Reincarnation(Tales of the Dead) Season 2 Episode 3


The operation commenced. Nurses and the doctor could be seen on blue garments inside the theater with their noses covered. Kate laid quiet as they operated on her. She wasn’t dead neither was she alive. In the spiritual rein, she saw Alex standing before her.

“Alex, don’t leave me again”

“I never left you my love. Now I’m gonna be forever with you” he turned to leave.

“But you are leaving me. Please, take me with you”

“If you come with me, you’ll leave me all alone in the world” Kate became confuse watching as Alex departed into a bright light.

“Which world? What do you mean?” she asked but no reply. “Alex!!” she shouted.

Back to the physical, the cry of a baby was heard within the theater-the operation was successful. The doctor handed the baby to the nurses to clean up while he began to stitch Kate up who still remained unconscious.

Jimmy had no idea on what had happened. He walked to and fro at the reception waiting for the doctor. Suddenly, he finally came out.

“Doctor, how’s my wife?”

“Congratulation! Your wife delivered a baby boy”

“Thank you, but i asked you about my wife”

“She’s okay. You only have to wait for her to regain consciousness”

“Thank God!” Jimmy became relieved.

Few hours later, Kate regained consciousness. She opened her eyes to see Mrs Nancy, her mother, carrying her baby and Jimmy sitting beside her. Tunte, Jimmy’s mother and Mr Ethen were absent.

“Mum? Is that my baby?”

“Year dear”

“Please, let me see him” Mrs Nancy handed the baby to her. She looked at him to see exact image of Alex in him. Then she realize why Alex told her he is in the world and will forever be with her. She looked at Jimmy.

“I wonna make a request”

“What’s it dear?”

“I wonna name him Alex”

“You mean the baby?”

“Yes” Jimmy remained quiet for a while and glanced at Mrs Nancy who was also surprise at her daughter’s request. He turned to Kate with a low voice,

“Honey, listen, i don’t think it’s a good idea to name the baby..”

“Please” Kate interrupted him staring at him with piteous eyes.

“Fine, he can bear the name ‘Alex’ in as much as the last name gonna be mine”

“Of course it gonna be yours” Kate said and all giggled. One thing never departed from their memories; the curse!


Throughout the years there was no sign of anything and Kate never stopped praying with her husband for the curse not to revisit their son. Even Mrs Nancy who had become a grandmother in her late sixties prayed earnestly for the curse to be broken. Now, it’s twenty-five years. All waited to know the outcome of their prayers. Jimmy was in his late forties while Kate in her early forties without any other child apart from Alex. That was strange!

They had gone for test but the doctor confirmed them fertile. How come they couldn’t have another child? Though Jimmy knew that even Alex wasn’t his son but he endured the pain of not having a child to call his own at his age. These couple sat in the sittingroom happily in a way Kate rested on Jimmy’s thighs. Suddenly, the door banged opened. Tunte, Jimmy’s mother entered angrily.

“Enough is enough! Jimmy, you are getting married to another woman now!” Kate sat up looking at her mother in-law likewise Jimmy.

“Mother what’s it? Why saying i should marry another wife?”

“Can’t you see that this woman you called your wife can’t give you a child” the mother replied.

“But i have a child. Alex is my child”

“Lies! I don’t believe that that boy is your son. He doesn’t resemble you cha cha cha! Okay, why haven’t you been able to bear another children?” Kate was beginning to hurt emotionally, so she interfered,

“Mother, it’s not my fault that i can’t bear another children”

“Then whose fault is it?” Mrs Tunte glared. “Listen, better pack your things and leave before i come back” she walked out then Kate began to shed tears but Jimmy drew her closer to himself.

“Is okay, stop crying” he consoled her.

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Alex, son of Jimmy and Kate, had grown to a man. He had graduated from the university running his youth service at Delta state. He was exact picture of late Alex except that he kept an afro hairstyle.

One day, early in the morning, he flung his blanket and stood up from the bed to do morning exercise. On the bed was Ellen, his girlfriend who was totally naked. He began to wear his track suit and shoes after which he looked through the window. Morning dew was the nature of the weather. As he tried to leave, Ellen said half asleep,

“To where are you going?”

“I want to do some exercise” Alex replied.

“Do you wonna join me?”

“No, you never told me you’ll be doing that this morning. Please, come and stay with me”

“Just tell me you need another sex” Alex smiled.

“Go away! Silly boy”

Ellen threw a pillow at him. Just then, It seemed to Alex as if something on that nature had happened in the past.. :