Reincarnation(Tales of the Dead) Season 2 Episode 2


Jimmy’s mind wandered to several things due to how quiet Kate was staring at him suspiciously. He suddenly picked up his fork and knife again to get busy and to ease tension.

What must have been going through Kate’s mind? He didn’t know. He tried to put a spoon of rice in his mouth but reluctantly dropped it.

“Okay, i got it. I must have been a little bit straight forward. Please, forgive me. This is actually my first time of talking to a lady for marriage or relationship” Kate smiled at his words thereby reducing the tension in him.

“Are you saying you’ve not woah a lady before?” she asked.


“I doubt it. That is to say you’ve not have any intimacy with a woman before”

“Uhm.. not really. I’ve had intimacy with girls but never woah any of them”

“Then how come you were able to get them to bed? Or do you normally carry prostitutes?” Kate was really enjoying the conversation. Though Jimmy’s proposal still remained at the back of her mind.

“Hell no! Girls have the habit of throwing themselves at me, so..”

“So you take advantage of them” Kate interrupted.

“Kind of, but not all” Jimmy replied. He began to have the notion that things were getting out of hand since there were discussing about his personal life instead of the proposal. That made him really uncomfortable but he was as bold as a man.

“Don’t you have a girlfriend?” Kate started eating again.

“Yes” Jimmy joined her.

“I love sincere guys. What made you think I’m the right woman for you knowing the condition I’m into and the one that awaits me in the future? Wait..” Kate stared at him. “Are u doing this because of Alex? Alex told you to take over from him, didn’t he?” she asked seriously, even Jimmy saw the seriousness on her face. He couldn’t believe how smart she was to figure out his plan with Alex. What would he say now? Should he say the truth? If he does, Kate wouldn’t think twice to reject his proposal coz no lady would like to be played like a football. Jimmy understood that, therefore he said,

“Alex didn’t tell me anything. I love you that’s why i wonna settle down with you. And most of all, i want to lessen your burden, i want to share in your happiness and sorrow. Please, let me be the second Alex in your life and i promise you, you’ll never regret it”

Kate became convinced enough. So she said, “Give me time to think about it”

“I’m okay with that” both smiled.



Jimmy finally married Kate. His friends and relatives didn’t miss the wedding especially his mother, Tunte. She was younger than Mrs Nancy. On the wedding night, at the residence of Jimmy, Kate sat quietly on the bed which was two fit high and large too. At the corner of the room was a long standing mirror with drawers at its base. She wore a milky pyjamas without a bra but a white pant that could be seen through the pyjamas. Just then, Jimmy came out from the bathroom wearing only a boxers.

He had a natural flat stomach with slightly visible six-packs. He looked at Kate then both smiled.

“What?” they said at the same time too.

“What are you thinking?” Jimmy added immediately.

“Nothing” Kate moved to the inner part of the bed.

“The mind constantly thinks of something so you can’t tell me nothing” Jimmy met her and gradually began to kiss her which she reciprocated.

They suddenly quite smiling and staring at each other before resuming back for more. When the kiss and romance got intense, Jimmy gradually pulled her panties then looked at her for more kiss. Already, his d–k had become strongly erect. Kate could feel it within her private part.

“Don’t hurt the baby” she said then both giggled and began to kiss again without knowing that Alex’s ghost was standing at the window watching and smiling with them too. When Jimmy’s d–k found its way to her v—-a, he disappeared. Kate was touched immediately, so she stared at the window without knowing why, yet, feeling the sensation of the sex.

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Kate was due to deliver. Unfortunately, she was the only one at home. She screamed from the bedroom to the parlour where her cell phone was. She wore a long gown that exposed her big stomach. Already, her body chemistry and typology had changed. She held her waist with a hand to pick up her phone from the cushion but fell down harshly.

“Jim! Somebody help me!” she screamed with painful tears. Though she managed to dial Jimmy’s number and said,

“Baby, please, come and take me to the..” Hearing her voice alone, Jimmy understood what she was passing through, so he couldn’t wait for her to finish driving as fast as he could from his place of work. Finally, he was able to take her to the hospital. Just as he waited, the doctor came out with bleeding hands.

“Young man, your wife needs to be operated otherwise she’ll lose her life”

“Doctor, do whatever you can to save her and the baby”

“Follow me to my office then” the doctor concluded.. :