RESTLESS : The Hunt For Peace Episode 127


Hannah managed to raise her head and looked at the faces of the two new men. The one who had talked was Dickson and the one beside him was Gabrice.

“What do they want?” Gabrice asked rhetorically,, staring at the face of the man holding the gun. He looked baffled.

“Bleep whatever they want!” Dickson cursed angrily. “None of them will here whole, they’ll leave in pieces. And we’ll start with this b**ch,” he said, staring at Hannah.

Hannah chuckled aloud at his words and it caught their attention. They all stared at her while she stared back at Dickson.

“Who the bleep are you, and what do you want?” Gabrice asked.

Hannah moved her gaze from Dickson’s face to his.

“I’m here for the two of you and Reuben,” she answered him.

Gabrice and Dickson glanced at each other’s faces. They could see she was still confident despite being in their midst and on her knees.


Henry had just slammed the head of the last man standing to the tree when he heard Hannah’s voice sound in his ear. He released his hand from the man’s neck and let him drop to the ground.

He looked around at all the men lying helplessly on the ground, none of them was dead but about three were unconscious and the others were terribly injured.

He was about to reply Hannah when he heard some more sounds from her end. He turned on his mouthpiece quickly.

“Hey Hannah,” he said softly and paused to listen. He got no response from her but could tell from the sounds he heard that she had been overpowered.

He raised his left wrist to check the wristwatch. He tapped one of the buttons by the side until it got to the tracker mode, he set with another button by the other side to Hannah’s tracking digit. The command was already processing when he turned back swiftly and grabbed the wrist of a man who had lifted a rod to hit his head. He grabbed the man’s neck with his second hand and held it so tight that the man began to suffocate and lose strength. The rod dropped from his hand.

The man was previously injured and lying on the ground but had seen Henry busy and thought to take advantage since he was quite distracted, not knowing Henry’s ears were so sharp and every movement he made was being heard.

Henry released his grip from the man’s neck to avoid killing him. The man’s legs were weak and he dropped to his knees, trying to catch his breath.

Henry checked the wristwatch again, it had finished processing and the compass on the screen was showing the direction in which Hannah was.

Henry turned towards the direction and was about to take a step forward but stopped at another thought. He turned to the man on his knees and pulled him up. Since Hannah had been overpowered, he thought getting to the place from a different angle without following the compass would be better.

“You’re taking me to Dickson’s house,” he said and pushed the man in the direction.

He tried to connect to Dave’s team as he hurried off to meet Hannah.


After more than twenty minutes of fighting at the reception, only four of the men were still up. Cole and Samantha were left with the five men in the building and they fought as a team attacking them together.

Dave was outside the building where he had taken four men down already and was left with one more. He and his enemy both had pipes in each other’s hands and were striking against each other, aiming to get a good hit on the opponent’s body.

The metal pipe was directed to Dave’s head but he stopped it before it could touch him with his own pipe. He took advantage of the closeness to send a kick to his opponent’s belly and sent him staggering backwards. He followed with another strike and his opponent who was yet to balance himself properly blocked it with his pipe but Dave landed another kick to his belly, sending him to the ground this time.

The pipe rolled away from the man’s hand and Dave stood over him, pressing his pipe edge gently on the man’s chest and stopping him from moving.

“Hey Dave, you with me?” Dave heard Henry’s voice in earpiece plugged in his ear. He adjusted the earpiece which was almost falling off and turned on his communicator.

“Boss, I can hear you.” He replied, now staring down at face of the man on the ground. He had heard sounds in his earpiece on a previous occasion but couldn’t respond then as he was busy with more than one man then.

“I’m on my way to meet Hannah and get our targets, can you ask one of your men to join us while two people hold it up there?”

“Yeah, two people can handle here.” Dave replied.

“Okay, be fast about it. And also call Jenny to drive in now.”

Henry’s connection went off and Dave also switched off his mouthpiece. He was still staring at the man on the ground and the man staring back at him, being restricted by the sharp pointed edge of the pipe on his belly.

Dave took out the tranquilizing gun from his pocket behind and fired into the man’s belly.

He looked around briefly and then proceeded back into the building.


“What the hell do you want from us?” Gabrice asked,

Hannah turned her neck slowly to ease herself from the pain. She looked at Gabrice’ face again and was about to answer when two other men from inside the house stepped outside.

It was Reuben and another man.

