Reincarnation(Tales of the Dead) Season 2 Episode 7


Dave disappeared. Ellen and Kate were in tears except Jimmy who suggested they go to a pastor again. All rushed outside into Jimmy’s car except Alex who struggled with the handle of the back door trying to open it but couldn’t-bad omen. When he dragged it forcefully, it broke in his hand.

“Demn it!” he exclaimed. Ellen who was already inside the car opened the door for him. Then all waited for Jimmy to start the car. He keyed the car severally but it refused to pick. Kate looked at him.

“Honey, what’s the problem?”

“This stupid car doesn’t want to start!”

“Try again”

“I’m trying!” Jimmy became tied.

“Let’s use grandfather’s car” Alex suggested then all moved into the black Range Rover. Yet, it refused to start. They came out one by one wondering what the problem was.

“Let’s trek” Kate suggested.

“Yeah, good idea” Ellen supported.

“Or we take a cab” she added. Immediately they wanted to move, everything flashed back to Jimmy’s memory. He remembered that it was the same way late Alex died, therefore he said,

“Wait!” Everybody looked at him. “We shouldn’t trek or use a any cab because this boy gonna die on the way. That was how his father died” he explained.

“What do you suggest we do now?” the wife asked. Just as they wanted to figure the right answer for the question, Alex began to see ghosts-dead people. They were on white circling them and murmuring what he couldn’t hear.

“Oh my God! Dad, who are they?” he asked turning around and looking a the ghosts. He was the only one who saw them.

“Who are you talking about, Alex?” Jimmy asked.

“Can’t you see them?” Alex began to hear the sound of the bell again. It became louder to the extent he screamed with his ears covered.

“Please, leave me alone!” he began to run inside the house followed by others. Unfortunately, he stumbled at the stairs, fell and hit his head on one of them. Blood splashed!

“Alex!!” the mother shouted. They carried him inside and laid him on the floor, yet, blood never stopped rushing from his broken head.

“Honey, call the pastor!” Kate shouted and began to pray. Seeing that, Ellen joined her in prayer as Jimmy made the call..

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Back to Labon, old Mr Ethen returned from work. He had a driver likewise his wife. In addition, they also employed a house help. When Mr Ethen came down from his car, he noticed that two cars out of three that were parked outside had gone. Nevertheless, he entered into the sitting room but found only the house-help who just came out from the kitchen.

“Where is my wife?”

“I don’t know sir. I came back from the market only to see her gone” the poor girl replied. Mr Ethen stepped outside angrily and summoned the wife’s driver who he didn’t believe was around.

“Where is my wife?”

“She has gone out, sir”

“To where?”

“I don’t know. I wanted to drive her but she insisted to go alone” Mr Ethen thought for a while.

“What about my Range Rover car?” he asked again.

“According to madam, your grandson took it” the driver replied.

“My grandson? Alex?” Mr Ethen dialed Jimmy’s number immediately.


Already, Jimmy had called the pastor. He watched the two women praying hardly and also looked at Alex on the floor then remembered the promise he made to his father. After Jimmy waited so long for the pastor to come, he decided to call him again but another person picked the call telling him that the pastor had died in a car accident.

“Oh, my God!” he exclaimed and collapsed on the cushion thereby interrupting the women’s prayer.

“Honey, what’s it?” the wife moved closer.

“The pastor has had an accident and died on his way here” Jimmy replied.

“Jesus!” Kate broke down in tears again. She reached her son on the floor and carried him in her arms.

“Please, call a doctor. He’s losing a lot of blood” Ellen started crying too. Before Jimmy called the doctor, Mr Ethen’s call entered. He picked it instantly.

“Jimmy, is my wife there?”

“No, sir. Any problem?”

“She’s nowhere to be found and she didn’t go out with her cell phone.”

“That’s strange.” Jimmy said then Kate looked at him.

“Alex took my car. Is he here?”

“Yes, but at the point of death”

“What!” Mr Ethen exclaimed and the line went off.

Kate asked Jimmy what was going on and he told her that her mother was nowhere to be found which broke her heart the more. Jimmy finally called the doctor and after 30min, he received a call that he had had an accident and died too.

“Nooo!!” Jimmy exclaimed bitterly.

”Oh, God, what is all this!” Ellen slumped on the cushion in tears why Alex rested in her mother’s arms. Suddenly, Jimmy stood up. He carried Alex heading towards the door.

“Honey, where are you taking him to?” Kate asked.

“I’m taking him to the hospital myself!” he replied. Just then, Kate remembered what the chief priest said years ago about whosoever that tries to break the curse or save Alex’s life..