Reincarnation (Tales of the dead) Episode 6


No other person than Jimmy was on the call with Alex and both remained quiet for a while before exchanging words.

“Hey, bro” Jimmy began but Alex kept mute. “Are you there, bro?”

“I’m here” Alex replied then cleared his throat loosing his necktie at the same time.

“You need to come over to Unna. I’ve seen someone who might help you”

“Alright, I’ll be there in the next two hours” the line went dead. Alex went back to his initial mood and position. As he laid hopelessly on the bed, the door cracked opened. He directed his eyes there to see Kate coming with a basket of provision. She always had the spare key of the house for some activities but she was surprise to see Alex at home by that time of the day which was unlike him. She glanced at her wrist watch then dropped the basket in her hand.

“Baby..” she drew closer to the bed to see him devastated emotionally. His eyes were still wet with tears and heart filled with worries. Kate looked beside him to see his bag, files and the very note he found on his table. She gradually picked it up staring at it to decode the meaning but couldn’t. Therefore she asked, “Baby, why are you home? Who wrote this and why are you like this?”

“I’ve been fired” Alex sat up completely loosing the necktie.

“But why?”

“That is why!” he stood up and pointed at the note in Kate’s hand. “I found that on my table after meeting a strange guy that says his name is Dave. Before i knew it, everything came crashing down in my office, and i got fired for it! You know what Kate, i don’t give a d–n of anything or anybody anymore. I must get to the root of this even though it gonna cost the last drop of my blood! Do you hear me?!” he rushed his cell phone, button up his shirt and began to wear his shoes.

“Baby, calm down” Kate said.

“Calm down?” Alex glared at her. “I lost my job and you said i should calm down?”

“Where are you going now?”

“To Unna. Jimmy wonna introduce me to someone who might help”

“I’m going with you” Kate moved forward but Alex held her back looking into her eyes.

“This is my problem not yours”

“Your problem is my problem. Let me help you know the unknown my love” Kate’s voice melted his heart and both remained speechless. :

Kate and Alex were seen driving with a high speed on the road. Kate, being the driver, occasionally glanced at her fiance who laid his head on the front seat with his eyes closed. Seeing that, she dialed her mother’s number.

“Hi, mum, I’m on my way to Unna with Alex. Gonna explain later, bye” she hung up the call. Unna was several kilometers journey away from Labon, Alex’s town, that even before they got to their destination, the sun had began to set.

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After meeting Jimmy, they started another journey to Boronu where Jimmy thought the answer for their problem will be gotten. Boronu wasn’t far but had all kinds of spiritualists. The dwellers also speak different language which Alex and Kate found difficult to understand except Jimmy.

They entered into one of the buildings. The house had no electricity but ray of light from windows and other openings gave it a dim light. The sitting room was totally empty except a local chair at the centre which made Kate wonder if someone was living there. As they waited in the silent of the room, an old man in his seventies came out wearing a black singlet and trouser.

“You experience bad omen, sees things that seems you’ve done before in the past and hear the sound of a bell. That is more than reincarnation” the old man said looking at Alex who became surprise because those were exact description of him. So he stepped forward living Kate and Jimmy behind.

“How do you know all this, old man?” he asked.

“Call me Ife”

“Sorry, Ife, but..”

“Shheee” Ife interrupted and lit a candle which brightened the room. He moved closer to Alex with the candle looking straight into his eyes. “The day you were born was the day the body was hung to death living his most wanted dream unactualized. Now he wants you to actualize it otherwise you’ll be frustrated in life until you die” Ife turned his back on Alex after explanation.

“That means I’m possessed and only need a deliverance” Alex said.

“You aren’t possessed but reincarnated in a dangerous form”

“I don’t get it! Why me, and what is that dream he wants me to actualize?”

“I don’t have answers to your questions. If you really want to get the answers, follow me” Ife began to move into one of the darkest rooms.

Alex wanted to follow him without any fear but Kate ran to him holding his hand.

“I’m not leaving you, baby. I’m following you too” she said and followed Alex into the room. Only Jimmy remained in the lonely parlour looking scared.

“Mhen, I’m freaking out” he murmured and also joined them..


Back to Labon, Mrs Nancy reached her box in the bedroom, brought out an old picture of a young man and began to shed tears.

“I still love you, Dave” she said.

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