Reincarnation(Tales of the Dead) Season 2 Final Episode 10


There was joy in the ward after Mrs Nancy embraced her grandson. She sighted Jimmy lying unconscious then the tears she tried to withhold finally dropped. She straightened her eyes again to see her husband looking at her in an uncharacteristic inquisitive expression. Of course she knew the next interrogation she was gonna receive from him.

“Where did you go, woman?” Mr Ethen finally asked her. Everybody’s eyes directed to her, even Ellen who started feeling belonged to the family without a proposal from her boyfriend, but she was unique, loving and understanding.

“I went to Hezas” Mrs Nancy began. “There i stood beside Dave’s grave crying for him to break the curse. Suddenly, he appeared and let go of it” she explained on a nutshell then all became amazed.

“Just like that?” Kate queried.

“Yes, just like that” a male voice sounded from behind thereby making them to turn. They saw the pastor who managed to be on his feet coming gradually.

“Nothing is impossible for God. His ways are not our ways. Twenty-five years in the eyes of men is like twenty-five days to him. He does his things at his own time. When he says yes, no man or spirit can say no” he finally drew closer looking at Alex yet nobody said a word.

“The Lord said to me, “You shall not die but pray for the woman whom i have made to leave to Hezas for the plead to break the curse coz she’s the only one who can solve the problem at hand”” the poster looked at Mrs Nancy then continued.

“Only because of that were you able to arrive safely coz the forces of the curse wanted to kill you on your way to Hezas”

“Oh my God!” Mrs Nancy exclaimed then remembered what happened on her way to Hezas. :


On a lonely road, Mrs Nancy Drove faster with all the glasses of her car locked. Nothing could be heard except the Christian song that played inside the car. The velocity of the car could be detected by the fast movement of grasses and trees running along the roadside.

Suddenly, the music stopped. Mrs Nancy tried to know why but loosed control of the steering wheel.

“Jesus!” she exclaimed matching the break which refused to respond.

“Oh my God..” she kept matching the break and controlling the car until it pulled to a stop. The music began to play again.. :


All understood how God intervened and made sure the prayers of his people were answered at his own time. Therefore Kate couldn’t help it but to praise God. Just as they sighed in relieve, Jimmy coughed awake at the opposite bed. He couldn’t move his body but understood where he was. He looked by the side to see his wife smiling at him.

“Where is Alex?”

“He’s fine. Thank God you are okay too” the wife replied.

Jimmy also saw others looking and smiling at him in an encouraging and peaceful manner which made him believe that things were okay.



Before Alex set to go back to service, Mrs Nancy slept but never woke. She died at the age of sixty-nine. Her death was regarded as ‘peaceful rest.’ All attended her burial even Mrs Tunte. Nevertheless, At Jimmy’s residence, Alex sat with his legs crossed and operating his phone. He was in his NYSC uniform. Beside him was his luggage. He was actually waiting for Ellen for them to go back to service. Suddenly, the mother came out with a sour face.

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“Alex, it’s getting late”

“Mum, Ellen will soon be here” Alex glanced at her. “Your face doesn’t look bright. Any problem?”

“Don’t mind me” the mother wanted to sit but the presence of Ellen who entered interrupted her.

“Good day, ma’am” Ellen gave her a hug. Kate reciprocated with a smile wondering how good she was. She was a pure replica of her in attitude.

“Welcome my daughter. Please, don’t let go of my son. Take care of him”

“Trust me, i will” Ellen replied as she moved to carry Alex’s luggage.

“Mum!” Alex shouted then both stared at him. Ellen had an idea of the cause of his shouting so she began to smile.

“What’s it, Alex?” the mother asked.

“You’re making me look like a child. I should be the one taking care of her not the other way round” Alex replied.

“I knew it!” Ellen began to laugh moving towards the door. Even Kate started laughing but gently embraced him.

“I know son. Nobody is dragging the fact that you’re the boss but we women know what we’re saying. Remember, you’re the head but we’re the neck”

“I don’t believe in that s–t, mum!” Alex smiled moving towards the door too.

“I love you mum!”

“I love you too, son! Bye!” Kate kept smiling and waving.

In the evening, Kate came back rejoicing. Jimmy, the husband couldn’t guess the cause of her joy until she announced to him that she was a month pregnant confirmed by a doctor.

Jimmy hugged her happily and Mrs Tunte, his mother, became friendly with them from then. : Kate delivered twins, a boy and a girl before her menopause. And she made Jimmy her hero! :