“What’s happening here?” Reuben asked. The other man followed silently and they stepped into the space between Dickson and Gabrice, with their eyes fixed on Hannah. Dickson was on the right hand side while Gabrice was at the left hand side.

“She’s one of those guys causing trouble, she says she wants to see the three of us.” Dickson replied him.

“And what the bleep do they want?” Reuben asked.

“We just asked her that question before you stepped out,” Gabrice answered him.

They all stared at Hannah’s face silently and she knew it was her turn to speak.

She looked left and right, two men were behind her. The one with her gun was standing by the left and the one she had attacked on her right.

“I need to see the three of you only, every other person has to excuse us.” Hannah replied him confidently. “You can let him stay if you want,” she added, referring to the fourth man who stepped out with Reuben. She knew he was also one of the leaders of the gang.

The men were surprised at her confidence and wondered where she was from, they were more interested in hearing what she had to say.

“Search and take away any weapon on her,” Dickson ordered the men behind her.

They stepped close to her and search for a minute to the ground as she struggled slightly with them towards the end of the search.

They removed another pistol from her body and the communicating device she had on.

“Your men are damn perverts, handling my as* like they never touched a lady in their lives.” Hannah grumbled as she straightened up herself after the search

“She’s got this,” one of the men took the items towards the leaders.

“What the heck!” Gabrice exclaimed as he stared at the communicating device set, he collected the pistol. “She’s been communicating with some other people outside.”

“It’s nobody outside, everybody I’m communicating with are in this community with us.”

“What the bleep do you want from us?” Dickson asked again, he was getting impatient.

Hannah sighed, she looked left and right slowly, making it obvious that she still wanted the other men away.

“Let me have that,’ Dickson said to the man holding the gun that was collected from Hannah. It was handed to him. “You all should step aside till we call for you.”

The guys moved away splitting into pairs to wait at the different sides of the house.

Dickson and the rest of the men stared at her face.

She sniffed in gently, hoping Henry or other team members were close already, she needed to keep the men engaged until someone else was there to support her.

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Star City,

United States


Mrs Gilbert was sitting at the backseat of the vehicle with a younger lady who looked exactly like her. They had hip-hop music playing at the background and the driver, a man in his early twenties was mumbling the rap lines under his breath and nodding his head gently as he drove.

They still had about twenty more minutes on the road to get to the house. The driver had his eyes moving back and forth to the side mirror and the rearview mirror. He noticed a black vehicle behind them which he had seen parked somewhere close to Mrs. Gilbert’s store, even before she closed for the day. He wondered if the vehicle was following them or if it was just a coincidence.

“You’re driving too fast,” Mrs Gilbert warned after noticing he increased the speed.

The driver checked the side mirror again and noticed that the black vehicle had not increased it’s speed with them, instead he could see the indicating front lights which signalled that the vehicle was taking the turn into another road which they had just passed.

He continued at the normal speed and apologized to the woman. Shortly after, he remembered that it was still possible that the black vehicle was coming after them. It could still join them through another entrance at the front if it drove with a high speed.

“I thought that black vehicle was following us,” he decided to explain to the woman. “I noticed it from the store.”

Mrs Gilbert looked back to check but the vehicle already turned into the other road.

“I saw it too,” the young lady beside Mrs Gilbert said. “But only two people are in the vehicle, a man and his driver. I don’t think they could be following us.”

The driver apologized again and continued driving. He however hoped that the lady was right, because the road to the house was not a busy one and it was easy for crime to take place in such area.

“They’re close already,” John said to Emery.

Emery was sitting at the backseat of the vehicle while John was at the driver’s side. The car was parked on the road that led to Gilbert’s house, just after a junction. It was parked at a wrong position but only for a short time as the vehicle they awaited could already be sighted driving down towards the junction.

They were dressed in simple clothing, but had masks with them to wear for the task.

“You get ready, we must not miss them.” Emery said to him in a fatigued tone.

He could still feel pain in his body and was so tired even after taking a short time to rest. The trouble he had passed through the previous day and the present day was something he never expected to experience at his age.

“They’re here,” John announced and then turned on the vehicle. He took out his mask and put it on, Emery also put on his mask.

John looked into the side mirror again and made a count of three under his breath before he swerved quickly into the front of the coming vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle stepped on the brakes quickly, bringing the car to a halt with a loud screech.

Emery and John stepped out of the vehicle quickly and walked towards the car. Emery walked to the owner’s side of the car while John walked to the driver’s side. They had their guns pulled out.

