Reincarnation (Tales of the dead) Episode 4


Mrs Nancy opened her eyes widely listening to Alex who lamented on how hectic his day was. Alex appeared to be stressed, frustrated and exhausted as he glared at Kate pouring out his anger which Kate couldn’t take anymore. Therefore she began to shed tears from the chair.

“Alex!” Mrs. Nancy called thereby interrupting him from lamenting angrily. She didn’t like the manner in which he was talking and looking at her daughter which triggered tears from her eyes. So she stood up breathing hastily. Anger could be traced from her eyes too.

“Stop raising your voice unnecessarily especially at my daughter. Is she the cause of your hectic day? Can’t you see she’s being hurt emotionally?” she said.

“I’m sorry, ma’am” Alex apologized calmly.

“You should be, otherwise you’ll have nothing to do with her ever again! You should go find a solution to your own problem all by your…”

“Mum!” Kate interrupted and stood up instantly. She walked pass Alex and stood before her mother in a way she was in between the two then continued with a lower voice. “Mum, stop sounding that way. It’s part of him, he gets angrily easily especially when it has to do with something that will sabotage his carrier”

“Then he should control it because i can’t tolerate that in my presence!” the mother retorted then the room became quiet. Alex glanced at the centre table where the key of his house was. He had left it for Kate before going to work that day, so he gently picked it. The jingling of the bunch of key brought Kate’s attention so she turned to see Alex ready to leave.

“Baby..” she called in a broken voice.

“I’m sorry, i have to go, i need a rest” Alex looked at Mrs. Nancy. “Once again, I’m sorry ma’am. I have to be on my way now” he began to walk towards the door.

“Baby.. Alex!” Kate tried to stop him but he had already used the exit then she turned to her mother in tears. “Mum, what’s going on?”

“I’m sorry my daughter but you need to stay away from Alex” the mother replied.


“His life is complicated now. From what i have seen and heard from him, he has a hazardous days ahead, so is better you let him be”

“You know i can’t do that, mum. I love him so much. We should look for a way to help him, not to abandon him” Kate objected and briskly walked into her room.


At Alex’s residence, one could see him flinging his clothes out of his box. The day was gradually becoming dark but the availability of power subdued the darkness that should have overtaken the sanctum. As Alex was scattering his box, his phone rang but he ignored it knowing very well it was Kate. Just then, he brought out a large album containing different faces and their details-

Those were people he graduated with which many of them are working successfully. He picked his phone, dialed one’s number from there.

“Hello, Jim..” he said on the phone. Jimmy, popularly known as Jim was Alax’s friend right from higher institution who studied archaeology. He’s a gentle and quiet guy that doesn’t like to stress himself for anything.

“Who’s this?” Jimmy asked on the phone too.

“It’s Alex”

“Alex Frank?”



“Jim, listen to me” Alex interrupted seriously. “I’m in a serious mess. I need to see you immediately”

“What’s going on bro?” Jimmy queried voraciously.

“I want you to examine a dead body for me, tell me how long it has been there and other details about this particular body..” Alex explained everything to Jimmy.

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That was on Friday early morning. Jimmy arrived at Alex’s residence and all drove straight to the forest where the dead body was found.

“That’s it” Alex pointed upward looking at the skeleton.

“Alright, i can handle this” Jimmy replied as he began to wear a hand-glove. He glanced at Alex to see him looking restless and frustrated. “Calm down, bro. I do believe in reincarnation but i don’t think it’s what you are experiencing” he added.

“Then what am i experiencing?” Alex asked.

“Let’s see what we gonna find out from here while you go to work”

“Sure” Alex shook his hand and left to work instantly. :


Banking activities ended for the day without Alex experiencing any bad omen thinking he was a bit okay. He sat in his apartment with Kate beside him. Jimmy was also done with his research ready to announce the outcome thereby increasing their pertubation.

Kate, who had been briefed on who Jimmy was also stared at him in anticipation.

“Jim, what did you find out?” Alex asked enthusiastically.

“How old are you now, Alex?” Jimmy queried as he took of his eyeglasses.

“I’m twenty five”

“I see.. Listen, Alex” Jimmy began. “After several research i carried out, i found out that the body has stayed there for twenty-five good years too” Hearing that, Kate and Alex looked at each other surprisingly.. :

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