Reincarnation(Tales of the Dead) Season 2 Episode 6


There were three different cars parked outside the house and Alex didn’t know which one has the key in his hand. Fortunately, the key had a remote, so to be able to locate the particular car, he pressed the unlock button and a black Range Rover was spotted blinking red light. He rushed it, open the back door and flung his bag inside before heading to the driver’s seat.

“Alex! Alex!!” Ellen ran out still in her NYSC uniform. Before Alex started the car, she humped in the front seat breathing hastily. “What is wrong with you?”

“Just shut your mouth!” Alex warned then sped off. The speed in which the car ran along the road got Ellen scared.

“Alex, slow down.. Where are we going to?”

“To my place at Unna” Alex began angrily. “Somebody has to wake me up from this nightmare. Can you imaging i saw my own grandmother younger than you are? Isn’t that hilarious?”

“Alex, i saw your grandmother as old as a sixty..”

“I know what saw!” Alex interrupted. “Why am i the only one seeing and hearing these things? Do you think am insane! I’m in my rightful senses..” he kept lamenting forgetting that he was driving thereby nearly hitting down somebody.

“Alex, watch out!” Ellen exclaimed. So he matched the break forcefully thereby making them to feel the pulling force. There was a loud noise made by the tyres of the car and smoke coming out from each until the car pull to a stop. But he put the key in the ignition again to move.

“Alex, wait let me drive. You are not yourself” Ellen wanted to come down to take over the steering wheel.

“Just sit your a-s right back there” Alex commanded and set the car in motion again. “You are so stubborn!” Ellen hit him.


At Unna, Jimmy wasn’t at home when his mother entered his house in a troublesome manner. She wore a traditional attire and had a wrapper tied round her waist. Anybody who sees her would definitely know she came for a fight.

“Where is that stick that called herself a woman and doesn’t want to give my son children? Kate, where are you!” Mrs Tunte bounced around the living room. From the tone of her voice, Kate who was in the bedroom knew that she had come again with her problems. Nevertheless, she came out wearing a long gown. Even at her early forties, she was still the same black beautiful Kate.

“Mother, what do you want from me?”

“I want you to park your things and leave this house!”

“I’m not going anywhere. This is my husband’s house!”

“Oh, is that so? We shall see” Mrs Tunte tightened her wrapper. Before she moved forward, Alex barged in followed by Ellen. The position he saw the two women made him wonder what was going on.

“What’s going on, grandma?” he finally asked.

“Who’s your grandma?” MrsTunte retorted.

“Enough, Mother!” Kate rebuked her walking closer to Alex. “My son, are you okay?”

“I am not okay, mum!” Alex shouted flinging the car key on the floor. The sound of his voice and actions startled all the women in the room even Mrs Tunte who became as calm as ice water.

“I see myself doing things that seem like i have done before in the past, i experience bad omen, i hear the sound of strange bell, i saw someone who called himself Dave but suddenly disappear, i saw a written note on my table telling me that I’m running out of time, i went to my grandmother at Labon only to see her looking like a sixteen year old girl and i came here my second grandmother is denying the fact that she’s my granny. Who de f–k am i? And what’s happening to me!”

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Alex concluded in devastation. Already, his mother, Kate, had started shedding tears hearing all he said. So she called her husband immediately on the phone. : Jimmy arrived few minutes later seeing Alex and Ellen sitting together, his mother on a different seat and his wife shedding tears on another seat. He wore a black suit as if he was coming back from a wedding ceremony which he was the groom.

“Alex?” he called softly but Alex remained mute sweating in anger.

“Honey, it has started again” Kate told Jimmy as he sat beside her.

“What has started again?” Alex glared at both of them. Jimmy exhaled bitterly and began to tell the story from the beginning. After he finished, Ellen was seen shedding tears and Alex walking to and fro in tears too.

“Cheeii!” Mrs Tunte exclaimed. “So you aren’t my father” Alex began. “And you mean i have to marry my own grandmother otherwise I’ll die for what i don’t know just like my own father. No, this is too much for me” he walked towards the television-stand but ended up pulling everything down and fell on the floor too.

“Alex!” the parents rushed him likewise Ellen. As he laid on the floor, he saw Dave at the wall moving his mouth in a way that shows: YOUR TIME IS UP!

“Mum, look at him!” Alex stood up pointing at the wall. “He’s the Dave. He’s saying my time is up!” Everybody followed the direction of his hand but didn’t see anything except Mrs Tunte who ran outside in fear.. :