Reincarnation(Tales of the Dead) Season 2 Episode 9


Only Mrs Nancy herself knew where she was. She was in Hezas, Dave’s hometown standing before Dave skeleton’s grave with a rose flower in her hand. The day was fast becoming dark..

Old Clinton, Dave’s father, died on his one hundredth birthday. So one of his relatives showed Mrs Nancy where the skeleton was buried. It was within the local compound but at the backyard. Few meters from the grave was a dark bush influenced by the dark weather.

The sound of crickets and other notorious animal was heard within the arena. The grave had the same level with the normal ground due to how long it has been. But the only thing that made it recognizable were planted flowers which circulated it. Mrs Nancy’s dress had the same colour with the rose flower in her hand-red gown.

Behind her was an old man, one of late Clinton’s relatives. He had a staff in his hand looking thin and having gray hair both on the head and jaw.

“Dave, how do you claim to love me but put me in this bondage?” Mrs Nancy began in tears. “I loved you and i still do. The love we shared together is still fresh in my memory and i will never forget it. Please, take me with you and spare my grandson and his generation to come. Please, take me and break the curse. I beg you in the name of God. It is becoming unbearable to us. Please, take my life”

she dropped the flower on the grave, laid on it and cried seriously. The old man behind began to shake his head piteously. Of curse he knew what she was talking about. Just as Mrs Nancy cried, Dave appeared beside the grave holding a living heart in his hand and bleeding all over his body. The interior part of his body could be seen open without a heart or anything inside it.

When Mrs Nancy saw him, she rushed up standing on the grave without making a move. She was the only one who could see him.


“Yes, my love”

“Dave, please, break the curse and spare the life of my grandson and his generation to come” Mrs Nancy knelt down regardless her old age.

“Why would i do that my love?” Dave began to shed tears too. “Just look at me, I’m heartless. I was slaughtered alive like an animal, i felt my own heart being cut off from me and my body left to decay like a dead animal making my spirit wander restlessly. I was denied the dream of marrying you, the dream of spending the rest of my life with you my love. Though i never knew the curse will turn back to hurt you. I never knew that the son of the man who killed me will get married to your daughter”

“But you know better now”

“I have always known but..”

“Please, have mercy on me and break he curse” Mrs Nancy interrupted. “You can still take me with you” she added.

The old man bent forward looking around to see who Mrs Nancy was speaking with but saw nobody. Dave looked at the heart in his hand then released it to the air where it vanished. He looked at Mrs Nancy.

“Your grandson is safe. The sin of his grandfather will not visit him again. I love you, Nancy” he disappeared.

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Back to the hospital, the pastor’s mouth gradually stopped moving and he opened his eyes.

On the other hand, Alex showed a sign of life in him by taking a deep breath and opened his eyes too. That attracted Ellen, Mr Ethen and Kate.

“Alex?” the mother called.

“Mum?” Alex looked around by just rolling his eyes coz he couldn’t move his head. “What happened, mum?” he asked.

“Nothing to worry about my child. The only thing that matters now is that you’re okay” the mother began to caress his cheek.

“My child, thank God you’re okay” Mr Ethen added.

“Grandfather?” Alex looked around again. “Where is grandma?” he asked.

“She’s fine. Just wait a moment” Mr Ethen rushed out to call the house-help again.

Ellen placed one of her ears on Alex’s chest to hear his heart beating normally.

“It’s a miracle” she thought with a smile on her face. Kate raised her eyes to see Mrs Regina talking to her husband and stood up to meet them. The pastor was able to recognise her.

“Madam Kate”

“Yes, pastor”

“How’s your son?”

“He’s fine. He’s here too”

“Thank God” the pastor took a deep breath. He had a lot to say but waited for the right time.


Back to Labon, Mrs Nancy just arrived to meet the house-help answering a call in the living room. “..sir, she’s back now” the girl fearfully handed the phone to her madam saying, “Oga wants to talk to you. He has been looking for you” Mrs Nancy placed the phone on her ear and the husband told her the situation of things without minding to ask her were she went to. He reserved that for another time.

So Mrs Nancy called her driver and both began to drive to Unna. She glanced at the digital clock inside the car: 8:30pm. : Mrs Nancy arrived at the hospital standing beside her grandson whose eyes were closed. She hoped she doesn’t create another scene.

“Alex?” she called with a low voice then Alex slowly opened his eyes. He didn’t see her as a sixteen year old girl anymore.


“Oh, my grandson” Mrs Nancy embraced him lightly. “Thank God you’re okay” she added winking her eyes to prevent tears.. :