Reincarnation(Tales of the Dead) Season 2 Episode 1


By Bright Daniel

This life is mysterious. You have to believe with me that the spiritual world controls the physically world. And to conquer a spirit, you have to be a spirit too.

Can this phenomena solve the case of Dave and Alex and prevent a curse from coming to pass for the second time? I don’t think so.

In Labon, Mr Ethen’s residence, Kate, his only daughter shouted loudly in tears in her room. She fell on the floor rolling herself on the ground like a eight year old child. Her underwear became visible due to the short black skirt she wore.

The paper of pregnancy report could be seen beside her as as she cried. Suddenly, the mother rushed inside.

“Kate, what’s it?” she tried to sit her up but before she got her hands on her, she had already sat up swiftly pointing at the door.

“Mum, Alex..”

“Alex?” the mother followed the direction of her hand looking at the door but couldn’t see anything. “What do you mean?”

“Mum, i saw Alex. Please, tell him to come back oh” Kate cried. Only then did the mother realized she saw a ghost and began to console her feeling the same pain she was feeling.

She glanced at the pregnancy report on floor but ignored it. Her daughter’s happiness was more important to her.


Normal activities went on and the past was beginning to be forgotten gradually. Jimmy looked at himself in the mirror after dressing up. He wore a plain brown trouser and a longsleeve shirt that had white stribes. He had tucked it in looking corporate but noticed that one thing was missing; his eyeglasses. He reached it and wore it immediately. He was really a gentle man without problem of any sort.

He had passed through a lot of difficulties in life, so he needed a moment of enjoyment. But what is life without a woman? When it comes to women, Jimmy was always the last. He hardly associated with women even in high school days. Now he wanted to take a bold step in fulfilling the promise he made to Alex before he died.

“I can do this” he stepped out from the mirror into the sitting room, took his car key from the centre table and headed straight to Labon.


Mr & Mrs Ethen were in the sitting room watching news when they heard a knock from the door.

“Come in” the wife permitted. Jimmy opened the door stepping inside at the same time.

“Good day sir, good day ma’am” he greeted politely prostrating forward too.

“Jimmy..” Mr Ethen was happy to see him. “Sit down” Jimmy sat opposite the couple then looked around as if he was looking for a particular person. Mrs Nancy noticed it then asked,

“Are you looking for Kate?”

“Yeah, actually, she’s the reason why i came”

“I hope there is no problem” Mr Ethen added.

“Absolutely no problem” Kate was summoned immediately in the parlour. She came out wearing a leggings trouser and a handless top to match it. Jimmy became endowed at her beauty and glanced at her stomach-the pregnancy wasn’t visible yet.

“Hi, Jim” Kate smiled making her beauty more elegant.

“Hi” Jimmy couldn’t take his eyes off her thereby making the parents to suspect them.

“Uhhm.. I came to take you out” he said.


“Yeah, I hope you don’t mind” Kate kept quiet but glow with smiles on her face. She looked at her parents to see them smiling too. Only then did Jimmy realize he had to take permission from them also.

“Uhm.. sorry” he faced Mr Ethen. “I hope I’m permitted, sir”

“The ball is in her court” Mr Ethen replied.

“Let me change up” Kate entered into her room to put on something more attractive.

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Jimmy sat before Kate in a restaurant. On the table were plates of food and drinks. There were other people in the quiet sanctum except the blasting of blues from unseen speakers. They had talked about several things but never brought the past to the present to avoid shed of tears. But how was Jimmy gonna start? Would he start by saying Alex told him to marry her? Or will he profess a new love for her? Was Kate really the person he loves or was he just fulfilling a promise?

These questions ran through Jimmy’s head as he ate and interacted with her. He knew that he had to be fast before the pregnancy becomes visible. So he dropped his fork and knife leaning backward in his seat.

“Any problem?” Kate stopped eating too but held her fork and knife inside the plate of rice with chicken looking at him.

“Not really but..” Jimmy leaned forward again. “Kate, there is something i want to tell you” Hearing that, Kate finally dropped her fork and knife.

“What’s it?”

“It might be a surprise to you but.. i love you and i want to marry you” Jimmy sounded sincere but more like an angel who came for a rescue. Kate never thought he would propose to her coz that was the last thing in her mind-the friend of her late fiance proposing to her.

The look on her face made Jimmy think that she was regarding him as someone who was praying earnestly for Alex to die.. :