Reincarnation (Tales of the dead) Episode 9


Jimmy got hold of Kate thereby pulling her together coz things were getting out of hand.

“My work here is done” Ife said and began to leave the forest without minding whether they would follow him or not, but Alex sluggishly made a move to follow him. It seems to him his world had ended and couldn’t think of anything at the moment. Jimmy, on the other hand, also began to drag crying Kate out of the forest too.


Back to Labon, Mr Ethen returned from work standing in the sitting room. The door of the room was opened so the wife didn’t notice when he arrived. The television was broadcasting with nobody watching it. He pulled his suit, picked a phone, dialed his daughter’s number coz he believed that she hadn’t returned, but the line wasn’t going through. He placed the phone on the centre table before entering inside his room.

When he opened the door, he couldn’t believe his eyes: he saw Mrs Nancy, his wife, trying to hide something inside her bag. She wore an expensive light blue gown. Though she was old but still looked attractive.

“Honey..” Mrs Nancy called standing after the bag. “You scared me”

“Why is the door open? And what are you hiding?” the husband stepped forward. “I saw tears in your eye yesterday, my daughter had gone out with her fiance for a reason i don’t know and you just behaved strangly now. What’s going on?” he stood before the wife who began to tremble.

“Nothing, I’m sorry for the door. Let me close it” the wife hurried out of the room just to reduce tension. After she went out, Mr Ethen opened the bag to see the picture. The image of the young man there was familiar to him. He sat on the edge of a bed as he watched the picture steady. Just then, the wife entered and was surprise!

“What’s Dave Clinton’s picture still doing in your bag?”

“Honey.. i.. i..” the wife moved forward without knowing what to say. “I just found it in my bag” she finally said, then the husband stood up glaring at her thereby making her heart skip a bit.

“Are u saying that after the past twenty-five years, you’ve never noticed this picture in your bag? So you’re still thinking about Dave even when I’m with you and have made everything available for you. I can’t believe this”

“Honey, I’m sorry. I can’t help but to think about him since i never saw his corpse after he died” Mrs Nancy began to cry but the husband ignored her walking back to the sitting room with the picture. Yet the wife followed him.

“I can’t believe I’m living with a woman whose heart is still with another man!” Mr Ethen streaked glaring at his wife. “What do you take me for? A fool?!”

“No, honey, i love you too” the wife defended fearfully trying to go on her knees but the opening of the door interrupted her. Both directed their eyes there to see Kate, Alex and another man coming inside-that was Jimmy. All weren’t looking happy or smiling.

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Kate became surprise to see her mother in tears but never wanted to know why, so she stood at a spot with her hands folded. Alex and Jimmy also stood differently.

“What’s the problem?” Mr Ethen threw the question on air for any person to answer but nobody said anything. Alex narrowed his vision to the picture in his hand then briskly walked to him.

“Can i see that sir?” he took if from him even when Mr Ethen didn’t want to hand it over.

“This is him!” he said.

“Who’s that?” Kate asked.

“This is Dave Clinton” Alex replied then looked at Mrs Nancy who said,

“How do you know him?”

“This is the man that is making my life miserable. The same man i saw in my bank!”

“What!” Mrs Nancy exclaimed. “Do you know what you’re talking about? You can’t see him coz he’s dead”

“Yes, i know. But i realize i only saw a ghost”


“Now can someone tell me what’s happening, and who is this young man here?” Mr Ethen queried pointing at Jimmy. Nobody said anything again until Jimmy stepped forward to introduce himself and to explain everything.

Mrs Nancy quivered in tears while Alex took a seat tapping his foot on the floor. But Kate never unfolded her hands enduring the whole issue.

“Alex is suffering from a dangerous reincarnation.. ” Jimmy began. He told the story from A-Z and Mr Ethen became speechless. Already, Kate had started shedding tears and the mother’s had increased too.

“I can’t believe this, and never will i allow Alex to marry my wife. You all are insane!” Mr Ethen shouted.

“But that’s the only way to safe this young man’s life! Do u want him to die?” Jimmy queried.

“I don’t care what happens to him. He should bear the cross of his father’s sin”

“Please, sir..”

“Now, both of you should get out of my house!” Mr Ethen commanded. Alex stood up with red eyes. He looked from Mrs Nancy to Kate seeing both shedding tears uncontrollably. He dropped the picture on the table and walked out instantly.

“No!” Kate began to cry trying to run after him but the father prevented her..

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