he talked and walked closer to the device below the large screen. He pressed some buttons and the screensaver disappeared.

“These seven buildings are the most beautiful buildings in the community and it is expected that one of the five leaders would own at least one of the buildings,” Dave continued as a slideshow showing some beautiful buildings played, all of them were bungalows. “The beautiful part of it is that none of these buildings are surrounded with fences, so they are easily accessible. The leaders would be forced to step out when they hear the commotion and from there we capture our men.”

“Sounds like a good plan,” Henry put in after some seconds of silence from Dave. Dave had already answered the question he asked earlier.

“Sounds good to me too,” Cole chipped in.

Dave stared at everyone’s face one after the other and stopped at Jenny’s. He believed Jenny should know her role already but she was staring at him like she didn’t.

“Jenny, you would drive us to place and away from the place.” Dave said to her.

To be continued.