“Step out Mrs Gilbert,” Emery ordered.

“Who are you?” The woman asked in a weak shaky tone.

Emery cocked his gun to show his seriousness while John forced the driver to unlock the doors and step out.

Emery opened the door and pulled the man by the hand. He dragged her out and pulled her with him to their vehicle. She walked slowly and shakily to the car and he forced her to enter into the backseat.

John removed the car keys from the ignition hole of the vehicle and flung it far away to the other side of the road. He walked back into the driver’s side of the vehicle and turned. He sped off quickly.


El Deols, Anthanna


“Can we find somewhere to sit and talk?” Hannah requested shortly after the guys surrounding her left.

The men in front stared at her in shock, amazed at how bold she was to make the request.

Gabrice cocked his gun and pointed to her forehead. “I’m gradually losing my patience and I won’t hesitate to fire this into your skull if you keep on delaying us.”

Hannah stared at him silently, without expressing any outward fear even though she took his threat seriously.

“We have deal for you, but it would only be peaceful if you agree to work with us.” She paused for a second when she felt the wristwatch vibrate on her hand. “Otherwise, we would have to force you to do it.”

Dickson shook his head in disgust as he stared at her. “The sl** is only trying to waste our time,” he said as he repositioned the gun in his hand. He stepped forward, aiming to hit the butt of the gun on her head when they heard a loud yell.

They all turned left to see one of their men thrown forward from the side of the building to the front just like a squeezed piece of paper.

Hannah did not turn to look with them. Her hand grabbed Dickson’s wrist and she redirected the gun as she rose and hit him with her knee on the groin.

Gabrice had already turned, pointing the cocked gun to shoot at the person who threw the man forward. He fired immediately someone came into sight, but was shocked to find out he fired at one of his gang’s men.

Henry had stepped out holding the man and shielding his body with his.

Hannah twisted Dickson’s arm to the back and stamped a kick to Reuben’s chest as he tried to attack her.

She was eventually able to take the gun from his hand and hit him hard on the back of his neck with the butt of the gun. She followed with a kick to the man’s head, making him fall to the ground.

Reuben dealt her a blow in the belly just as she turned to him. He tried to punch her again but she was able to grab his arm the second time, she then struck him with the butt of her gun on the chest and again on his chin. She followed with two punches to his face and a kick to his belly.

Henry pushed the shot man’s body to Gabrice but he managed to dodge and tried to sh00t again but was taken by surprise as a kick landed on the left side of his face, making him fall to the ground and land on the side.

Henry grabbed the fist of the fourth man who tried to punch him and dug a blow into his belly, totally disorganizing the man’s system. He followed with another punch to the man’s face and the man fell to the ground like a log of wood. He laid on the ground still conscious but feeling like his intestines and the organs in the belly had been purged out with the punch.

Henry picked the gun from Gabrice’s hand and quickly fired at another man who had just stepped out of the building and was trying to shoot at Hannah.

The other two guys who had gone to wait at the right hand side of the house also returned and were about attacking Hannah but Henry caught the punch of the first and sent the second to the back with a kick on his chest. He pulled the one whose punch he caught closer and sent a rib-breaking punch into his belly. He lifted him up and threw him towards another two men who had just stepped out of the building.

He landed a punch on the mouth of the one he kicked back few seconds before and then grabbed the man by the neck. He dragged him close to the building and slammed his face to the wall.

“Where are they?” He asked Hannah who had just finished with Reuben.

“Here,” Hannah pointed to the three men on the floor.

“Get one of them up,” Henry instructed her. He looked towards the building and saw three men now standing at the verandah and staring at them with no seeming effort to join the fight. He looked back briefly and saw Samantha coming, already so close to them.

He turned and picked Gabrice up from the ground. He wrapped a hand around his neck and placed the gun to his head.

“We only need to talk to you guys, tell your men to step away and we won’t hurt anyone else.” Henry whispered to his ears.

“Step aside everyone, they only want to talk to us.” Gabrice shouted in a loud voice.

Some more men were already coming closer to fight.

Hannah had Reuben up and held him on the collar, with her gun pointed to the back of his neck.

“Samantha, take out your guns.” He instructed her as she got to them. “You’ll shield us while we step aside with the men.”

Samantha took out her guns and spread both hands wide, turning around slowly to sound a warning to the people around.

Henry moved slowly with Gabrice and also pulled Dickson up. He put both men in front of him and pointed his guns to their necks.


