Reincarnation (Tales of the dead) Episode 7


Who is Dave and why was Mrs Nancy Ethen shedding tears for him? Something mysterious was happening which will definitely unfold in no time.

Due to the day was getting dark, Mrs Nancy kept back the picture into her bag because she was expecting the return of her husband. Just as she expected, she heard footsteps from the sitting room where she rushed out to see Mr Ethen, the husband, trying to put off his suit. He had an average height with dark complexion. His face rumpled a bit due to advance in age and wealth. He’s kind but could be mean when provoked.

“Welcome, honey” the wife hugged him after which she helped to take off the suit. “I’ve been expecting you”

“Sorry, my flight was delayed” the husband replied. He looked at Mrs Nancy’s eyes to see tears at the corner of one eye. “Why the tears in your eye?” he asked.

“Tears?” the wife cleaned it off instantly.

“Were you shedding tears?”

“No” the wife denied. Mr Ethen ignored her and both began to walk inside the bedroom with the wife holding his suit and briefcase. Just at the entrance of the room, the husband turned.

“Where is Kate?”

“She’s at Unna with Alex”

“Unna? For what?”

“She said she will explain when she comes back coz her fiance is having a problem” Mr Ethen stared at his wife for a while without saying anything then finally entered into the room.


Back to Unna, at Boronu, Alex, Kate and Jimmy followed Ife into the dark room but surprisingly, it wasn’t just a room but another different world. The candle light held by Ife illuminated the arena thereby making some structures and images on the walls visible.

Suddenly, Alex began to hear the sound of the bell again. It was louder than initial, so he screamed closing his ears and bending downward.

“Alex!” Kate held him. “What’s it?”

“It’s getting louder!” Alex replied.


“The bell!” Kate looked at Ife who turned with the candle to know what was happening. Of course he had an idea, so he told Kate,

“Go away from him” Kate moved back to Jimmy in a way she stood very close to him leaning her body on him in fear, but her eyes never departed from Alex seeing the pains he was passing through.

“Please, help him” she murmured. Ife touched Alex on the shoulder with a hand while the other hand get hold of the candle. Just then, the bell stopped ringing and Alex straightened up. His eyes became red with tears, his breathing rate changed and his hand quivered for a reason he didn’t understand.

“We are running out of time” Ife continued while they followed him until they got to a place where an old woman stood facing the wall. She has long fingernails and hair looking very old. She turned immediately Ife and others arrived.

“Alex son of Frank” she called then Alex became surprise.

“How do you know my full name?” he stepped forward.

“Sheehh” Ife sounded waving at him to be quiet, then the old woman continued.

“Alex, you have a mysterious life. What you’re experiencing is reincarnation in a dangerous form. The spirit of the body you found in the forest wants you to achieve the dream he was unable to achieve before he was killed”

“Who is the man and what is that dream?” Alex asked boldly. The old woman smiled.

“Though i may not have all the answers you need but one question at a time” she said.

“Alright, who is the man?”

“He was a young handsome loving dude” the woman began. “His name was Dave Clinton. In the forest where he was hung to death, look very well you’ll see a fresh rose flower. It fell from him when he was carried to the forest. He was actually going to present the flower to his girlfriend but was killed on his way”

The name ‘Dave’ flashed Alex’s memory back to RBA. He was actually the new employee that vanished within a twinkle of an eye. That means Alex saw a ghost! Nevertheless, he asked again,

“What dream does he want me to fulfil?”

“The dream of getting married to that his girlfriend. Only then can you stop experiencing the bad omens otherwise you’ll keep having them until you die” Hearing that, Kate and Alex looked at each other but kept quiet.

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“Of all the people in the world? Why must i be the one to fulfil the dream?” Alex queried again.

“Because Frank, your father, killed Dave Clinton by hanging him to death. And the day he died was the day you were born, so he had to be reincarnated as you! If you don’t fulfill his dream in no time, you’ll die a shameful death” the old woman replied.

It seems like a dream to Jimmy and others but was real to Ife and the woman. As Kate contemplated on how Alex will marry another woman instead of her, so as Alex thought of that too. So he asked again,

“Who is this girlfriend of Dave that i suppose to marry?”

“She’s no more a girl but a woman who is old enough to be your mother”

“What’s her name and where can i find her” Alex questioned without minding the presence of his fiancee who became jealous.. :

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