Reincarnation(Tales of the Dead) Season 2 Episode 4


When Alex noticed what just happened, he returned trying to figure out why such thing happened. As he walked towards the window again, Ellen sat up naked.

“Alex? Baby, what’s it? Don’t you wonna exercise again?”

“Something just happened now” Alex turned to her to see her covering up. She finally came down from the bed wearing only a pant.

“What happened?”

“Have we been here before?” Alex queried standing close to her.

“No baby, this is my first time of coming and sleeping in your apartment”

“But everything seems to me as if it had happened before: You throwing a pillow at me and calling me a silly boy while i want to go for a morning exercise. It was very clear!” Ellen smiled. She was an easy girl, good to be with and very intelligent too.

She was five fit tall with fair complexion. She packed her natural hair backward without much makeup. She placed a hand on Alex’s chest and another on his waist. Her b—-t came in contact with his body while her eyes fist on his.

“Baby, what just happened to you is normal. It happens to me sometimes too. My mother said it’s reincarnation”

“Reincarnation?” Alex repeated.

“Yes, it means you’re living the life of another person who must have died years ago” Ellen concluded then began to kiss him in order to reduce the perturbation in him. When the kiss got intense, Alex’s sex hormones tried react for another sex, but she quit it.

“Oya, bye bye. You were going somewhere”

“Oh, i almost forgot” Alex smiled and hurried out to the cold..

An hour later, he came back looking worried. He met Ellen dressing the bed and the entire room but quietly reached his trouser and brought a pack of cigarette and a lighter.

“What are u doing?” Ellen suspended what she was doing going closer to him. “Don’t tell me you wonna smoke this morning” Without responding, Alex lit a stick of cigarette then blew out the first smoke. Surprisingly, Ellen dragged it off from his mouth and matched it to put off the burning flame.

“I won’t allow you do that this early morning. What’s wrong with you! How can you just come back and start smoking?”

“That’s because I’m going insane!” Alex retorted pointing his fingers at Ellen who startled and adjusted backward coz she had never seen him in such mood before.

“I’m living in the world of total insanity!!” he added raising his voice. He picked up another cigarette, lit it and began smoking again. Only then did Ellen know that something had gone wrong. Therefore she stepped forward with a lower voice.

“Baby, what’s the problem?”

“Am gonna tell you” Alex blew out a smoke then Ellen waved her hand around her face to reduce the intoxication.

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“I heard the sound of a bell on my way jogging this morning”

“What bell?”

“I don’t know. I stopped to listen very well and i discovered i was the only one hearing it and.. and..”

“And what?” Ellen interrupted.

“And i saw a dog barking at me” Alex concluded.

“Oh, my God!”

“I believe something is wrong somewhere”

“Yes, baby, but can you stop smoking, please. It will never solve the problem rather enhance it” Ellen became as meek as a dove. Her voice alone can calm a wavy ocean down and Alex always succumb to it. So she gradually went closer to him, took the stick of cigarette off his mouth and kissed him without minding the smell.

“It’s not the best way of treating a problem as a man” she added. Alex became weak and at the same time strong. So he reached his cell phone instantly..


Jimmy and Kate were in the bedroom when Jimmy’s phone rang. They were actually still sleeping coz the day hadn’t become bright enough.

The wife woke up to hear the sound of the ringing phone then reached it to see Alex as the caller.

“Honey, Alex is calling you” she woke Jimmy up and handed the phone to him. Jimmy put the call on speaker and Alex explained his experience to them.

“It’s nothing to worry about, Alex. If it happens again, come home” the father told him.

“Okay, dad” Alex hung up the called. Then Jimmy turned to see Kate, his wife shedding tears.

“For how long will you keep shedding tears my love?”

“I don’t know. It has become my food” Kate began. “What my son said is exactly what happened to his father. That means he’s gonna die like his father too. God, what type of life is this?” she began crying aloud.

“Listen, nobody is dying this time around. Not when I’m still alive and God sitting on the throne”

“But we’ve been praying oh”

“I said Alex isn’t gonna die! Not when i made a promise to take care of him” Jimmy tried to walk out but his wife’s voice stopped him. “A promise? Honey, what promise and you talking about?” Kate asked stepping down from the bed totally..


Back to Delta, Alex dropped the call but his cell phone fell from him and scattered on the floor. He ignored it to open the bathroom door, but the doorknob broke in his hand too. Then he turned to see Ellen staring at him..