Reincarnation (Tales of the dead) Episode 5


There was an expression of surprise in the faces of Alex and Kate after the announcement made by Jimmy the archaeologist. The thought of the dead body having the same age with Alex was something worrisome.

“Are you saying that the body has stayed there for twenty-five years?” Alex asked.

“Yes” Jimmy continued. “The body must have died twenty five years ago. Therefore summing the years while he was alive and dead, it’s up to fifty-eight years”

“Wait..” Kate interfered. “Did i just here you say ‘he’?”

“Yes, the skeleton is of a man not a woman” Jimmy replied. The room became quiet again with surprise faces. How can this coincidence and phenomenum be explained? Something spiritual was really taking place which Alex had no clue of.

He stood up from where he sat with Kate and reached his alcoholic drink again, then Jimmy and Kate glance at each other in a way that shows: HE’S GETTING CRAZY.

“Baby, stop!” Kate stood up and collected the drink from him. “This isn’t the best way of getting an answer to what’s happening to you! You’re causing more problem to yourself!”

Alex ignored her walking closer to Jimmy and looking into his eyeballs. He knew that his carrier was at stake because he nearly got fired few days ago. So he asked,

“Jim, did you find any other information about the body?”

“Uhmm..” Jimmy reached his box and brought out a rusted pen and key. “Obviously, the man dead was by hanging. Either he committed a Suicide or he was hung to death by someone. These are pen and key i found after digging up the soil” he handed them to Alex and continued.

“I also detected some things that made me believe that the man was a banker”

“What!” Alex exclaimed. Already, Kate’s hands had started vibrating in fear without knowing what to say.

“Now what’s your conclusion?” she managed to asked Jimmy who exhaled deeply.

“Sincerely, it’s above my field. The sound of the bell makes me believe it’s spiritual and dangerous too. I’ve done my part but i can still help by taking you guys to someone who has a better answer than i”

“Thank you, Jim” Kate appreciated.

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Monday was another working day. Remedy Bank of Africa set to patronize and attend to her esteemed customers and Alex was delivering his services peacefully but the thought of Jimmy’s discovery rang like a bell in his head.

He found himself walking down a staircase with files in his hand. Both staffs and customers also used the stairs until a particular young man almost the age of Alex dressed in a Bank attire came from the opposite side.

His face wasn’t familiar but how come he had the bank attire? Nevertheless, he greeted Alex with a smile and stopped.

“Do you work here?” Alex asked him.

“No” he replied.

“But..” Alex looked at his dressing again. It was no different from his. “Well, i don’t know you”

“The manager just employed me”


“Yeah, my name is Dave” the young man stretched his hand for a shake.

“I’m Alex” Alex shook his hand and both departed, but his heart, body and soul weren’t at rest. “How can someone be employed without the staffs knowledge?” he thought as he claimed down the staircase. Fortunately, he met Glory climbing up too.

“Hi, Glory, have you seen the new staff?”

“What new staff?”

“I mean Dave”

“Who is Dave?”

“A new..” Alex paused and looked back. “I just met him now” Glory rolled her eyes in disguste and tiredness.

“What is wrong with you again Alex? If there should be a new employee, shouldn’t the staffs be informed about that? I’m sick and tired of your attitude these days” she complained.

“But.. but.. but..” Alex stammered looking stupid and confuse. “Wait” he hurried back upstairs to meet Dave but he was nowhere to be found again. He entered into his office to see a note on his table. He gently pick it up and read thus:


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After reading the note, Alex turned to see Glory beside him.

“Who wrote that?” she asked.

“I don’t know” Alex replied.

“Where’s the Dave?”

“I don’t know”

“You don’t know anything?” Glory became surprise. “Who are you then?” she asked stupidly.

“I don’t know either” Alex folded the paper. As he tried to hurry out, his feet mistakenly dragged a wire connected to a computer thereby making it to fall on the ground and scattered instantly. That was a huge offence! The news of the incident got to Iyk, the manager, and he didn’t hesitate to fire Alex.

“Get out of my office! You are fired!” he had shouted in his office without listening to Alex’s plead. : All that Alex had worked for, suffered for, struggled for and fought for came down crashing within a twinkle of an eye. His life began to change from good to bad.

He gathered his properties from RBA and headed home hopelessly. When he got home, he collapsed on the bed lying with his back and winking his eyes thereby preventing tears from dropping. Suddenly, his phone rang..

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