Star City, United States.

“Where are you taking me to?” Mrs Gilbert asked for the umpteenth time and got no answer from the men.

They had been driving for more than thirty minutes. The driver had taken off his mask while the man sitting behind was yet to take his off.

They drove into the slum ten minutes after and parked in front of an uncompleted building. Emery ordered the woman to step out and motioned her into the building. He turned on a small torchlight to help them see.

“What have I done to you? Please let me go,” the woman pleaded with Emery but he was silent until they got to the part of the building where he had set up two chairs for them to sit.

He made her sit on the chair and sat in the one opposite her. He stared at her face silently for a couple of seconds before taking off his mask.

The woman squinted at his face but she couldn’t recognize his face in the darkness.

“Good evening Madam,” Emery began. “It’s unfortunate we are meeting again under this kind of circumstance.”

“Who are you and what do you want from me?” the woman asked.

“My partner would be coming with a lamp in a couple of seconds and you should recognise me,” Emery replied. He was silent for some seconds to hear her reply but she said nothing. “Before he comes, I want to apologize for having to put you through this, but we had no other choice at the moment. I assure you that we wouldn’t hurt you in anyway and you would be allowed to return home once we have the information we need from you.”

The woman remained silent. Emery also remained quiet and waited a minute until John walked into the place. He walked straight to the window with a nylon bag in his hand. He took out a lamp from the nylon bag and turned it on.

The place was brightened and the faces could now be seen clearer. The woman squinted at Emery’s face for a while and then slowly opened her mouth in shock.

Emery heaved a sigh. He saw the look on her face and knew she was wondering how possible for it to be really him.

“I need your help madam and I’ll explain everything to you,” Emery began, she was still very startled to speak. “I’ve been in some kind of trouble since I got to the US few days ago and I was in your house yesterday to get help from your husband but I found out your husband knew the men who were after me. He called them to get me instead of helping me.”

“You were in our house yesterday?” The woman squinted at him.

“Yes ma’am, you don’t believe me?”

The woman stared blankly for some seconds at his face. “I believe,” she said slowly, remembering she had observed something unusual about the house when she returned home the day before. She asked her husband if he had a visitor and he denied having anyone, even resorting to shutting her up when she kept questioning him.

“What happened to you actually?” She raised her head after a moment of thinking.



Reuben, Dickson and Gabrice did not find it so difficult to get their men to back away. Most of them had seen what the visitors were capable of doing and did not try to do opposite of the instruction.

They were now in front of the next house. Reuben, Dickson and Gabrice sitting on the last steps on the short stairs leading to the balcony. Henry and Hannah were standing and facing the men while Samantha was backing them sitting on a footstool and facing the other gang men who were about ten metres far away from them.

“Tell us what you three went for at the SheiDev firm in El Deols,” Henry requested.

The three men glanced at each other.

“We were there on an assignment,” Dickson answered.

“Assignment by who?” Henry asked.

“Just one of our usual customers,” Dickson replied.

“And can’t you tell me who the customer is?” Henry stared at them furiously. “Listen gentlemen, I know Reuben installed the explosive device. You don’t need to waste time hiding anything from me.”

They glanced at each other’s faces again, but this time none of them spoke.

“It’s gonna get difficult for the three of you if you don’t give me the answers I need,” Henry threatened. He looked at their faces and could see the uncertainty.

“It’s not a regular person, it’s the first time the person gave us a job.” Gabrice finally spoke.

“Tell me where I can find him.”

“His name is Jones Gatar, he used to live at Gege slum but I don’t know where he stays now or where he can be found.”

Samantha glanced back on hearing the name.

“How the hell did you do business with him?”

“He only called us once, the first time but always came here to see us when he needed to talk to us.”

“I know Jones Gatar, I know how to find him.” Samantha who had stepped back whispered to Henry’s ears.

“Are you sure?” Henry asked her in whispers.

“Yes,” she nodded.

“Okay,” Henry nodded and she then returned to her position.

“Where did you get the explosive device you installed?” Henry turned again to the men.

“He brought it here and told us where to put it,” Reuben replied. “We didn’t know it was an explosive device until we heard the news yesterday.”

“I hope you’re telling me truth, I won’t forgive any one of you if I discovered that you lied to us.”

Henry was yet to get a reply from them when he heard Dave’s voice from his earpiece. “Jennifer is here with the bus.”

To be continued