Reincarnation(Tales of the Dead) Season 2 Episode 5


Ellen wanted to pick up the scattered phone but stared at Alex whose doorknob rested in his hands. The act got her freaking out but she never wanted him to be aware. So she left the phone on the floor to him and gradually collected the doorknob from him, then opened the door by herself.

“Here you go” she said softly. Alex hesitated to enter and went back to the bed sitting at its edge. Ellen followed him again. “Alex..”

“This is bad omen” Alex began by interrupting her. “Something seriously is happening or about to happen. First i experienced what you called reincarnation. Secondly, i heard the sound of a strange bell and now I’m experiencing bad omen. What’s going on?”

“What did your dad say when u called him?” Ellen asked.

“That i shouldn’t worry but come home if it happens again”

“That means he knows something”

“Really?” Alex looked at her.

“Yeah, but i think you should go take your bath let’s prepare for work” Ellen glanced at the wall clock.


Kate waited for Jimmy to answer her question. She was still in a pyjamas having tears in her eyes but wasn’t crying anymore. All her concentration was on her husband who made a statement she couldn’t believe.

“Talk to me, what promise and to whom did you make the promise?” she repeated. Jimmy gradually turned.

“Alex made me promise that I’ll take care of you and his child before he died” he replied.

“So you lied to me! I hate you!”

“That was the only way to get u otherwise you would have rejected my proposal!”

“It’s better than being used like a worthless woman who has no value. I hate you!” she began crying throwing pillows at her husband who held and looked into her eyes.

“I never used you my love. I never propose to you coz of the promise. I did that because i love you. You aren’t worthless neither are you valueless. Alex never told me to marry you. He only said i should take care of you and his child, and the only way to do that was to get married to you. All my life i have never seen you as a worthless woman. Please, understand me”

Kate embraced her husband in tears. All the previous pains began to come back.


Alex and Ellen were posted to the same academic centre. The secondary school was large with storey buildings. Alex was seen coming down from a staircase wearing the NYSC uniform. Opposite him was another young man in his uniform coming up the staircase too.

“Good day, sir”

“Good day”

“Have we met before?” Alex asked feeling strange.

“No, i was just posted here” the young man replied. “My name is Dave” he stretched his hand.

“I’m Alex, Alex Jimmy” Alex shook his hand then both departed. On his way down the stairs, he met Ellen coming up too.

“Hi, Mr.” she said smiling.

“Hi, have you also met Dave?” Alex asked.

“Who’s Dave?”

“A new copper posted here”

“C’mon, Alex, every post to the centre has been completed”

“But..” Alex looked back. “I just met him. Excuse me” he ran back upstairs but Dave was nowhere to be found. He entered into his office to see a note which he read thus:


“Alex?” Ellen called beside him.

“Where is the Dave?” she asked.

“I don’t know” Alex replied.

“Who dropped the note?”

“I don’t know”

“But.. but..” Ellen stammered. Just then, Alex began to hear the sound of the bell again. So he looked at Ellen.

“Can you hear that?”


“The bell, it’s ringing again!”

“Alex, i can’t hear anything”

“Oh, God!” he ran out followed by Ellen who kept calling him. She followed him to the house and met him packing.

“What are you doing?”

“I’m packing. I have to go home now”

“I’m going with you” Ellen insisted and followed him.

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They first went to Labon coz Alex thought that his grandmother, Mrs Nancy, would have a better explanation to his problem than his parents. Already, he had not been told that Jimmy isn’t his biological father but everything was about to be revealed as he was going home.

Mr Ethen wasn’t at home when Alex arrived with Ellen to meet only Mrs Nancy in the parlour.

“Good day, ma’am” Ellen greeted her. She looked at Alex to introduce her to his granny but saw him staring at his own grandmother strangely.

Though Mrs Nancy was very old but in the eyes of Alex, she was looking like a sixteen year old attractive girl.

“Alex? Are you okay?” the grandmother stood up while he moved backward then robbed his eyes.

“Grandma, why are you looking younger like a sixteen year old girl?” Alex’s question got the two women surprised especially Ellen who said,

“Alex, stop joking around”

“I’m not joking neither am i insane! I know what I’m seeing and hearing for goodness sake!” he ran out but suddenly came back to pick one of the car keys. He found one on the table and headed out instantly. Seeing that, Mrs Nancy understood what was happening then began to shed tears. She looked at Ellen.

“Please, my daughter, follow him. Don’t allow anything to happen to him” she told her..