Reincarnation (Tales of the dead) Episode 8


The old woman ignored Alex’s question and walked back to the wall then everybody in the sanctum got worried. All were having different thought at the same time:

Kate thought of how Alex will marry another woman, while Alex wondered why the old woman suddenly became quiet. Ife thought that Alex’s last question might not be answered by the woman, while Jimmy longs to get out of the creepy place. Nevertheless, Alex repeated his question,

“What’s the woman’s name and where can i find her?”

“I have no answer for that question” the old woman turned. “I see everything but can’t see the answer for this particular one. Someone who is greater than i will tell you the answer” she added.

“And where can we find this great person?”

“At Lebanon” the woman concluded facing the wall again. The room became quiet waiting for another question but none was asked, then Ife moved towards the exit.

“I’ll take you to Lebanon but not today” he said as others followed him.


The Journey to Boronu was not just scary but also weary. Alex and Kate had to spend the night in Unna at Jimmy’s place for the next journey to Lebanon because the day had become dark. Jimmy lived in a comfortable two bedroom flat with modern furniture in each. The sitting room had the size of a bedroom but well furnished with plazma television, cushions and artificial flowers. He was a bachelor without a mare girlfriend not to talk of a fiancee. And he had been like that right from high school.

These three people sat quietly in the small sitting room. Kate wasn’t looking happy neither was Alex nor Jimmy.

“I think i have to make dinner” Jimmy broke the silence.

“Dinner?” Alex raised his head looking at him. “My life is turning upside down and u want me to eat? I’m not eating, bro”

“What about you Kate?” Jimmy asked but Kate remained mute. “Kate? Kate..” he called and called but she remained mute. Alex looked at her from another cushion, he stood up to meet her and to hold her but she adjusted away from him. Just then, tears rolled down her two eyes.

“Baby, what troubles you?” Alex asked.

“I can’t stand this” Kate replied.


“Are you asking me what?” she turned. “You are considering to marry a woman who is old enough to be your mother and you are asking me what? You don’t even care how i feel!”

“But my life is at stake!”

“Oh.. Is that what you are saying? Fine!” Kate stood up but Alex held her hand and stood up too in a way there stared at each other.

Jimmy watched the drama silently from another corner.

“Kate Ethen” Alex began with a low voice. “I only want to know who the woman is and where to find her. If marrying her will keep me alive then I’m ready to die by your side coz i will never marry a woman who is old enough to be my mother and who i don’t love the way i love you. Yes, I’m ready to die for the sins of my father. But please, i will like to die in your arms” Alex’s words got Kate crying the more. She became emotionally down feeling every single word that came out from his mouth. So she embraced him crying on his chest coz that was her height.

“You’ll not die, baby” she said but Alex kept quiet. He looked at Jimmy who nodded his head in a way that shows: YOU’RE A MAN!

Sooner did Alex’s phone rang, he reached it and looked at Kate after seeing the caller.

“It’s your father” he said and picked the call.


“Good evening sir”

“What’s going on, where is my daughter?”

“She’s with me sir. I’m sorry, sir, we gonna be back tomorrow”

“I want to know what’s going on!” Mr Ethen shouted on the phone. Hearing that, Kate took the phone from Alex saying,

“Daddy, we gonna explain tomorrow, Bye” she hung up the call.

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THE NEXT DAY Jimmy, Ife, Kate and Alex got to Lebanon to inquire the unknown. The place was located in the heart of a forest. Due to it’s distance, Alex concluded that it must be the last place he would go for the same issue. Nevertheless, they stood before a man who came out from a tree. The tree has a door and window which got Jimmy frightened.

“Great man of Lebanon” Ife hailed the man. “I believe you know why we are here”

“The answer you seek is with you” the man said looking at Alex. “Dave Clinton’s blood will never be at rest until you, Alex, son of Frank fulfil his dream. You must marry Nancy Ethen, his girlfriend otherwise suffer bad omens until you die!”

“What!” Kate exclaimed. “Are you saying my mother was Dave’s girlfriend?”

“Exactly! And Alex must marry her” the old man concluded and entered back into the tree.

“No, no, no, I’m going insane” Kate walked around while Alex and others remained speechless. “This is too much for me to bear. It will never happen, not while I’m alive” she began to scratch her head as if she was really getting mad.

“Kate, pull yourself together” Jimmy held her.

“Leave me alone!” she shouted with tears in her eyes. Already, Alex had began to shed tears too..

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